Seven Exercises for reducing your thighs

The study of the Harvard Medical School reveals that if you have big thigh muscles, it is indeed good for your overall body health. But it is generally the fat which increases the thigh mass. If you are seeking quick results to reducing thigh mass, then it is best to go to the gym where you can get a proper trainer to push you beyond your limits and make it possible to happen.

How to tone your thighs looking beautiful?

If you have easy excess to the gym, such as your office or apartment complex, then it is good. But sometimes it is not possible for everyone to avail of it. Here are a few basic exercises that can help you to reduce your thighs properly. I am trying to discuss one by one respectively

1) StairMaster Stepmill: Spending 20-30 minutes of your gym time with StairMaster. It can help you to build lean muscles. “It tones your lower body part especially targets your calves, glutes, and quads,” says Gaurav Sharma, Fitness Manager at SportsFit gym. He also advises taking high glycemic food half an hour before your exercise and try to avoid drinking water before working on your thighs.
Please note that if it is not possible to go to the gym or you are lazy. Then at least try to use stairs in your office or apartment rather than the elevator or lift. I  guarantee you it will definitely work on you.

2) Treadmill: It is a cardiovascular exercise that helps you to burn excess fat and adds lean muscle mass. You can adjust the incline settings of your Treadmill, the higher incline, and the greater strength put on your hamstrings and glutes to perform the exercise. This will affect your thighs and reduce thigh mass.
Please note you can run in outdoor regularly and try to increase your time

3) Squats: Stand straight on your apart feet. Then, start lowering your body by bending your knees. Try to give all your body weight onto your feet. Raise your arms in a parallel way with your knees to balance your body. Be sure your spine is erect position. The countdown starts from zero to eight and then smoothly return to the initial position. Do this six to eight times every day depends on how much your body can take. Do not do this exercise too much in the initial days.
Squats are the best way to tone your thighs mass. The best part is you can do it anywhere.

4)  Leg Lift and Hold: If you do not like hitting the gym because you don’t have the time or energy, then here is an exercise that can serve your purpose. For this, you have to lie on your back on the ground and lift your legs to a 45-degree angle while keeping the knees and ankles together. Hold it till the count of eight completed and then slowly relax. You have to keep on increasing the length, as per the progress with the exercise. It is recommended that you try to do eight such sets, but you can start with six sets on your first day.

5) Lunges: First of all, stand straight and start bending your knees, for keeping them soft. Secondly, move ahead and start leaning forward to hold all your weights upon your right leg while your left leg relaxes. Hold this position till the count of eight and then change the leg. This is your one set. You can start with three sets at the initial stage and then gradually increase the number.

6) Knee-Plank: For this, you have to get on all your four legs and hands or in other words, your arms and knees resting flat on the ground. Now, extend your left leg backward with your toes pointing towards the ceiling and stretch your right arm parallelly to the floor. This will affect on your glutes and hamstrings. Repeat this pose five to six times. Repeat the steps with your left leg. Now, take your right knee towards your shoulder. Repeat the process five to six times and do the same with your left knee.

7) Cycling: Bhupendra Tokas says, “It is difficult to focus on specific areas in the body to reduce fats. However, you can start by riding a cycle, which will definitely help you to tone your thigh muscles, but remembers it would not reduce your thigh fats.
Cycling involves working with your legs, so if you ride regularly, it will strengthen and tone your legs. In a study of Harvard School of Public Health, their researchers took a large sample of around 18,000 women for 16 years and revealed that those women who cycled, at least for five minutes a day, gained less weight than the others who didn’t.

Finally, when you are working hard to reduce thigh mass, your eating habits should be in a proper way. Because a healthy diet would also help with exercise to reduce and tone your thigh muscles. Good luck

Updated: November 21, 2019 — 4:38 pm

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