Scurvy Disease – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Scurvy is a sickness that happens required to the absence of vitamin C in the diet. Vitamin C is also essential for the Body. As it Is Require to Produce collagen. Vitamin c, whose scientific name is  Ascorbic acid it makes collagen In the body. Collagen is a class of protein. That Is found In Many Tissue, like a  skin, Vessel Of Blood, and bones. Absence of vitamin c collagen cannot Supplant In each other Types of Tissue, Fast  Symptoms of Scurvy has included weakness, Feeling Tired.
Absence of treatment, decline red blood cells, Gum Sickness, Bleeding From the skin may happen.

What Is Scurvy Disease?

Scurvy occurs when is the absence of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. The deficiency is conduct to symptoms of sickness, anemia, gum disease, and skin issue.
Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an important nutrient. It works a part in the increase and operates of some total bodily structures and procedures.
The absence of vitamin C will also influence the immune system, appropriation of iron, metabolism of cholesterol, and other reason.

Causes of Scurvy Disease - 

The human body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, and an absence of Vitamin C Causes Scurvy. Scurvy is greater well known as serious vitamin C deficiency.
If the body does not get more vitamin C, it cannot make collagen, conduct the failure of body tissues. Vitamin C, as well as helps in iron absorption. A shortfall of iron conduct to Anemia. It controls more other essential things, like body function and tissues. This may be due to –
> anorexia
> restrictive Diet
> difficulty Orally ingesting Foods
> Loss of Appetite
> Smoking
> Alcohol
> Nausea

Symptoms of Scurvy  Disease -  

Vitamin C is a needful nutrient that assists the body’s growth in iron and making collagen. If the body does not make sufficient collagen, tissues begin to failure. Symptoms of Scurvy are included –
> loss of appetite
> weight loss
> fatigue
> anemia
> Joint pain
> Gum disease
> Weakness
> Fatigue
> Depression
> Red spot on the skin
> Dry skin and hair
> Tired ness
> Nausea
> Hair and Teeth loss

Diagnosis of Scurvy Disease - 

The Doctor will suggest a physical Test, and advise to lab tests to evaluate vitamin C levels in the blood. A blood test that identifies the level of vitamin C can as well assist in identifying the disease. Naturally, anybody with scurvy Disease blood serum levels of vitamin C is a very low condition.

Treatment of Scurvy Disease - 

Treatment is Clearly with Vitamin C supplement food taken Orally. Vitamin C is generally found in more fruits and vegetables. Which can assist anybody to improve from its symptoms in a few days. .The doctor may suggest taking vitamin C supplements food. Naturally, it takes two weeks to completely fit from the sickness.

Prevention of Scurvy Disease - 

Scurvy can be prevented by eating sufficient vitamin C, ideally in the diet, but from time to time as a supplement. Hig Levels of Vitamin c foods included – sources rich in vitamin C such as lemons, guavas, and papayas, pineapples and mango, tomatoes, green peas, potatoes, cauliflower, etc.

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