Top 10 Most Powerful Army Around The World

Have you ever thought about joining the Army? NOP, it’s not a recruitment site, we are going to give you the information about the strongest Army around the world.

Armies the most essential part of a Country, the country will be as strong as a country’s army. If one country’s military power is reliable, it can easily give away war threat and restrain the terrorist.  So all county want to empower their Army with Tanks, Submarines, Guns and of course the Nuclear Power.

In this article, I’ll tell you about all the Country which have all this facility in their Army

10. Turkey

Turkey has over 410,000 Military members using over 3,600 tanks and nearly 1,000 Aircraft with a budget of about $ 10.2 billion. This makes Turkey’s Military one of the largest in the eastern Mediterranean with one of the most potent tank fleets the world, and only a few countries have more submarines than them.

9. United Kingdom ( UK )

If we saw history, United Kingdom always been the most influential country. The United Kingdom has over 205,000 active service members in their Military that utilize over 405 tank, 908 aircraft, and 225 nuclear warheads. Their budget ranges from $ 53 to $ 65 billion to adequately fund this sort of protection.

8. Germany

Germany has a Military budget of $40- $45 billion, with over 183,000 active members protection their country of 80 million people. While they don’t have nuclear warheads or aircraft carriers, they have 4 submarines, 408 tanks, and 710 air crafts. Don’t let those numbers fool you though among their aircraft supply of Attack Helicopters, and they are lending AID to some of nato’s eastern European countries.

7. South Korea

With between $33- $62 billion being allocated to support aver 640,000 active duty military members to protection 49 million people, South Korea has to really put out the big guns to protect themselves from looming aggression from North Korea. They have about 13 submarines, 2381 Tanks, and over 1400 air crafts. Given that they have to have all bases covered when it comes to pending attacks, South Korea also has the sixth-largest Air Force in the World.

6. France

France has over 66 million people in its population, and the World knows that they have been going through some turmoil. With over 220,656 active service members, France’s budget is at $43 million that funds their 423 tanks, 1,203 Aircraft, and 300 nuclear warheads. While their Military is small, they are highly focused and precise in their work.

5. Japan

Japan’s population is of over 126 billion people, and out of that, the country has over 247,00 members in the military. With a budget between $41- $49 billion, Japan can provide its military with 767 Tanks, and 1,595 Aircraft. Japan also has four Aircraft carriers equipped with only Helicopters fleets.

4. India

India has 1.3 million active service members to protect its population of 1.2 billion, making it one of the most massive armies in the World. Not only that, but they also have anywhere between 80- 100 nuclear warheads, making it a powerful ally and terrifying enemy. Their budget is about $56 billion that funds over 6,000 Tanks and nearly 2,000 aircraft.

3. China

China has the most military members enlisted with a staggering 2.2 million. Their budget is around $131 million, but numbers stagger anywhere between $126- $216 million. China’s army tank members are at over 9,100 and over 2,800 Aircraft. Not to mention that China also has the second most active submarine fleet behind the United States.

2. Russia

Russia has over 766,000 military members protecting their country’s population of 142 million people. The budget for their armies ranges anywhere from $76- $84 billion what’s interesting about Russia is that they have the most tanks in the world with 15,000 as over 8,400 nuclear warheads.

1. United States

The United States has a population of over 321 million people to protect, and 1.4 million citizens are enlisted in the military. The budget allocated for the military ranges anywhere from $661- $612 billion that funds over 13,000 air crafts, 8,000 tanks, and about submarines. Not to mention, the US military also has about 7.500 nuclear warheads.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 11:52 am

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