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If we create a website for online business purposes or build a blog with your hobby, then we need a platform such as WordPress or Blogger. In the case of the WordPress site, we need a hosting server for a web hosting service. Many web hosting companies are available in the market, and they offer many services for their clients. The web page developer will upload her website design according to web hosting companies’ guidelines. So we need to choose the proper web hosting service for best performance.

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what is webhosting service

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What is Web hosting Service

Web Hosting means services which provide space for a blogger to store the content of their website and another information such as photo, images, video, or other material accessible through the Web and it stored on a computer server located in a secure and climate-controlled environment that is permanently connected through the high-speed internet. This server storage is called Web Hosting.

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What is Self-hosting service

We can host our website into its own hosting server, even in our personal computer also but, in this case, many problems would be faced. If we use a self-hosted server for our website, then the hosting charge will be free, but we will be provided good quality internet service, huge space capacity, and 24 hours service with website loading speed. So it is a little tight for hosing our website into a self-hosting server, and you may face too many technical problems if you are not a guru of hosting. Rather than use own self server its batter to use others service to host your site in perfect running and 24 hours online.

How does Webhosting Service work

Many web hosting service works in different ways, and we know they also offer price or charge differently. When we add a website in any hosting service, we specify either a domain name or a subdomain name that should be associated with our site IP address. This relationship is then stored on the hosting provider’s name servers, and here have to mention ns1.hostingprovidername.com and ns2.hostingprovidername.com.

In case for Web site hosting services, there are different types of hosting available:
1) Some web hosting service has a vast number of Web sites, and they stored it on the same server which is called Shared Server
2) We see another Web hosting service where a total server is reserved for a single Web site and
3) Virtual Private Server hosting, a hybrid of the first two options in which a Web site is hosted on its own virtual server so that it won’t be affected by the Web sites of other customers.

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What is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting service

VPS means Virtual Private Server.where, you can host your website online with more secure and speed. Though it is expensive and difficult to set up, it will secure your site more than other hosting servers. Even there are no other websites on your server that potentially have access to your files.

These programs allow you to run several virtualized operating systems on one machine. For example, your desktop may be running Windows 7, but you can also run other operating systems such as Windows XP or Linux without needing to restart your computer.

webhosting service

Name of Some Webhosting Service

In the market, we can see different types of web hosting services. We have mentioned Some web hosting services, which is suitable for hosting your own facility, but I think Bluehost is the best service from all sides. It provides excellent customer support, high-speed service with the best performance. Even WordPress runs very first on this web hosting service. Another excellent hosting service is available here. I mentioned all websites below with rank basis


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