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T’yanna Wallace Posts Boyfriend’s $1 Million Bond With Her $1.4 Million Brooklyn Home

The famous B.I.G.’s daughter T’yanna Wallace posted her boyfriend’s bond in the amount of a million dollars after an alleged hit and run accident that he was involved in. Tyshawn Baldwin was the boyfriend. He is said to have “fled police [on] August. 10 in an ordinary police check” at Queens which is a city in New York City, before hitting his car with pedestrians. The police arrested the 28-year-old days later after the man surrendered, FOX News additionally reports.

The legal documents that were filed with Queens Criminal Court highlight Wallace 29-year-old Wallace who employed the value of her $1.44 million Brooklyn home as collateral to secure her bond. The rapper was released in August. 18. the next date for his court appearance is October. 18 as per Hot New Hip Hop.

Social media hasn’t been a positive reaction to the story of Biggie’s daughter throwing away the stacks of money. The comments on Onsite are heavily shaming the girl with statements such as “Her Fada definitely rolling in the grave because he rapped against the gang only to do it again,” from user @808andyblayz.

A Hit and Run
Legal documents also state the circumstances under which Baldwin was initially stopped for parking his vehicle in an extremely busy Ridgewood intersection.

In 2021, the Durango S.R.T. Hellcat Baldwin drove further flagged because of the loud exhaust of the vehicle and dark tinted windows.

The 28-year-old suspect was allegedly trying to escape after the police requested him to leave his car when they found out that his driver’s license was suspended.

Baldwin has injured three people injured, including an employee of a food delivery company as well as a mother and her child.

The toddler was believed to be in the stroller when they got struck.

“I am trying to remind everyone of his innocence and that there’s more to this tale than what the NYPD has said,” Baldwin’s attorney, Ken Belkin, told FOX News. “My client is a very good man who has never had a problem before.”

Baldwin’s arraignment led to his being accused of “17 counts of assault in the first degree reckless endangerment, danger to the safety of a child” and many more, which the outlet further explained. If found guilty, the defendant could face the possibility of up to 25 years in jail.

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