Where You should use keyword: The best Keyword for Blog

Where You should use keyword: The best Keyword for Blog
What is keyword density ratio? Keyword or keyword phrase is the most important factor for any blog or site.When you will create a website and want to better page optimization you should use keyword or keyword density ratio for SEO because the best keyword for blog will help you to increase page rank.
You have to use this keyword or Keyword Density Ratio with special Technic. When our keyword density will be  2% to 3% then it will be good for SEO. Suppose you used in your blog post near about 600 word and your total keyword in respect for this content is 18 times then it would be equal to 3%. This keyword density ratio will help us for Search Engine optimization as well as your page rank.

But using of more keyword not good for blog or site. When we will use more keyword in our blog then it will be treated as spam by Google. I mean if you use keyword 60 times out of 600 word then your keyword density ratio will be 10% which will affect on your site. Over density will  down your page and you will not get Google rank properly.So when you will use any keyword or keyword phrase, always try to  maintain proper keyword , Keyword density and proper place of keyword for better keyword optimization.

keyword density ratio

What is the best Keyword for Blog?

The best keyword for blog: If you want to search the best keyword for blog then you can get it from Google Suggest for the best keyword for blog .If you search something related to your topic then it will show you some suggestions and you need to follow this suggestions. if you follow this suggestion then it will help you to grab more traffic and page views. Now Google suggest inbuilt with Google Search engine.

Where You should use keyword

If you create blog in WordPress then you can use plugins for blog post to add keyword or keyword phrases. Otherwise we can use it manually. This tutorial will help you for where you should use  keyword for optimization.

Use blog keyword in Page title

Page title appears at the top of  our blog. We should mention our keyword at least one in our page title. If you can place proper keyword in  your page title then visitors attracted by it. When any visitors search any topic using any keyword which you have been mentioned into your page title then it will be effective to your keyword optimization and your page title will be appear in search rank with keyword.

Use blog keyword in Permalink

Permalink is the important part of your blog or site.You must be mentioned your  keyword in URL. When you will use keyword or keyword phrase, you should separate it by hyphen not separate it by using underscore.

Google Search Engine crawl your keyword from Permalink structure so you need to use keyword or keyword phrase into your permalink structure.

Always try to target useful keyword in your permalink structure and should avoid the keyword which is not so important.<The Best WordPress Permalink structure Guide>

Use blog keyword in Headline

Our Headline is another important for using keyword. You need to use  proper keyword in all heading such as headline1, headline2, headline3. By using this keyword in your heading tag you will be  able to discuss about the topic to your headline.

Visitors will get the information by this headline tag. So you need to use blog keyword in all the H1, H2 and H3 tag so that article reader interested by it and Google Search engine get proper information by it.

Use blog keyword in Body content

It is important point to use blog keyword into your body content. We can use our keyword in the first paragraph of  the article and last paragraph of the article for better SEO rank. When you will use keyword into your article always maintain its keyword density.

keyword density ratio

In previous I mention the proper  keyword density ratio for your article. If  we use over keyword density ratio, Hidden keyword, Irrelevant keyword then our website might be banned.

Use keyword in images and image alt attributes

Where You should use keyword in case of image ? You should use blog keyword at least on time to in image and image alt attributes. If you use this keyword properly then it will be better not only page optimization but also your image optimization. When visitors search any image they can go to inside your blog through images. So always use keyword in your image and images alt tag option.

the best keyword for blog

Use keyword in External link

I think use of keyword in external link is a good idea. Try to use your keyword at least one time in your External link. If we use keyword in outbound link then it will help us to your optimization page quickly and it will be the best keyword for blog.

<Read more what is External or Outbound link>

Use keyword in Meta description/Tags

Meta description is an important part of any blog site.When visitors search somethings and the searching keyword match with visitors keyword then it appear in search result.It will show the visitors in snippet of  search result.

By using keyword in meta description we can get more befits for Search Engine optimization. You can also use the best keyword in your meta tags for better optimization of your site.<Add meta tag plugin for best page optimization>

Note: We have to use keyword in proper way so that it looks natural for blog reader and Search engine. So always use the best keyword for your blog or website.

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