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The 7 Most Beautiful Habit Tracking Apps to Stay on Top of Your Goals

Often, tracking habits can be quite sloppy – making a mark among grids of checkboxes can quickly become frustrating. The good news is that with the right resources, habit tracking can be fun and motivating.

These amazing habit tracking apps feature beautiful designs and fun mechanics to keep you motivated while you meet your goals. Each app offers creative ways to track and measure your progress while keeping a minimalist design. Here are some beautifully designed habit tracking apps to help you reach your goals.

1. Habit Tracker Planner

Habit Tracker Planner lets you track your habits while recording your progress using its Journal feature. The homepage neatly lists your habits which are color-coded according to their category. You can create habits based on categories like meditation, health, career and many more.

You can edit which days of the week your habits are active and set reminders. To boost your motivation, you can unlock medals and earn streaks after passing certain milestones.

There are many creative ways to write about your habit progress in journal tabs. You can upload photos, create stories, write to-do lists, or write notes in Memo. This micro-journaling approach is useful for writing down how you can make your habits easier to achieve or marking off key points of success.

2. Habio

Habio is a beautifully designed Habit Tracking app to improve your mental and physical health. Your goals are broken down into actionable small steps, making it easy to build habits. Every Habit Journey includes insights and short stories before you take action.

You can track your progress on building a new routine in Habio’s journey map. This adventure takes you on a step-by-step journey to create your new habit. In the regular set-up process, you’ll build motivation by setting intentions and adding rewards for yourself. You’ll also optimize for an effective time of day to perform your habit.

The Discover tab includes flash tips on common habits and some effective exercises you can use to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to take care of your mind or body, Habio provides all the tools you need to further your personal growth.

3. Aviation

The Statistics tab shows a clear visual representation of the progress of your habits. There are both weekly and monthly views, so you can track your short-term and long-term progress. The monthly calendar view also includes filters, so you can track personal habits.

The Light Bulb Tab discusses the science of habits in a series of short stories. This section covers why habits are important, how habits work, and the power behind small changes. Each article only takes five minutes or less to read and can help you apply the principles to build habits fast.

4. Tusk

Tusk is a great companion to help you improve yourself. To-do lists help create habits for every type of mind, whether you’re creative, sporty or career-focused.

The Tasks page includes a one-time habit option and a regular option for repeating tasks. There’s a nifty selection of icons to choose from, and you can modify the background color for added personalization.

The Options page lets you determine how often you want tasks to repeat and set up multiple notifications (in case one isn’t enough to keep you going.) Big Habits.

5. Taskade

Taskaday is an AI-powered productivity tool that can help you build new strong habits. A key feature of Taskade is its unique list-building capabilities. You can use these to create habit lists and other types of lists to be more productive.

There are two options for creating habits in Taskade: You can either create your own habit list or use a template. The Weekly Habit Planner provides a neat template for your goals throughout the week. You can hide and display each section by tapping the little arrows next to each day and easily rearrange the content by dragging the blocks.

If you want to work on Habits with friends, you can invite others to your projects and send messages. You can work on your habits from anywhere using the desktop app.

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