WWE Raw Results: Edge puts on a stunning performance as former NXT Champion returns after a year of absence

In contrast to the previous time in which he was forced to pull out due to injuries, Edge has the opportunity to retire with his own rules over a decade after. Edge, who is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame announced the news on Monday night that he will be planning to retire from wrestling tights next year. Edge announced the news in front of his hometown fans in Toronto shortly after his win in the battle against Damian Priest on 8/22 “WWE Raw” at the Scotiabank Arena.

“On July 1 1992, I took part in my first wrestler’s match here with Adam Copeland,” Edge declared. “I was certain that I would be in front of you all at some point, and I believed that it was coming. The thing I never thought of was the fact that I’d be forced to stay in retirement for nine years as well as fight every part in my body to earn this back. All of you are the reason!”

“This is a mutually beneficial relationship,” Edge continued. “I have just fought one of the most talented talent and the future of the industry to Damian Priest.”

At this moment, Edge disclosed his plans to retire from WWE following the next show in Toronto in August.

“I am hoping to visit Toronto one more time.” Toronto,” Edge stressed. “Looking on the calendars, it appears that I generally visit [Toronto in August. Therefore, in August next year I’m going to guarantee every single one of you that I’ll return to Toronto in August]. In a perfect world, we will say goodbye to one another in the evening.

“Hey, it’s OK, man. This is the best place to go [retire”retirement. I’m not just saying this to declare that I am awestruck by all of you and for those who haven’t noticed I am extremely proud to be Canadian!”

Edge is a huge lover of the Toronto Maple Leafs, ended his speech with a “Go Leafs!” chant.

It’s not known the possibility that Edge will wrestle an opponent at the forthcoming Clash held at the Castle. But, the events that followed following his victory over Priest (his partner Beth Phoenix saved him from being a Judgment Day beatdown) seemed to suggest that the feud that exists between Edge with Finn Balor’s stable will not end throughout the tournament that will take place in Cardiff, Wales.

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