Apr 18, 2014

How to use WordPress seo friendly images plugin: ALT tag in your images

Images are very important for your blog. Image can help you to increase image base traffic which you will see in Google search for image. If your content are based on unlike text content then Google search engine bots can’t see and identify your content like an ordinary user. If you give image ALT tag in your image then Google bots identify your image. And you can find your image in Google image search result. Using this ALT tag your can identify all of your blog image. It also increase your rank in Google image searching result.

If you use proper image, proper keyword and proper tag then it is better for SEO. Here I will discuss how you can use SEO friendly image plugin.By this plugin your blog images will be optimized in Google Search engine.Here some step to use WordPress SEO friendly image plugin for better image search result. <Download WordPress SEO friendly images plugin>

How to use WordPress SEO friendly images plugin?

You have to go Plugins folder of your admin panel

Then click on Add new plugin option

You have to search WordPress SEO friendly images plugin

seo friendly image

After searching your plugin above window will be open

You have to click on ‘Install Now’ option for install WordPress SEO friendly images plugin

seo friendly image

After installation your WordPress SEO friendly images plugin, you have to Click ‘Activate Plugin’ option.

seo friendly image settings

After activation plugin you have to go Settings>SEO friendly image

Now,Configure your settings.

wordpress seo friendly images plugin

When you will used this plugin, you can set both Title and ALT tag of your image.Here ALT tag is very important factor for your images because Google Search engine identify only ALT tag of your images.But title is another important factor for your blog images. you should choose an appropriate name for your image title.

You have to give an appropriate name before uploading images.If you choose a appropriate name of keyword rich name then it will be proper way to your site. Use following settings for your images.

  • Use %name for ALT tag
  • Use %title for Title tag

Then you have to click on update option.After that you will see that images will help you to increase your SEO rank.If you want to decrease your image size then You have to install WP Smush.it plugin for better SEO rank

Apr 18, 2014

How to Compress images by WP Smush.it plugin?

When we discuss a useful post, its generally incomplete without a wonderful and significant image or picture. Images help in better optimization of your post but it takes many time to loading this image. We know that Search engines likes faster loading your blog, so you have to insert minimum number of images for better optimization and compress Image Size . Too many images or pictures will increase your page loading time.

When Google search engine index or crawl your webpage it prefer those blogs which have a minimum webpage loading speed.It will help you to increase better search engine rank. If your uploaded images are compress Image Size then your page speed also will increase. Page speed one of the Best ranking factor of your site. So you have to solve this problem and control your heavy images from your post and compress Image Size by WP Smush.it Compress Picture plugin.

What is WP Smush.it Compress Picture plugin?

Compress Image Size : WP Smush.it plugin is an online service from Yahoo and it helps you to compress Image Size or picture without degrading the size. In WordPress you will see also a plugin call Smush.it . If you install and activate this WP Smush.it plugin and Upload your images then it automatically will compress your images from your site. By this process you will not lose your image quality and your loading time of images will be very fast.

What is Bulk smush.it : How to Compress images ?

How to Compress images : WP Smush.it plugin can compress Image Size which are uploaded after activation this plugin. But latest version has included a new feature call Bulk.smush.it. If you install this latest version plugin (Bulk.smush.it) then you will get more advantage by it than previous version (wp smush.it plugin). This plugin can Compress Image Size and total old images from your image folder of WordPress and it also will decrease loading time of your old posts.This plugin will help you to decrease loading time and to Compress Image Size,if you have many posts and images in site. You can download this latest version plugin from link. <Download Bulk smush.it plugin>

WP Smush.it plugin

Some features of WP Smush.it plugin.

  • Compress Image Size
  • Converting GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • Stripping Unused colors from indexed images
  • Stripping meta data from JPEGs
Apr 18, 2014

How to configure Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress

WordPress Contact Form Widget : Contact page is very essential features of your website. If you do not create any contact page, then your website will be incomplete.So you need to create a contact page for your website. It is the medium to contact between your blog readers and your blogger. I mean if you create a contact page then blog readers can use to contact you and your site is decorate more.

In WordPress you will find many contact form plugin such as Contact Form 7, Custom Contact Form, Fast Secure Contact form and many others.One of best contact form is Contact Form 7 plugin. I suggest to Configure Contact Form 7 plugin because This plugin is Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin.

You will see many field in Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress.You can also add another field in Contact Form 7 plugin.I mean if you want to get contact number of the sender then you can easily create a contact number field in your Contact Form 7 plugin. User can send Email by this  Contact Form 7 plugin and that is very useful to add to communicate for you webpages. <download Contact Form 7 plugin>

Feature of Contact form 7 plugin:WordPress Contact Form Widget

  • Easily customization
  • Captcha
  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Multiple contact form

How to install Contact Page WordPress-Plugin : At first  you have to go WordPress Plugin option and install Contact form 7 plugin.Then you have to go settings option.Here you will see a contact form that will show up on your site. There are a few tags already entered to this contact form 7 plugin but you can add any field or take out as you like. When you create a new contact form you will find all the tag from Generate Tag option. You can choose your field from drop down menu list.

Contact form 7 plugin

After save your contact page if you want to preview it then the form looks like the following image.

Contact form page preview

In Contact form 7 plugin you can create multiple contact form which help you to communicate websites visitors.It always fill the gap of communication between your website visitors and You. After installation the contact form 7 plugin if you face lots of spam then you have to add captcha in your contact form.

Apr 18, 2014

How To Upgrade Analytics Classic Account to Universal Analytics ?

Universal Analytics Upgrade : Over the next couple of weeks all user find the upgrade tool to Classic Account to Google Analytics Universal . While entire accounts will be enabled to see the new tool For update to Analytics Classic Account to Universal Analytics, you can upgrade individual properties and individual site with this features . When your account has been enabled, you will see a new Universal Analytics Upgrade button in the property settings of the Admin UI.

For Update this Google Analytics Universal Most impotent is that you will only see this Google Analytics Universal Upgrade if you have a Classic Account. New / existing UA accounts will not see this option.

If you just add your property ID to your Magento settings, you will continue to track using the ga.js library. You can upgrade to UA and do this, but you won’t get access to all the new UA features.

Step To Google Analytics Move Property to Universal Analytics Upgrade

You will find this option From the Admin panel of Analytics.

Sign into Google Analytics. then go to Admin page,after that set the proper account you want to transfer to Universal account

Now select the property you need to update also.

In the property segment, click Universal Analytics Upgrade.

In the area click Transfer to Universal Analytics, and then click Transfer button to transfer Google Analytics Universal .

Read the data in the pop-up. Now, Confirm that you’re primed to exchange your property to Universal Analytics, and now click to Transfer. In case If you not want to transfer that to Universal Analytics Upgrade, click Cancel.

Now it will take 24 – 48 hours for the exchange to complete. At the point when it says Property move complete shows up in your record, the exchange to Universal Analytics is Complete now.

Universal Analytics

After move to Google Analytics Universal

Google Analytics Move Property : If you want to transfer your properties to Google Analytics Universal , from the Google Analytics Admin page you can do it. Here you can also change campaign timeout periods and also session.Only clients with Edit authorizations may launch the property exchange from the Google Analytics Admin page.The exchange takes minutes to launch, however you ought to permit 24 – 48 hours for it to finish.When the exchange is finished, the property is prepared to get information from Google Analytics Universal code.

Apr 16, 2014

How to Install yoast wordpress seo plugin for WordPress

When we discuss about SEO plugins for WordPress, I think one of the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress is Yoast WordPress SEO plugin . When you will use any SEO plugin, you should know advance version of SEO. You can get all advance feature and advance version by this WordPress SEO plugin.

After install and set up Yoast plugin you will see many known features of others plugin.You will get Meta robots plugin, RSS footer plugin and others plugin by Joost deValk. I discuss here for the process how you will shift your SEO to yoast SEO plugin. <Download Yoast WordPress SEO plugin>

Some features of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress:

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is another best plugin for SEO for WordPress and search engine optimization. It has a advanced features for your blog crawling and indexing.You must be conscious When you will set up this plugin and configure it. If you install it wrongly then you will face different problem. It can be stop your search engine bots for indexing or crawling your site.Indexing or crawling is a most important part of your blog. So you have to install and set up WordPress SEO by yoast plugin very carefully. Some WordPress features of this plugin are mentioned below.

  • Check your website in Google, Bing and Alexa
  • Titles and meta settings
  • Hide RSD, WLW, Shortlinks from head
  • Meta control for Taxonomies others page
  • Facebook Open graph
  • Generate sitemap
  • Advance permalink control
  • Breadcrumbs support
  • RSS feed footer plugin
  • Edit .htaccess files, robot.txt file
  • Hide date from Search engine snippets
  • Add Google authorship for single author
  • Import settings from other SEO plugins.

How to Set up and Configure Yoast SEO Plugin ?

When you use different type of SEO plugin or Plugin by yoast such as Robots meta, RSS footer or Yoast breadcrumbs you should start this plugins by important settings.After installation and activation of Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Yoast WordPress SEO plugin you should go SEO>Import & export from left panel.Then you have to select the plugin from which you would like to
import your settings.There you will see a message “Delete the old data after import ?(recommended)”.I think you should take back up your database before select this option.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

SEO Dashbord of WordPress:

SEO dashboard

This is the very important step for Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. In this step you have to submit your website into webmaster tools such as Google webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools, Alexa verification ID. You have to submit your site for verification code and verify your domain.

Titles and Meta Settings:

Titles and Meta Settings is another vital feature of this plugin . When you click on Titles and Meta you should click on help area first to see what operator is being used and what does they do. This will help you setup your title and Meta SEO very quickly.

Tiles and meta settings

Here you will see ‘Noindex subpages of archives’, ‘Use meta keywords tag?’ option in Sitewide meta settings. You have to check mark on those option. In lower portion you will find different Head Clean up link option such as Hide RSD links, Hide WLW Manifest links, Hide Short link for posts, Hide RSS links.

Then you can set Homepage from your Home tab. There you will see different template such as Title template, Meta description template, Meta keywords template.

  • Title template:-Home title which you want to show in Google search
  • Meta description template:-Meta description of your page for Google search engine.
  • Meta Keyword template:-You have to add target keyword for homepage.
  • Author Metadata:-There you have to select the author which you want to use for Google authorship.Click on Edit Profile option and add your Google plus profile link in Google+ field.Also you have to add your Website link in contributor section of Google plus profile.
  • Google Publisher page: In this section you have to add your Google plus page URL and also add your Website link in your page about section.
SEO homepage

Post Type:

SEO homepage

When you click on Post Types tab you will see Posts and page section of your WordPress blog.In this section you will see different template.If you want to help so please click on Help menu for proper using your template. By default WordPress SEO plugin hide your date of Snippet preview. If you want to show date for your news related site then you must check mark on ‘Show date in snippet Preview’ option.


Here you will get different option such as Categories, Tages and format. I think you may check mark on ‘noindex, follow’ and ‘Hide’ box. It is depend on your SEO plan.



Here You will see Author Archives. You may disable or enable your date and author archive.You can check mark
‘noindex and follow’ box.

Social settings:

Social settings

Here you will see different social section such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. In Facebook section you have to add your Facebook page URL.       Example: https://www.facebook.com/blogfin.
In Twitter Section you have to add Twitter card meta data to yours sites.
In Google+ section you have to add Google Publisher page Example:http://google.com/+Blogfinbloger. If you have a Google+ page for your business, you have to add URL here and link it on your Google+ page’s about page.

Permalink Configuration:

Here you will see different option such as Permalink Settings, Canonical Settings, Clean Permalink Settings.



In this feature you can add a link back to original article in RSS feeds and add advertisement on your RSS feeds.

Edit files:

Here you will see Robts.txt file and .htaccess file. You can edit .htaccess and robots.txt file from your dashboard.when you edit .htaccess file from dashboard you have to keep FTP access. If you configure .htaccess file
wrongly then it can stop your site’s function.

Note: When you Install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for website, you have to configure it very carefully. If your configuration is wrong then it will reduce your SEO rank.

Apr 14, 2014

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress: Site Map in WordPress

Site Map in WordPress: Sitemap in WordPress are very  useful for any webmasters or any websites for better SEO. SEO is the important factor of WordPress. So, when ever we are talking about SEO, Sitemap play the impotent role to rank for any website.

When you create a Site Map in WordPress for your website, you should submit it to the Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool. After submit sitemap, your website will be indexed and crawled very fast and Your SEO rank will be better then before.In WordPress, you can see many different types of sitemaps plugin but which I want to discuss about, That I have been installed for better SEO result from the many years.

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

WordPress SEO by yoast is a another Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin which is the best for SEO and it is also useful for search engine optimization.There you will see a sitemap feature which has added recently.So you can use WordPress SEO by yoast plugin for your sitemaps but I like to use Google XML Sitemaps Plugin. If you install that plugin you will get better optimization because it provide us many configuration and it is also a free plugin. If you use this plugin then you can get constant up gradation of every new release of WordPress.

When you will Create WordPress Sitemap with Google XML Sitemaps Plugin you get better indexing or crawling result. Because you need to submit sitemap for your blog so that all the pages you have create for blog can easily be crawled or indexed by Google Search engine or Others search engine.


When you use Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin it always help to create a dynamic Site Map in WordPress bolg which is compatible to Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools and Yahoo webmaster tools.After creating your sitemap you have to submit your sitemap to above mention search engine webmaster tools.By this process you will get automatically upgraded information. I mean when you Publish a new post, sitemap will be updated automatically and you will get the total information such as total number of submit pages and total number of indexing pages with

Click here download  Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

Which are the feature of Google XML WordPress Sitemaps Plugin?

You will find the feature of Google XML WordPress Sitemaps Plugin

  • There are many languages are available.
  • It can generate static XML files as zipped version.
  • It is a user interface plugin by which you can customize all your site parameters.
  • It can calculate all of your post which are based on large number of comments.
  • It can generate sitemap automatically for different types pages of WordPress.
Apr 11, 2014

How to install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel

WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management system in the internet. 90% blogger use WordPress also for its popularity and Search engine friendly behavior to increase page rank . New  blogger are frequently astonished when I tell them that WordPress is best and well known for its simplicity for installation in any hosting provider. All the best part of WordPress hosting is, all hosting provider permit you to introduce WordPress installation with a few clicks using Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico. Most of the time , Its will takes less then 2 minutes to install WordPress using Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico . In this WordPress installation tutorials I show you how to install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel manually without any  Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico or any one click installation. 

When Start to Install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel first time ,
You require..

Log in details for your hosting Panel
FTP log in details ( Control panel login details or FTP log in details should be the welcome email also when you order any hosting service )
A FTP client software like Filezilla or cute-ftp

Steps To Install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel

Download and unzip the WordPress (WP) files
Set up your MySQL database
Upload the WP files to your server
Connect WP to your database
Run the install script.
Put your site title and your site username email and password


How to Install WordPress Manually without any One click Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico ?

To Install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel without any One click installation process like  Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico, first you have to download WordPress from its official download page. I propose that you generally download and install the most recent stable version of WordPress.

Download wordpress

When you click on the Download option for the most recent WordPress version, the installation package will be saved to your hard disk. You have to Place the installation package which recently downloaded and extract it to another folder.

How to upload files to your server

Now, you have to upload the extracted all file and folders to your web server. The best way to upload the installation files and folders via FTP.


If you need to install wordpress on your main account and want to access through your main domain(i.e. www.mydomain.com), you have to upload the all files and folders to public_html folder.

When your download is finished, you need to extract all files and folders and  upload to your public_html folders. You can do that through FTP like cute-FTP or through Cpanel -> File Manager -> Upload file (s). If you need to install WordPress to the main website in your cpanel, files and folders need to copy to your public_html folders. If you want to run a part of your website through wordpress, you have to create a Sub-folder like (i.e.www.mydomain.com/blog)

Wordpress Download

How to Creat MySQL Database for WordPress

For Running a WordPress, You need to create a MYSQL database in your cpanel. After making a MySQL database , assign a MYSQL user to it with full permissions and marge your User name and database Name. When you make your MySQL Database and User, Please note the database name, database username and password you’ve recently made. When install wordpress, those information will need for installation process.Start your installation process now and follow below step.

Download wordpress

Now you have to start your installation process. When you upload WordPress in your public_html folder,you’ll have to go to http://yourdomain.com in your preferred browser. There you will see a massage that tell that You don’t have any wp-config.php file and you ought to make one. Only click on the Create a Configuration File for proceed.

Download wordpress

Here you will find a message asking you to prepare necessary information for installation. After that you have to press Go button.

Download wordpress

You have to put details for your newly created MySQL database and click the submit  button

Download wordpress

Now WordPress will check if your settings are correct or not. If you have entered all the necessary information correctly, you will see a confirmation screen. Now you have to click the “Run the Install” button to proceed.

Download wordpress

On the following screen you will need to enter the data about your administrative username and the title of your new site. Also, you can indicate whether you’d need search engines to index your webpage or not. When you fill all those data, press the Install WordPress button. Remember that you have to put the original email address. It could be later utilized within case you forget your password.

Download wordpress

Download wordpress

That’s all.Now you log in to your admin panel and enjoy WordPress with your username password.

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Apr 9, 2014

How to find not provided keywords in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Keyword Not Set ? Google Analytics is an incredible asset for any site manager. From any Blogger,Government organizations or any Webmaster, Google Analytics is a best tools for any useful information about visitor trends and behavior data.

On the other hand, there is one point where Google Analytics disappoints its clients for not provided keywords in Google Analytics, the “not provided” search queries in . Maximum part of the search queries in the Analytics are recorded as ‘not provided’ . You may be disappointed between your keyword Analytics, when you’re attempting to discover what people are looking for.

‘Not provided’ is lifted for any paid query items for Google Adwords. It’s only for the organic search result when sometimes users search queries are hidden and said “not provided”.Not provided keywords in Google Analytics effect  In 2011 Google change data from search to protect users privacy.

Why Google Analytics Search Terms Data hidden or ‘Not Provided’ ?

Google Not Provided Key Words : When any user logged in to any Google product like Gmail or Google plus or any of the product related with Google like Youtube, their inquiry is led over SSL. For this, the user Search Queries identifying and hidden in Google Analytics Keyword Report.

Search terms which user write in Google search, is very useful information as its can be a keyword by which your site comes first in search result and Google can even now see this data. however, site holders or Analytics account holders – can not access it as, Google protect there user privacy.

For This missing information,you may be not calculate its ROI of specific keywords and face troubles to  understand the ROI of particular organic search words.

Luckily, there are a couple of idea that can recover this Google Not Provided Key Words.

Not provided keywords Google Analytics

How to find not Google Not Provided Key Words in Google Analytics Keyword Report ?

Its a great idea to check what exactly number of your search keyword are recorded as ‘not provided’ and whether this is more then 90% or less . You’ll have to survey whether its worth putting time into decoding these results before you continue, since none of these systems gives a single, foolproof solution.

Step: 1) Add a New filter in Google Analytics to Understand Google Not Provided Key Words :

  • In your Analytics account , head to Admin, then Profiles.
  • Click the name of the profile you need to work with, and select the Filters tab.
  • Make another filter in your Analytics account:

The motivation behind this filter is to concentrate the ‘not given’ terms. To do this, concentrate the URL and rewrite the two in place of the original ‘not provided’ content. In spite of the fact that this doesn’t reveal the accurate key word, it can help you to understand where that traffic is going and whether you have to burrow deeper with different strategies.

Not provided keywords Google Analytics

Step: 2) Use Traffic Sources Data

Inside Google Analytics, there’s a second set of measurements that can help you to disentangle your most famous keywords. The Search Engine Optimization report is planned particularly for this reason – particularly the Queries report.Information in this report is two days out of date, and any reasonable person would agree that the measurements here are limited in scope. In case you’re dealing with a busy site, Traffic Sources essentially won’t provide for you the subtle element. You have to appropriately analyze your queries and presentation pages; the number of results it can show is limited for example.

Step: 3) Look at Google Adwords Data

As said at the beginning of this article, ‘not provided’ is just an issue for organic search queries. Paid search isn’t hidden. That means, you can bypass the issues caused by ‘not provided’ results by paying for Adwords and measuring the response rates to keywords through PPC. These are indicated in Google Analytics as Matched Search Queries.Note that, once more, this isn’t a totally accurate solution. The information indicated in Adwords is only related to traffic that you’ve paid for – not the organic traffic. However, in this case you use money to use on keyword research, its an alternate way to help your understanding of user behavior and make your SEO research more significant

Step: 4) Use Webmaster Tools to Recover Hidden keyword and Unlock Google Not Provided Key Words

If you running your site without Google Webmaster Tools, you will immediately need to sign up for it now. You get essential Search Queries information in Google Webmaster Tools by clicking on Search Traffic > Search Queries, and yes, it include Search Queries keyword information from “not provided” hidden keyword.

There are a few filter you can also add with those related keyword, so you can understand that encrypted searches.

It likewise provides for you impression versus click information, this information Google never give webmasters to Google Analytics, so it can help you see what Google Not Provided Key Words visitors are utilizing where your website got an impression in the google search.

Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools is the best and dependable and the correct approach to get essential words from Google search keywords.

Google’s Webmaster Tools dashboard is nothing in case of Google Analytics keywords, however in this circumstance, the metrics it gathers does add some value. Particularly, you can see an extremely essential overview of keywords that lead visitors to your site in the Traffic menu, in Search Queries.

A great things that Google Webmaster Tools does provide for you, It will let you know the click through-rate of your keywords from Google Search. So a little all the more cleaning up on your title tags and meta-description can help to expand the click through-rate of these keywords.

Not provided keywords Google Analytics

At last, Google Webmaster Tools can tells you the search impressions of all keywords. If you know that a certain keyword is attracting a large number of impressions, it could be in your best interest to put a little more effort towards ranking for those keyword to acquire more traffic.

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Apr 8, 2014

How to Google Bot Index Website Quickly ?

Google bot Can’t Access Your Site ? When you make a new website or blog you know that your page or blog will be find visitors. You also know that people or visitors search particular information or total information which you have mention your website. In that case you have to wait for Google Bot which Google sent for crawl your site or page to Google Index.

How Google bot crawl your page:

Googlebot is a searching software which Google sent to gather your information from your website or page.After coming Google bot it collects your information add it in searchable index.

At the time of crawling Google bot visit your site and find new and updated information to report back to Google.

There are some steps how to index website quickly by Google Bot.

Google Bot

After make any blog or website it can more than 1 days to crawl it. Many bloger face this problem and they try to fast index it. If your page crawl or index fast then it reach all the visitors quickly and they get real information from you and increase your SEO rank .There are some tricks an tips how to index your  website quickly.

Fetch your page properly:

For index website quickly You can fetch Google bot by the using of Google bot tools. This tools will give you a chance to crawl a hole page on your site with Google’s own particular Google Bot. This tool help more faster to crawling your page. You have to properly fetch your page and if you properly fetch your page then then you will be submitted it in Google index.

You have to use Ping Tool to call Google Bot

You can index website quickly by Ping-o-Matic service.
Ping-o-Matic service is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.It works very useful for both if you use WordPress or Bloger .

How to Use Ping-o-Matic service to call Google Bot fast.

How you can use this service for index website quickly. At first you have to go Ping-o-Matic and then you have to put your blog name, URL and Feed URl. After put the information you have to select all the service and click send ping option.

Write Original and Quality Content to spent more time for Google Bot.

Write original and quality content for index website quickly. Google Bot prefer original or good or quality content. When bot collect your information it see that which is quality content and which page is pure and perfect then it report back to Google as searchable index. It is also better for Good SEO ranking.

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Apr 7, 2014

How to recover from Google Panda Effect ?

Panda was released in February 2011.Latest Google Panda Update is a change to Google’s search result ranking.The main aims to lower the rank of low quality article/content and higher the rank for high quality content.It effect those content which is poor or low quality. It prefer always High quality content for better search result. So after update of Google panda You have to follow some steps to recover from Google Panda Effect.

Google Panda Recovery : Some steps to recover from google panda effect

google panda

Write Good quality Content to recover from Google Panda Effect

Google always take good quality content. If your article is good information and total article cover with many keyword then it will be helpful for Google search engine result and recover your site from google panda effect. When you write a post or Article ensure that your article have more information. If your article is full of more good and real information with relevant keyword then it will be a good quality Article.

Length of Content:

Length is an another factor for good article. If you write a blog or article with short length then it is bad for search engine rank. When you write a article you must write it carefully with good and lengthy content. Now Google prefer lengthy content for good Article as well as good search engine rank. So you always maintain length your article to recover from google panda effect.

Maintain Unique content

After up gradation of Panda Uniqueness is the another factor of your page or Article. You have to write always unique article which audience or visitors prefer more. If your content is duplicate or retype or copy from another website or article then you will be penalized or lower ranked in SEO. Original content or Unique content always help your article in high page rank in SEO. So You have to Increase your SEO.

Avoid Broken link to recover from Google Panda Effect :

Many broken link of your page may impact of your site by Google panda. Broken link reduce your page rank. So avoid broken links for top Google search engine. Remember that search engines crawling your all page links. In the event that there are dead links on your site which can affected by panda. so you have to upgrade or alter your broken links for better ranking.

Block indexing/Crawling of your low quality content:

You should stop indexing or crawling those substance or content which have low or poor quality. Low or poor quality substance have low search value and it decrease your page rank. if you maintain this it will help from google panda effect.

Rewrite or Edit or Delete your old Post for Google Panda Recovery:

You have to rewrite your old post or edit your old post for better search engine result. If your old post is small and low quality content then you have to try edit it for better SEO. And then your have to link it to new one.If your old post not proper then it will be affected by Latest Google Panda Update.

Too Many outbound links effect for Latest Google Panda Update:

An excess of outbound links influenced your site by panda. you should maintain limited links and those links which have useful and good content. If you can keep up this then your page will perform with great search ranking.

SEO friendly WordPress theme:

WordPress code is clean and simple so as a result it can help to index your site content very easily . It has own meta tag keyword , meta description and title for its page, post and image. Its specific keyword help always to better search engine optimization. You can utilize tags to further upgrade your site.

Website loading time:

Remember that you should control your website loading time. If your site take more time to loading any page then it affected by search engine rank. Which page takes short time to load it then it is good for SEO. And you will be able to protect  from Latest Google Panda Update

Social Media:

You can use social media for better search result such as google plus, Twitter, face book. If you promote your page in that social media service then you gain more improvement for your site and your page will be indexed faster, So always use social media for better SEO rank.

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