Virginia Patton Moss, the last surviving adult cast member of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’

Virginia Patton Moss, a former actress who was the last surviving adult cast member in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” died in August. 18, in Albany, Georgia. She was age 97. Moss died in a manner that was confirmed via Legacy. Karolyn Grimes who was Zuzu Bailey in the role of a young character in the film wrote a post in honor of her co-star on her own Facebook page.

“We also have an angel! Virginia Patton Moss. She was 97 years old.” Grimes wrote. “She has joined her loved ones at Cruse. We will miss her!” Moss is listed as the name she was born under, Virginia Patton, in the 1946 film. She was Ruth Dakin Bailey, the wife of Todd Karns’ Harry Bailey and also the wife of the actor George Bailey, played by the actor James Stewart. Moss was the last surviving adult cast member in the classic holiday film (a majority of the child actors from the film, such as Grimes are alive today).

Moss began her professional career as a performer while an undergraduate in her school, the University of Southern California, acting in plays and performing small roles in feature films. She continued to take part in interviews about her experiences in performing in “It’s A Wonderful Living” all her life. Recently officially signed Warner Bros. starlet

Virginia Patton 1943
Virginia Patton in 1943.Everett Collection
“Virginia is the one girl to be directly contracted with Frank Capra,” Moss and her wife, Cruse W. Moss stated in 2012. “Everybody else in the film was loaned to another studio. However, Ginny was not part of the studio, and Frank Capra actually signed her for the picture.”

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