Tommy Lee says he was on a ‘bender’ when he shared a naked photo on Instagram

Tommy Lee explained that he was drunk when he uploaded an unflattering naked photo of himself, on Instagram. In the last month, a photograph of Lee’s genitals was posted to the Facebook site for at least five hours, as per The Metro, before being removed. Lee took a stand against the viral image at his most recent concert in San Antonio, Texas with his group Motley Crue.

“A few days ago, I was given two weeks off from the tour and I went on a momfucking bender with my bro,” he revealed to the audience in a clip shared on his Twitter page on Sunday. “I was fucking around sideways like a fuck, and then got naked and uploaded pictures of my naked dick.”

Lee added: “And usually, I consider myself a titty-man and I love to watch titties. But tonight is an opportunity for everyone. Tonight, I’d like to see everybody’s daddy. Let’s get it out, guys, pull your trash out. Get your fucking trash out. Let’s go.”

Lee then chose the fan wearing pink and demanded that he expose himself. The fan was initially thrilled to be chosen, but he declined due to being in a relationship with his partner. “The wife is not saying no? The divorce,” Lee said in her response. When the original picture was removed, Lee shared a photo of an elephant telling an unclothed guy: “How do you breathe through that tiny thing?”

The Motley Crue drummer also later posted a picture of himself naked photo from artist Ziva Barrett, who is the wife of musician Rob Barrett from the metal group Cannibal Corpse.

Many of the users have criticized Instagram for having two standards in how it deals with women who post naked pictures or photos in bikinis.

The journalist Lola Mendez tweeted at the time: “So Tommy Lee can upload a photo of his penis to Instagram which is still there three hours later and an image of my curvy bod in a bikini with a thong gets removed? Cool, cool.”

Rihanna’s Instagram account was briefly shut down in 2014 after she posted an un-topless image featuring herself on the front cover of Lui magazine.

According to Instagram’s guidelines for community members, Nudity is not allowed in the following circumstances “in situations of breastfeeding, birthing and post-birthing moments, health-related circumstances (for instance, post-mastectomy, awareness of breast cancer or surgical gender verification) or as a form to protest.”

“Nudity in images of sculptures and paintings is fine,” the guidelines said.

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