Rhea tortures Siddharth more, 24th August, Kumkum Bhagya

In the latest scene, Rhea expresses her gratitude to Siddharth for helping them make their lies become reality in the form of lying on their behalf. Siddharth says he will stop this from happening and that he just would like to go and die in peace. He has urged Rhea not to talk about death as she and the rest of the world depend on him.

They both laughed as Aaliya advises her to not make use of such romantic words as he may become enamored with her. If Ranbir is able to recognize her as his husband, Rhea assures him that they will release his sister. He is beaten. Ranbir drinks alcohol at home. Sahana gets closer to listening to Aaliyah as well as Rhea’s laugh at being told about it.

When she learns that Siddharth wants them to allow him to go as he’s done his work She is stunned to learn that they will not let his sister go so quickly. The vase then collapses when she believes she has to notify Prachi as well as Ranbir. Sahana is hiding in her room when Rhea is about to look at the vase.

Sahana is on the lookout for Prachi along with Ranbir as Rhea returns to her home. Rhea continues to torture Siddharth. Prachi has not been seen when Sahana comes into her room. She appears and questions Pallavi about the appearance of Prachi.

Pallavi says she believed at first Prachi was a genuine person, but she had no idea that she would prove to be so. She admits to being delighted when she believed that Prachi would become his mother. son, However, she regrets that Prachi isn’t coming back because she broke their families apart.

Sahana is shocked and asks her not to speak like that, as they could happen. Ranbir drove recklessly and is just about to get into an accident when he is saved. As Sahana returns to the surface, she comes across an unwritten note.

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