Reduce Website Bounce Rate: Effect of High Bounce Rate

What is the Bounce rate? The bounce rate is an essential factor of any blog or website. How to reduce the website bounce rate? When visitors visit your site and leave your site without visiting another page or quickly leave after entering your site, it is called the bounce rate. The blog bounce rate depends on your website performance. If your site content is excellent and relevant, then visitors will visit more time into your site. Otherwise, they immediately leave it. If you want to calculate the bounce rate then by this tutorial, It will help you to get your site bounce rate.

Several visitors Open websites for Good content, but sometimes they do not satisfied with your site. In these cases, maximum visitors see only your single page and leave from this page without visiting any other pages of your website. Thus your bounce rate will increase very soon. We all know that a higher percentage of bounce rate is not better for SEO. In this case, SEO understands that your content is not any quality as people leave quickly from your site. A high bounce rate always will be down your site. Here I mention more causes that effect on bounce rate. Moreover, a low bounce rate always good for your site SEO and increase traffic for your website.

Sometimes visitors find a site on the search engine but enter to your website, when they realized that they enter wrong place then click on others site then they enter their original site, and after entering the original location, they close your website as they are not looking for your website. Thus the bounce rate may increase also.

How to calculate the Bounce rate?

Sometimes people want to know how to calculate the bounce rate. It is a great question. If you’re going to calculate your site or blog’s bounce rate. I think the following process will help you to get and calculate the bounce rate.

Bounce Rate=Bounced visitors/Total visitors

Suppose your website gains 20,000 visitors per month and your bounced visitors 8000 who have visit your site only a single page or close immediately. Then your Bounce rate will be 8000 divided by 20000, which is 0.4 or 40%. Thus you will calculate your website bounce rate easily.

Effect of Low Bounce rate:

When your blog or site shows you a low bounce rate, that means your website ranks very well, it will help you to quick optimization of your blog. When your Bounce rate is lower, the average time duration also is increased.

Effect of High Bounce rate:

A high bounce rate always bad for your site. When your blog or website shows you a high bounce rate, that means this site not well for performance, or you don’t have quality content on your site. This can not be SEO friendly. So you need to repair your website for better improvement so that visitors attracted by your site and not leave your website to other sites immediately.

Some factors that reduce the website bounce rate.


  • The wrong theme of the design of your blog


  • Irrelevant content of your blog


  • Unnecessary plugins


  • Difficult to read your content


  • Low-quality content of your site


  • Lack of Internal link


  • Bad website navigation

How to reduce website Bounce Rate?

Reduce Website Bounce Rate: If you want to reduce the website bounce rate, you have to maintain some tips. Here, some tips will help you to reduce the website bounce rate.


reduce website bounce rate

Reduce website loading Time

Every people want faster loading for your website. They do not like slow sites. We know that Sometimes blogger uses low-quality hosting service and excessive bad plugins that increase your website loading time. So if you want to reduce website loading time, then you need to follow some tips which are following below.<How to reduce website loading time>

Always use quality and essential plugins
Always use Good Web hosting service
Good and Original Site content

Use Readable article with Simple and Easy Sentences

When you create an essay, one thing you should mind that people like always like the simple and straightforward article. When your report is direct, then a good reader interested in it. So always use the natural and candid sentence in your essay. When visitors will enter your site and interested in your site content and quality, they will stay on your website and spent more time. When visitors spent on your site more time, your bounce rate automatically will be decreased.

When you write your article, always check your Grammatical error or spelling mistake before publishing it. If your site is created by the grammatical or spelling error, then the reader irritated by your site, and they will close your place soon. Always use paragraphs on your website and highlighted it with a critical phase or content.

Publish useful post for Reduce Website Bounce Rate:

Everyone wants to search and looking for a helpful job. If your blog site created by less valuable posts, then people dislike it, and your bounce rate will increase. As a blogger, when you publish helpful posts on your site, then it increases your site traffic. Moreover, if you publish useful posts, then everyone wants it for their own purpose. So try to edit helpful posts. It will help you to reduce your website bounce rate.

Use Internal link

An internal link is another essential factor in reducing the website bounce rate. If you create your blog without any internal link, then the reader quickly leaves from your site. If you use the inner ring by using the related post to your website, then visitors interested in it, and they stay into your site more times.

You can use an internal link manually or can use plugins for this purpose. You can use SEO smart link plugin. This plugin will help you to link automatically with keywords and phrases. Moreover, this plugin also helps you to set up nofollow attribute and open link in a new window.

Open Your Link in New window To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

reduce website bounce rate

When you link into your site with other sites, you need to open it in a new window so that the reader can not leave your site totally. If they leave your site totally, then it will increase your bounce rate. So when you link with your blog, you should always check to mark the option ‘Open link in a new window/tab’. If you checkmark this option, then visitors can not leave your site to another site, and you have to reduce the website bounce rate.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 5:21 pm

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