Things that affect your fan page for Facebook Algorithm: How Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works

Every Facebook user wants to know the things that affect your fan page for Facebook Algorithm. In this case, you have to know about the Edge rank for the Facebook algorithm. By this Edge rank, you will get information on how the Facebook news feed algorithm actually works.

What is Edge and Edge rank Algorithm? An Edge rank is everything such as Comments, likes, share and updates of status, tags a photo, join a fan page which is happening on Facebook. I mean, all the action which occurs on Facebook is call Edge. The Edge rank depends on Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay.
Affinity means how a user connected to the Edge, and it is a relationship with you and the user.
Weight means how much priority Facebook gives to your post. It offers more priority in a photo or video-based post than a link-based job. Time decay means how long ago the edge was created.
affect your fan page for Facebook Algorithm

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Edge Rank depends on Somethings

  • Past interaction of the user with author
  • Previous interaction of the user on the post type
  • What is the reaction from another user to that particular post

How Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works

Photo and video-based post:
If you want users to interact with your content, you’re going to have a better chance with photo and video-based posts. In fact, photo-based posts actually get more engagement than any other post type. Links can also work well, but daily text updates are your longest shot, so keep these to a minimum.
Focus on quality:
Facebook is a social medium where users interact with each other with secure connections. Brand Pages can use this to their advantage if they do it well. When you Focus on high-quality content to your fans consistently, and you’ll be more likely to receive engagement that will push your posts into the News Feed regularly.
Regular basis post:
Post content Regular basis. So posting new content regularly is an excellent way to ensure your new posts replace the older ones as they fall the News Feed. Random basis post can affect on your Edge rank.
Post when your Fans are online:
When is the best time to post on Facebook? When most of your fans are actually using Facebook. In general, Facebook shows the most recent content at the top of the news feed. If you post an update at 10am, but your fans are using Facebook at 2pm then, you can be sure they don’t see your updates. You can find out when your fans are online by going to your Facebook Insights and clicking Posts.
Follow your Post Frequency:
After looking at your Post Insights, you probably noticed there’s never a period when none of your fans are using Facebook. So, in this case, you should post at least once per day for their interaction, and it is very useful for your page.
Reply any comments of your Post:
Your Facebook page has an optional comment feature. This means that when a fan leaves a comment on your post, you can reply to that comment. When you are responded, that fan receives a notification, which is an incentive to revisit your page to read your response. Increasing the frequency of visits to your page is a process for developing a Facebook page community.
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