How To Activate And Use WhatsApp Bot

The most Trading social media platform that always keeps the friends connected is Whatsapp. We, basically our generation lived in the virtual world more than the real world. And WhatsApp is our way to talk with our friends.

Now it’s time to get your Whatsapp Bot. The virtual Assistant for WhatsApp Messenger, providing essential services and utilities. WhatsApp Bot is full of useful features, and it is the personal bot which talks with you, and he has complete information, and it is not like data that spam in groups.

What is Whatsapp Bot?

Whatsapp bot is a virtual assistant for your WhatsApp application. It is a fully functional WhatsApp robot that auto-replies to your messages based on some preset strings or keywords. The bot can be used in a group chat to automatically suggest a meeting spot that’s positioned in between all the different participants’ current locations. Or if you can just talk with it.

How to Activate Whatsapp bot?

It is so simple to activate the WhatsApp bot for your WhatsApp.

1. First, add the WhatsApp bot number to your contact list. Just go to the contact and save this number +91-9408942579 as your choice.


2. Then open the WhatsApp and click on the new message icon, you can see this contact appearing in your list of WhatsApp number. Simply Message to it.

3. Done! You will get started with Whatsapp Bot right from there. You need to communicate with the preset strings only. Otherwise, you won’t get any replies

This bot is under development, and in the future, you might get more features of this bot, and you also may find some bugs on this bot, as it is new. Basically, this bot checks the keyword which we have written and sent to the bot, and this bot checks the keyword and replies to our messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Bot also provide some full use service for free

  • Whatsapp Status
  • Live Indian Currency Conversion
  • Live Sensex – NIFTY
  • Random Shayaris
  • Funny Jokes
  • Indian Railway PNR
  • News
  • English News (Google News)
  • Random Quotes
  • Wikipedia
  • Cricket Score
  • Mp3 download
  • English dictionary
  • Horoscope

› Status Update:
Just message @waststus, and you will get a pack of Attitude Status, Cool Status, Funny Status, Clever Status, Motivational Status, Best Whatsapp Status, Current Affairs Status, etc.

› Currency information:
Need the latest conversion rate of USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and AND to INR? Simply message @currency, and you good to go.

› Live Sensex:
Get Sensex report or commodity prices of gold, Silver and Crude Oil by messaging: @stock

› Shayaris:
Refresh your mood or impress your girlfriend with Shayaris. just message: @shayari

› Funny jokes:
Be the star of your group or with funny jokes by just messaging: @jokes

› Indian Railway Enquiry:
You can enquire about your ticket PNR status on the go with WhatsApp. Just message @pnr <10 digits PNR No>, For example, @pnr 1234567890.

› News Updates:
Get Hindi News Updates from AajTak. Just message: @aajtak
Get Hindi News Updates from Divya Bhaskar. Just message: @bhaskar
Get Gujarati News Updates from Akila. Just message: @akila
Get English News Updates from Google News. Just message: @googlenews

› Random Quotes:
Get Quotes from popular personalities. Just message: @quotes

› Wikipedia:
Need any information related to anything? Search anything on Wikipedia without opening the Internet by easily typing @wiki<keyword>, For example, @wiki google

› Cricket:
Always update with the latest Cricket score. Just type: @cricket

› MP3 Download:
You can download Mp3 songs by WhatsApp Bot. Just message: @mp3 <keyword>. Example: mp3

› Horoscope:
Check how your day will be? By typing the keyword @horoscope <your zodiac sing>. Example @horoscope Aries

This was the WhatsApp bot your personal assistant from which you can talk as much as you want and feel free to ask about any service you can add it to your mobile phone

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 3:26 pm

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