Shefali Shah Has Never Seen Female Actors Fight or Be Jealous On Sets: ‘Don’t Know Where This Comes from’

Shefali Shah is set to return to the return of the second series of Delhi Crime. Shefali Shah, who has last week seen on screen in Darlings has also worked on numerous projects in which she shared screen space with female actors. It could be Delhi Crimes, where she was a co-star with Rasika Duggal, Kirti Kulhari from Humans, and Alia Bhatt’s Darlings She has worked with a male as well as female characters. Recently, in an interview, she opened herself to the idea that two women who share sets could get into fighting or even be jealous.

Shefali Shah In an interview in an interview with Hindustan Times dismissed such the idea and claimed that she had never witnessed women fight on set. She added, “The whole thing about women fighting the women… I haven’t read about anything yet. Perhaps it’s because of the media’s marketing gimmick. You know, have you seen actors pulling the hair of each other? or arguing? I don’t really know what this is about,” she says, noting, “Whether we are talking about today about actors from the past Who have you heard a fight in this manner? Who is making bad comments about someone else.”

The actress also said, “When an actress does well or receives an award for her performance it’s a win for all actresses. All actresses are creating paths with each other, especially in a field that was predominantly male-dominated. I am very proud of working with the women I’ve worked with to date. It’s been wonderful to be working with these women the way it was for me to work with them. This whole notion about two women fighting, or getting jealous is just nonsense.”

In the second season of Delhi Crime 2, Shefali will be back to play Vartika Chaturvedi. In discussing the pressure for Season 2 to be able to replicate the popularity of the first Shefali said, “The pressure to match the quality that was achieved in Delhi Crime season 1, or even to draw comparisons between the two is just unjust. The new season has an entirely different story, with the director being different and a new storyline. Also, trying to draw comparisons between both is unjust… There is no competition during the initial season. We must put on an excellent show, so why would it not be compared to”

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