Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

We can share photos and videos with specific Facebook friends. When we create a Facebook account, we make friends list and maintain different relationships in different ways. Our Facebook friends list are created by not only friends but also our family members, colleagues, college friends, junior member, and senior member also. So we do not want to share any personal photo and video to everyone to our friend list.

In this case, we can share photos, videos, and any other images to specific Facebook Friends. What an interesting matter that we can send anything to only my favorite Friends. I have shared much time from my Facebook profile. In this tutorial, I have mentioned some tips and tricks to share photos and videos to specific Facebook Friends and if you want to share your special post with your special friends then don’t waste your time.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends


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How to Share Photo and Video to Specific Facebook Friends

Here I have shared some steps with screenshot which will help you to share photos and videos to Specific Facebook friends.

Step: 1

  • First of all upload your photo, images, videos or any others from computer/ other devices and then share it with your specific friends. Normally when we share any post it goes all of our friends or everyone. But we can share it specific friends.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends


  • After uploading images or photo selected on the custom option
  • You can choose other options to share such as Public, Friends, Only me, etc.

Step: 2

  • After clicking on the custom button another window will be open
  • Here you will find two option such as ‘share this with’ and ‘Don’t share this with’
  • Click on ‘share this with’ option and search  your friends whom you want to share your photo, videos and any other images.
  • At last click on save change option

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

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Step: 3

  • After saving change click on the post button to share it to your specific friends.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

Note: After complete your share of this photo and other images, it will be visible only to the specific friends. You can share any personal information with this process. So try this process and enjoy it. I am sure it will be very helpful to all Facebook users.

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