Top 10 Indian Beer Brand

India has various opinion in every Topic, but we all agree with when it comes to alcohol. We love juice mostly beer either its hang out with friends or Promotion party lack of beer will be a Party spoiler. There are many International beer brands In India that could chill your thirst. But for those not in the know, here is some delicious local Beer brand you could choose from-

1. Kingfisher
Kingfisher is an Indian Beer Brand owned by Dr. Vijay Mallya & it is also the top-selling beer brand in India & the first choice of every Indian. It has 4.8% alcohol, which makes it popular among the Youth/ University student.

2. King’s:
Though I thought King’s came from the famous brand Kingfisher, it entirely different brand which has been manufactured in Goa. King’s is renowned for its Good quality & surprisingly low price. It contains 4.85% alcohol, and it has a mild smoky flavor.

3. Jaipur Lager
Jaipur Lager is an American Lager consumed by Jaipur Brewing company. It consists of 5.9% alcohol. It has a sharp test that comes from its carbonation.

4. Taj Mahal Indian Lager
Taj Mahal Lager is another Indian Beer brand after Kingfisher, which is exported out of India. Ther Beer has 4.8% alcohol, and it most famous among the foreign tourist for its light flavor.

5. Maharaja
As its name, Maharaja Beer is truly the king of all beer in India. You could not help but fall in love with its citrus flavor on your first test. You could easily find it in Indian Market & also it’s a neighboring country like Bhutan, Nepal.

6. Knock Out
Knock Out is an Indian Brand which is famous for its big test. It contains 8% alcohol that makes it relay strong. It is the best selling beer in North-west Indian.

7. Kayani Black label
Kayani Black label is the oldest beer brand in India. This mild distinctive variety of beer comes in two different types Premium & Strong. It could be found all over India, but it notably best-selling beer in Delhi, Kolkata, and the North-Eastern states.

8. Royal Challenge
Royal Challenger beer is a brand of Indian whiskey. This Golden Yellow-colored beer has a smooth test and a vibrant flavor which came for its long-time brewing. It contains 5% ( Premium ) to 8% ( Strong ) alcohol for the people who have different preferences. Royal Challenger has all qualities that make it an excellent beer brand & India’s second-largest selling mild beer Brand.

9. Haywards 5000
Haywards 500 basically an American malt Liquor manufactured by Shaw Wallace & Company Ltd ( India ). With 7% alcohol in it, Haywards 5000 definitely meets the incredibly expectation of Indian customers. It tastes quite sharp with a smooth structure.

Cobra is an Indian premium brand. As its name Cobra has a bite in it with 4.8% alcohol. It is mostly famous for its Smoothness & less gassy lager. Cobra has contained Maize wheat & four different types of hops.

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