West Nile Virus – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Prevention

West Nile virus is an anthropoid – Borne neurotropic one standard RNA flavivirus of Capable of Create systematic and neurologic Problem. This Virus Belongs to a family that comprises the main human pathogens such as dengue, encephalitis, and yellow fever virus. West Nile virus transference via mosquito is the most prevailing model of transference and happens in the summer and fall. The infection has Spread by people to People Transference, Breast- Freading, Blood transfusion, etc.

West Nile virus (WNV) is an Infectious Disease. Infected mosquitoes spread the virus that sources it. A flavivirus that sources a remarkable sickness fever, headache, muscle ache, skin rash, encephalitis is spread mainly from birds to humans by mosquitoes.

 Causes - 

West Nile virus is a life-threatening viral infection. Infected mosquitoes generally spread the West Nile Virus. The mosquito at first Bites an Infected bird and then Bites a human or other animals. If a mosquito bites an infected bird and It then Bites a people, the Virus will go in the bloodstream of that individual. West Nile virus has been spread through blood transfer. Mainly West Nile virus infection happens during the warming weather.
When mosquito was energetic. In rare examples, blood transfer, breastfeeding, pregnancy, move the virus and spread the sickness.

Symptoms of West Nile Virus –

West Nile virus connected encephalitis is effect by a virus. The symptoms of West Nile virus –
> Fever
> Headaches
> Paralysis
> Joint pain
> Eye pain
> Back pain
> Rash
> Fatigue
> Diarrhea
> Tired ness
> Muscle aches
Symptoms of the West Nile virus usually happen anywhere three days to two weeks after appropriating bitten by an infected Mosquito. Diagnosing the West Nile virus firstly can help boost up recovery and Stop any serious Problem.

Diagnosis - 

The doctor inquired about Symptoms and recommended physical examination. Doctor confirms the existence of the West Nile Virus or West Nile virus relates sickness by performing the laboratory Test, lumber Puncture (spinal tap), Brain tests, etc. doctor Can diagnose West Nile Virus with a simple blood test. An MRI collects full of  Xray images of The brain that can help identify brain Inflammation.

Treatment - 

There is presently no vaccine for human West Nile disease. In severe cases, the patient generally needs to be hospitalized to receive the correct treatment. Antibiotics are not the active course of Treatment, only action bacterial infection.

Prevention - 

The Best prevention of the West Nile virus avoids bitten by mosquitoes. Every Mosquito bite boosts your risk of infection. Some steps can help prevent West Nile virus –
> wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks that Cover skin. mainly In the evening Time when Ther are more Mosquitoes.
> Use Insect repellent
> Use Mosquito traps, netting, and screens to Protect from Mosquito Bites.
> Mosquito gives Birth to clean, stagnant water, so clear and remove stagnant water in Pots, buckets, etc.
> Control Mosquitoes of indoor and outdoors.

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