Vulvar Cancer – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Cancer is the most life-threatening and fatal disease in human life. People say it is a “king” disease. Vulvar cancer is a common type of Cancer, especially affected by the female. Vulvar cancer is a kind of cancer that happens in the outside area of the female genitalia. It is most probable to come outside of vaginal areas. Usual symptoms involve a lump, itching, and bleeding. This type of cancer generally increases slowly. Vulvar cancer treatment normally requires surgery to omit the tissue.

Symptoms of Vulvar Cancer - 

Vulvar cancer is a rare kind of cancer that influences the vulva. The symptoms base on the type of cancer and its location.
The first symptoms Normally ulceration, maybe with itching, irritation, or bleeding. Symptoms of vulvar cancer may include-
> Bleeding
> Pain and burning
> Dark discoloration
> Painful urination
> Continuous itching
> Pain in the vulva
> Discolored Patched Skin
> Sensitivity
> An open sore (ulcer)

Causes - 

Cancer happens when cell development is out of control. Damaged cells make a lump of tissue. Most cancers harm the body. Tumors can increase and affect bodywork. A tumor that may be cancerous, seizing nearby tissue, and outspread to other areas of the body. The proper causes why this happens in cases of vulvar cancer is not known, but specific things can develop a risk of increasing the situation. These include:
> Increase in Age
> Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
> Smoking
> Skin conditions like lichen sclerosis

Diagnosis of Vulvar Cancer - 

The doctor will do a physical Test and examine the vulva. They will also check the medical history and talk about lifestyle. Tests to diagnose vulvar cancer include –
> The doctor will likely also perform a biopsy. Based on the effect of the biopsy there are many tests include –
> Cystoscopy
> Proctoscopy
> Vulva Testing
> Test of Pelvic area for cancer spread
> Imaging Test – MRI or CT scan

Treatment - 

The treatment plan will depend on the stage of cancer. Treatment for Vulvar cancer based on factors like how long cancer has spread, common health. The types of treatment Generally applied for vulvar cancer are
> Surgery. Types of surgery – laser surgery, Excision, vulvectomy
> Chemotherapy
> Radiation therapy
> Biologic therapy

Prevention –

Minimize the chance of increasing Vulvar cancer include –
> Quit smoking
> Restrict the number of sexual partners
> Apply a condom every time during sex
> Keep the HPV vaccine

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