Reset WordPress Settings after Install WordPress

Reset WordPress Settings after Install WordPress
In before I have been discussed how to install WordPress in cPanel or zPanel. Here I want to share you some essential settings after install WordPress for your website or blog. If you create a website for business purpose then I think WordPress is the best platform for you.

 After install WordPress you need to reset WordPress Settings for your WordPress platform. After complete your total settings you need to install plugin. I mention before how to install different plugin such as WordPress Yoast SEO plugin, W3 Total Cache plugin etc.Now to get more traffic you need to Change WordPress settings.Like WordPress Settings URL (Permalink settings),Date time zone and all details.

Permalink settings: WordPress Settings URL

wordpress permalink settings

WordPress Settings URL: You need to change your permalink settings or WordPress Settings URL.When you will go to permalink settings for WordPress Settings URL, under settings option you find a default permalink settings such as This permalink not SEO friendly so you need to change this permalink.

I think the best permalink settings is just use post name. After select post name click on save option. I also use in Permalink settings %postname%.html. If you set your permalink settings properly then your search engine rank will be better as the permalink will show you some contain keyword when they appear in search engine.

User Registration settings

user registration settings

User registration settings is an important settings in WordPress. When you create a website then it is open for public registration. But some times you feel disturbances by spam registration. So if you want to protect from spam registration you need to go Settings > General and Disable your WordPress registration.

WordPress Time Zone Settings

wordpress timezon settings

Time zone settings is an another important settings of WordPress.For settings it you have to go Settings option of Dashboard > then Click on General option. Here you need to change country wise timezone.Your time zone will be helpful  for your blog post and it will show your schedule time.

Update Ping and Change WordPress settings Pinglist

update ping service

By default WordPress ping only one ping service. You will see many more services by update the ping list of your blog.For update ping list you can Change the settings under Settings> Writing.Below I give you all ping list of my site that I use to ping to bring those bot.

Other Comment Settings for WordPress

wordpress other comment settings

For other comment settings you need to go Settings option and then click on Discussion. Here you will see different option such as 1) Comment author must fill out name and e-mail 2) Users must be registered and logged in to comment 3) Automatically close comments on articles older than 14 days 4)Enable threaded (nested) comments 5 levels deep 5) Break comments into pages with 50 top level comments per page.

For above mention option you need to check mark 1st and 4th option.You should unchecked Break comments to avoid page duplication.

WordPress Comment Gravatar Settings.

When any commentator signed up for Gravatar <Link>you will see the images of commentator.You can change the default image for those people who have not signed up for Gravatar. To change the default option you need to go Settings option > Discussion.

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