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WhatsApp Introduces Channels That Allow You to Follow Important Updates

WhatsApp has introduced Channels, a broadcasting feature that paves the way for the app’s goal of becoming “the most private broadcasting service available”.

WhatsApp launches broadcast channels in Singapore and Colombia

WhatsApp announced the new feature on 8 June 2023 in a blog post. This will work similar to broadcast channels on Instagram, which allow an admin to send one-way broadcast messages to followers. These include text, photos, stickers and polls.

While the announcement focuses on specific use cases, such as organization or sports club broadcasts, the feature will eventually allow anyone to create a channel.

The feature is initially rolling out in Singapore and Colombia, with more countries to follow in the next few months.

Unlike the WhatsApp Community feature, channels on WhatsApp will be searchable in a directory. But admins will be able to decide whether their channels can be searched or not.

“Building Channels is a big step forward that our users have asked us to do for years. We feel the time is finally right to introduce a simple, reliable and private broadcasting tool and we hope you enjoy the months to come. And will enjoy using it over the years.”

However, it is important to note that channels will not be end-to-end encrypted by default. But the company is exploring it as a future option for smaller organizations like non-profits.

To protect users’ privacy, admin numbers or profile photos will not be displayed in a channel. Similarly, numbers of users who follow a channel will not be shown to admins and other users.

Broadcast messages from channels will appear in a new tab called Updates. Here users will find status updates from contacts and posts from channels.

Users will be able to follow updates from sports teams, local officials and even channels dedicated to their hobbies.

WhatsApp channels bring broadcasting to the platform

While WhatsApp says it will continue to focus on private messaging between friends, families and communities; Channels will enable organizations and businesses to reach a wider audience than ever before.

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