Top Image Optimization Tips and Techniques for SEO

Top Image Optimization Tips and Techniques for SEO
When we create any website, One thing we should know about the optimization of our blog or websites images. If our site not optimize properly by Google Search Engine then it will not grab traffic. So for better optimization or rank in Google search engine Optimization images, we need to optimize our blog as well as its images.If your image optimize properly then you will get more traffic by using image search.We know 90% of blogger use either blogger platform or WordPress and they must need to optimize their images for better performance of their website.

We know that many blogger gets traffic for there images form Google Image Search. When we use images, sometimes we cannot utilize it properly and we loss traffic for less image optimization. Even it effect on our website Bounce rate.<Read more how to Reduce Website Bounce Rate>

I think if you optimize your image properly then you will get good rank by Google Search Engine and your traffic also will be high then before.Here I mention some useful tips which will help you to increase your image optimization properly and your SEO will be better than previous.

image optimization

Some tips for image Optimization

Here are some tips for fast image optimization for your website. When Some blogger upload any images in their blog or post, they forget to format image properly. Most of the time they doesn’t compress there images for their post. We know that if we not compress our images then it takes lot of space and images would not be optimized properly.It will take more time to download image when any visitor visit your site and as a result, your site page speed optimization also very low then before which is very impotent factor for SEO. I have discussed below, how to increase and optimized image for your post.

Use Best Format for Optimize image

When we save any image to insert in blog post, We see different types of image format like JPG, GIF, PNG and many others.But after create blog every blogger should use better image format.I think the best image format is JPG. Because if you use this image format then it takes less size memory than others file format and Even it will help you to reduce website loading time.

Use WP Plugin for WordPress

If your site made you blog with WordPress, Before uploading your image into you blog or website, One things you should mind that Compressed image will help you to loading your website fast and if you not compress it properly then it takes more time to loading. You can use WP plugin for compress your images. This plugin compresses any image and then reduce their size.If you install This plugin for WordPress site then you will get best optimized feature from this plugin.

After download and install this plugin it automatically reduced your file size .when you upload any image into your blog this plugin will reduce image size without any lose of image quality.

Some features of WP plugin

  • It optimize JPEG file format
  • This plugin convert GIF file format to PNG file format
  • This plugin remove useless data from images.

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Use keyword rich image name

If we download images from Google image or any others sources then we download it very easy method.But it should not download to your blog site directly.It requires something change before downloading image to your site. By default image format are looks like image234.jpg. You need to rename it with your post keyword name. Example: you can change image234.jpg into image-optimizations.Thus if you use keyword rich image name then it will come first in image search and your site optimized in search Engine.

Use Alt Text

In case of image optimization Alt text is too much important factor for your site or blog. By using alt tag search engine will get real concept about image.If you use alt tag in your image then Search Engine crawl your image quickly and your SEO rank will be better. So, we should use alt tag into our images before publish a post.You can know more information about how to add ALT tag  for image optimization.

Use Hyphen in Image name

One thing you should keep in mind when you rename your keyword rich image name, you need to separate your name by using hyphen. Do not separate your keyword rich image name with blank space or underscore. If you separate your image name by using blank space or underscore then Google Search engine does not crawl your image properly and your site rank also be down.

Re-size and crop your Image

Faststone tool

Best Image Optimization Tools: Before uploading image it is important to re-size and crop your image.You can use Photoshop to compress and re-size your image. Moreover You can use photo re-size tool to re-size your image.I think Faststone tool is a Best Image Optimization Tool. There are many features you will get in Faststone photo Re-sizer tool.<Download Faststone for image optimization>

Best Image Optimization Tools

Moreover you can use another image optimization tool that is MS paint by which you can re-size your image

Some features of this tool

  • This tool support different types of images like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.
  • This tool can change color of the image.
  • It can re-size the images.
  • It can crop your images.

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