The Ultimate Reset Guide of Best WordPress Permalink Structure

Best WordPress Permalink Structure: When we discuss SEO for any blog or site, Permalink is the most crucial factor of SEO. Permalink is the URL of your website or page that not change with time. When we create a site with WordPress, then we see that a default permalink structure like But this Permalink structure is not Search Engine friendly. So, you need to change this type of default permalink settings. If you want the best WordPress Permalink structure for search engine friendly, then you need to change your permalink structure manually in WordPress.

In this blog, I share with you the ultimate guide of the best WordPress permalink structure. Here You get a tutorial for the best WordPress permalink and how to set this permalink structure for your WordPress. Which permalink structure you should avoid? Moreover,  this tutorial will help you to remove category and tag from your permalink structure, and I discuss which permalink structure you should avoid. You need some plugin for this purpose because by using this plugin, you can remove category and tag from the permalink structure.

best WordPress permalink structure

How to Set Permalink Structure in WordPress

permalink settings

Reset Permalinks WordPress: If you want to Reset Permalinks for WordPress,  then you need to go to the settings option from your Dashboard  > click on the permalink settings option. When you click on the permalink settings option, you will find the different options in standard settings option such as Default settings, Day and Name, Month and Name, Numeric, Post name, Custom Structure.

When you open this Common settings section, you will see default settings already set in your Permalink structure. ( This URL setting not SEO friendly, so you need to reset permalinks WordPress Settings. I also use as permalink settings.

How to remove a category, tag from your Permalink Structure

Some times we face many problems when we see that our permalink structure adds with category or tag. So if you want to delete it manually, then you need to change some code in WordPress. Thus, the best way to break with plugins to remove this. In WordPress, you will find many different plugins for remove category and tag from Permalink structure. So at first, search Plugins for Remove Category, Tag from the permalink structure, then download it from WordPress and install it.

Plugins for Remove Category, Tag from Permalink:

Plugins for Remove Category, Tag: In WordPress, many plugins are available, which will help you to remove your category and tag from Permalink. By using the WP No Category Base plugin, you can remove that category from permalink. <download WP NO Category Base Plugin>.


WP NO Category Base Plugin

Moreover, you can remove the tag from your Permalink structure by using WordPress plugin.<download WordPress tag remove plugin>

How to adjust category and tag name in the Permalink structure.

adjust permalink structure

If you want to adjust permalink structure name, then go to settings option > then select a custom structure for your category and tag URL. Here you will find an optional category and tag base box where you can change your division
or tag for your permalink structure. Example: if you put topics as a category then your permalink structure will

Which is the best Permalink structure for WordPress

If you use dates on your permalink structure, it will be not a proper permalink structure. For better permalink structure, avoid the period from your URL.

Matt Cutts suggests that if you create URL, then separate your Word by hyphens, not use underscores into your URL structure.

In WordPress, the default URL structure is (/?=n ). Here “n” is numeric post Id, and it is unique for URL structure. To redirect this link to index.php WordPress use the .htaccess rule

I think the best Permalink structure for your blog /%post_id%/%postname%/ or /%postname%/

Another Permalink Structure tips


  • When you create a permalink structure, you should choose a simple permalink structure such as


  • Always use your keyword in the permalink structure.


  • Remove stop words such as am, is, are for better permalink structure.


  • You should not change the permalink structure after publishing it. So always set permalink structure then release it.

If any Permalink structure, which beginning with a numeric field or starting with %post_id% or beginning with %year%, for instance, is quickly recognized as a post. Permalink that has %post_id% at the starting can be directed to the right post immediately, and otherwise, the unique identifier could be looked from the remaining of the permalink.

With either post ID or post name is found, WP can take the user to the correct post. So for the better result, there are unique identifiers such as %postname% or %post_id% in the permalink structure, and the unique identifier may be at the beginning of the end of permalink.

What should be the permalink structure for News site

Google news declares that in the case of news site URL must contain a unique number, which is called Post ID, and there must be required multi-author for their blog. So for news site most important permalink structure is post
Id into their URL.

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