Paralysis Disease – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Paralysis is the loss of muscle situation in part of the body. Paralysis is a condition that demands a loss of muscle thing in the body that may be going with by sensory losing, also mention as loss of feeling. This is is generally due to damage to the nervous system that there is a loss of sensory particulars.

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis is a loss of muscle work in part of the body. It can be temporary or permanent. Paralysis can influence any part of the body at any time in human life. When in any section of the human body, a mislaying of muscle work, it is called paralysis. Paralysis is generally of two types- partial or complete. Paralysis can affect both parts of the human body. When paralysis hits the lower half of the human body, like both legs, it is called to paraplegia. When paralysis hits arms also legs, it is called to as quadriplegia.

Causes of Paralysis –

Paralysis is generally made due to injury in the nervous system, In most of the occurrence, a person obtains paralysis expected to any type of accident or medical condition which influences the working of the muscles and nerves. If any kind of wound to the spinal cord or stroke, paralysis happens. The common causes of paralysis included –
> Spinal Cord Injury
> Stroke
> Head Injury
Some Other Causes of paralysis –
> Cerebral palsy
> Peripheral Neuropathy
> Brain Injury
> Post-polio Syndrome
> Multiple Sclerosis
> Trauma

Symptoms of Paralysis - 

The Symptoms of paralysis are generally simple to identify. The sign of paralysis is the inability to shift a part of the body. Paralysis can prepare all of a suddenly. Paralysis can affect any part of the body, Like –
> Face
> Hands
> One side of the body
> Both The legs
> Both Arms and Legs
> Floppy (flaccid paralysis)
Symptoms of paralysis time people can sense muscle stiffness and weaken feeling in the afflicted body parts. Anybody might feel muscle stiffness before losing control of muscles.

Other Symptoms Of Paralysis - 

Paralysis can occur in any group of muscles. Many-body works can be afflicted. Other problems with paralysis included –
> Breathing Problem
> Blood flow  and heartbeat problem
> Blood clots in the legs
> Reduced urine and bowel control
> Speaking problem
> Sexual problem
> Changes in the mood and behavior

Diagnosis of paralysis - 

Diagnosis of paralysis is frequently simple, Mainly when anybody loss of muscle work is visible. The doctor is able to identify paralysis in a few simple processes. Doctor May recommended –
> Blood Test
> X-ray
> CT scans
> MRI scans
> Imaging scans
If anybody senses a spinal cord injury, the doctor uses myelography to check the condition.

Treatment of Paralysis –

The Treatment Of Paralysis generally is used for Physical Therapy. Treatments like –
> Physiotherapy and exercise are done to encourage the nerves and muscles.
> Heat Massage
> Occupational therapy establishes the process to function activities of everyday living.
> Mobility help like wheelchairs, other devices.

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