05 Popular International Beer Brand in India

We Indians are fascinated by the International brand. Though we have many famous National beer brands when it comes to our favorite drinks, there definitely will be no one who would choose an Ordinary brand instead of an International one. In a country like India, where people just wait for an opportunity to get high, International Beer brands from all over the world get a warm appreciation from us. Here is five International beer you should definitely need to try out.

1. Tuborg
Tuborg is the most extensive selling International beer in India. It is Originally from Denmark & launched in India in 2009. Since then, it got so much appreciation from our Indian consumers & customers for it’s light & Crisp taste. Tuborg Green and Tuborg strong are two popular selling products in India.


2. Carlsberg:
Carlsberg is the most beautiful beer among all international brands in India. It’s quite wild taste gives it a secure place in the Indian market. Carlsberg came in several names as Carlsberg Lager, Carlsberg Beer & Carlsberg pilsner. The Pilsner is a tantalizing bittersweet mixture and is quite popular among Liverpool fans.


3. Budweiser
Budweiser is a Brazilian- Belgian beer Brand. It is a combination of Rice malt and Barley. Budweiser has been the most loved and popular among college students for its refreshing taste. It’s Chilled delicious taste will take you to your good old college days.


4. Heineken
With its very mild fruitiness & toasted malty taste, this pale gold colored lager has a well- secure place in our Indian market as well as in our heart. Heineken is a mild beer with 5% alcohol in it produced by Dutch brewing company Heineken International. Its sweet taste makes it a staple at boy’s night out.


5. Fosters
Fosters is an Australian beer brand that gained wide popularity in India. It an Aussie lager with a kickback feeling from its home Country. This recently launched beer brand has achieved massive demand for its malty taste.


Updated: October 15, 2019 — 4:09 pm

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