Apr 30, 2014

How to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

When you create a blog or any website you may need to Embed PDF files in WordPress many times to provide more information to your blog readers.But many reader face problem as they can’t read the information of the PDF file without adobe reader.

You can embed this files in your  blog posts so that your readers can read it very easily.You can embed it very easily by using a WordPress Plugin.The plugin which is help you to embed your PDF files in website is ‘Google Doc Embedder’.

Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

Before Embed PDF files in WordPress you have to download and install Google Doc Embedder plugin.By this plugin you can embed different types of file such as PDF, XLS,PSD, DOC, PPT,TIF.Dont Embed Google Docs because Google Docs API is to display locally hosted files in the blog not embedding from the Google Docs itself.

How to Download and Install Google Doc Embedder Plugin to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

Embed PDF files in WordPress

If you want to download this plugin you have to go your add Plugins option of your Dashboard. Here you will find a search box. Just put the Google Doc Embedder in search box and then search.Then you need to install it.After complete your installation click on Active option to active this plugin. When it will be activate you will see a GDE option in your Dashboard Settings.

Note: When you will use it don’t need to have a Google Doc account.

How to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

After installation and Activation Google Doc Embedder you have to go GDE settings to configure some basic settings. You may go to GDE settings through Settings option of your Settings tab. There are many option you will find in General settings option such as Viewer Mode, Default Language,Default size, File Base URL, Download link, Link Text, Link
Position, Link Behavior etc. You can select and change this option.

Embed PDF files in WordPress

You can change viewer mode section. If you select Enhanced viewer then you will find different option in toolbar such as page number, previous/ Next page, zoom in/out, full screen/New window.You can select any option by check mark.Moreover you can change the page area background color and page border color.

You can select your document width and height in Default size settings.In Download link section if you want to downloaded link visible to everyone than you have to select All Users by default or you can select just logged in users.

In Advance tab Option you can set how the plugin integrated in visual editor, you can also set maximum file size and set Error handling.You can Export and import file for backup and migration purpose.

How can you Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post page or post ?

After complete your installation you will get a g mark button which has added in your Visual editor.

Embed PDF files in WordPress

When you will click on this button a Google Doc Embedder window will be open.Put your PDF url in this URL or file name filed. Select width or height of document.You will find here a short code preview which will be generate automatically.

Google Doc Embedder window

Click on insert button to Embed PDF files in WordPress.Your blog readers read it without any Adobe Browser now.

Apr 28, 2014

How to create MySQL Database in Google App Engine.

After download and  install MySQL locally, you need to enable Google App Engine SQL in your Google App Engine Account. After creating Google App Engine Cloud SQL you need to deploy your local apps or WordPress in Google App Engine. For Creating Cloud SQL you need to enable billing system, it asks you your credit/debit card details but don’t worry Google deduct your balance as per your uses so there is nothing to worry about billing.

Before create Google Apps SQL in Google App Engine you need to register on Google Cloud Platform and give the name of your Cloud console project.When you will create Cloud console project you have to log on Google Cloud Platform and put your specific project name after that you need to follow some step to create MySQL database in Google App Engine.


Create MySQL Database in Google App Engine.

To create MySQL Database in Google App Engine you need to follow following steps.


In this step you have to go on your created project Name which you have been created in before. You have to Click on your project ID to enter it.


Here you will find different type option such as Overview, Permissions, Settings, Support. Click on Settings option of your project.


In settings option you will see different type of section like Billing, Delete project, Rename Project.In Billing section you need to click on Enable billing option to access the full set of service and increase usage limits.

Create MySQL Database in Google App Engine


When you click on Enable Billing option ‘Setup Your Billing Profile’ will be open.In billing profile section you have to mention Country or territory where your billing address is located.Then choose your language preference and what is your tax status.At last you have to fill up address form and credit/debit card details.

How to create new Cloud SQL instance


After complete your billing one things you need to create that is New Cloud SQL instance. Go to your Cloud console dashboard and click on your project. Here you will find Cloud SQL option.Click on it to create new Cloud SQL.


When you will create a new Cloud SQL instance you will be put your Instance ID, Region, Tier option, Billing Plan
(as Per Use use you need to set it)

How to import file into your new Cloud SQL instance.

In Cloud SQL dashboard you need to select Import option to import file into your new cloud SQL instance. When you click on import tab a new window will be appear to import detabase.In case of WordPress installation in Google App Engine There you should be mentioned Cloud Storage path (gs://appengine- php/setup.sql) and then click ok button.

Apr 27, 2014

How to Setup locally MySQL for Google App Engine On your Server

Before you download and Setup MySQL for Google App Engine first I discuss about MySQL . A MySQL database is a web hosting database that is utilized to store site data like blog posts or user information. A MySQL database is the best linking database on the web today.A MySQL database is capable for storing any type of data that need to crate a website. It will give you a chance to rapidly store and retrieve data from the database. Different site visitor can utilize it at the same time simultaneously whenever they want to access your website. Here is some simple step you need to follow for download and setup MySQL  in your local computer before deploying in Google App Engine.In previous I have discuss about how to download and install Python and PHP SDK for Google App Engine now after install phython and PHP SDK you need to install mysql locally to deploy any type of php application like WordPress.

After install MySQL for Google App Engine locally , you also need to enable cloud SQL in your Google App Engine Account.After creating Google App Engine Cloud SQL you need to deploy your local apps or WordPress in Google App Engine. For Creating Cloud SQL you need to enable billing system and it asks about your credit/debit card details. Don’t worry, Google deduct your balance as per your uses so there is nothing to worry about high amount of deduction or its may be that its not deduct balance if your uses within free uses. You can pay as per uses in hour or daily plan.See the pricing section of Google App Engine  for more details about billing.

How to download and setup Mysql Locally


At first you have to go dev.mysql.com.In download section you will see MySQL Community Server.

Setup MySQL for Google App Engine


When you click on MySQL community Server, you will find download option for MySQL Installer MSI for Google App Engine SQL

Setup MySQL for Google App Engine


In MySQL-installer-community section you will find another download option and click on it.



Next click on just start my download option. Now MySQL will start  download in your local computer.

How to Install MySQL locally

How to Install MySQL locally


Before install Google Apps Database locally , you have to Download and install .NET Framework to run this MySQL.When install MySQL you will see different option such as Install Products, About MySQL and Resources. You have to click on Install MySQL Product option.Then check mark the I accept the license terms and click Next button.


Then you have to select Connect to Internet and Fetch Update information. Click Next option and click again Next option


Here you will see different selected option such as python, Microsoft.NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++ which will be installed before the installed MySQL server


In this step you will see different product which will be installed except one product.


In this step you will see MySQL Server Configuration. Here put your MySQL Root Password and then click on Next option


In this step you will see MySQL Configuration Overview. You have to click on Next Option.At last you have to click on Finish Option.

Apr 26, 2014

How to install Python and PHP SDK for Google App Engine

Before you install WordPress or any simple application in Google app engine, in this tutorial I show you how you download and install python and PHP SDK for Google App Engine. Here is some simple steps you need to follow to install python and PHP SDK. Now you think , why I need to install python and PHP SDK  for running Google App Engine ?

Before installing  Google App Engine you need to download Python and App Engine PHP SDK application. After download python and PHP SDK application you need to install it to your local computer. First, you need to install Python and then PHP SDK application as Python help to run PHP SDK application to deploy anything in Google App Engine. In case of cPanel you may be aware that you need to install Filezilla or CuteFTP to upload anything in your server but here is nothing like that. Here, PHP SDK application deploy everything that you need to install in Google App Engine.

Use of Python in Google :

Python for running Google App Engine : Python is an Official language of Google.It is also the key language of Google alongside with others language such as C++ and Java.It runs many Google internal systems and show up many Google APIs.It is used in many places of Google such as Google App Engine, You Tube, code.google.com, Open source libraries, Google Data python Client Libray, Google API Client Library etc.In case of Google App engine Python was the language which originally designed for it.Python allows building web applications with Python programming language, using its rich collection of libraries, tools and frameworks.To install python for running Google App Engine below tutorial help you.

How to download and install python


In this Google App Engine Tutorial At first you have to download python in your local computer from Python website Python.org


In download option you will see different types of formats for download python. Select any one format option which your want to download. Then click for download

Download php SDK


After download python , you have to  install python application set up wizard in your local computer.

python setup wizard
python setup wizard

When python will be installed completely then you have to download and install App Engine PHP SDK in your local computer which are mention below.

What is App Engine PHP SDK

PHP SDK for running Google App Engine : App Engine PHP SDK application deploy everything that you need to install in Google App Engine.  Before install App Engine PHP SDK you have to install Python as Python help to run PHP SDK application.

How to Download and Install PHP SDK for Google App Engine


At first you have to download PHP SDK for Google App Engine. Click for Download the latest PHP SDK for App Engine.


Next you will see that Google App engine msi will be download in your computer.

app engine install


When download will complete you have to go its set up option in your computer.


Google App engine

When you will Install Google App engine, you find this Setup Wizard then Click on next button and Select check mark (I accept terms and condition) Please Note: If you install Python before install Google app engine then you will find this massage in setup wizard that “Python found” otherwise you will find a massage that “makes sure that you install python” .If you do not  install python and google app engine same version then its can be also makes trouble to install properly.

Google App engine_step_2

after install Google app engine you have to finish the wizard.

Google App engine_step_7

After download both python and App Engine PHP SDK in your local computer you need to download and setup MySQL in your local computer for Google App Engine.

Apr 24, 2014

How Does Google Search Work : Google Bots Not Crawling/indexing webpage?

How Does Google Search Work ? When you create a website or blog, your site crawled by Google bot or Google Crawler and indexed your page in Google search engine.After indexing, Search engine rank your content and it will come in to the Google search result.You have to maintain your blog content for fast crawling and indexing. If  your blog content fast crawl and index then content will be fast in Google search result. otherwise, if the content is not not crawl and indexed, then your page content also will not come in to the Google search result.

If your site will come fast in your search result then It will be good for your SEO rank.In previous we have discussed how to increase your SEO rank and how to Google index website quickly. Here I discussed why Google Crawler Not Crawling/indexing webpage for your website or blog site.

What is Google Bot or Google Crawler ?

Google Bots is a spider which crawl your page content that you publish in your website or your blog. Google sent this Google bot to your site for crawling your content.

google bots

How Google Crawlers Work ? What is Crawling ?

How Web Crawlers Work ?Google Crawler or Google bots (spider) will crawl your site when you post something in your site. Google does not have any worker for crawling your site, They use an auto program software for this Purpose. Its think about the Page Rank, Back Links before crawling. You can get faster crawling with sitemaps. But, there is no guarantee that Google will crawl anything that you put in your sitemap. Sitemap will simply let the Google know about your site content.

What is indexing?

How Does Google Search Works in case of indexingA lots of people now depend on Google. They just search everything through Google Search engine that they don’t know. How we get all the information which we want to search? When any blogger post any blog then Google sent their Google bots or Google Crawler for crawling then index it. After indexing this page it comes in Google search engine according to rank and people get their search result. When Google sent bots then their spiders start for crawling. When the bots get new content or edited content then they send information back to Google. After that Google stored this information in Google rank and indexed.But if you have internal and external duplicate content in your page then you may face problem in indexing.

Not update properly:

If your content of webpage is too old but you do not update this content then you have to face late indexing of your page. It may take many days. If your site is new then sometimes it takes more time to indexing page.So you have to update your page properly for indexing by Google bot or to take more time for Google Crawler.

Use Proper URL

Some URL are restricted for indexing to avoid duplicate content for your website. If your content cover with duplicate content than it create many problem for indexing.

XML sitemap:

This site map will help you to crawling  page of your website for Google Crawler .When you create XML sitemap and submit it in your Google Webmaster Tools it help to crawling your page fast. If you do not submit your XML sitemap then Google bot or Google Crawler not indexing properly.

Internal Link Structure:

When you will create a website Ensure that all of your pages are interlinked with each other. Especially if your site’s home page has been indexed make sure all the other pages are inter connected with it so they will be indexed too, but make sure there are not huge number of links on any given page.

Google plus Profile:

If you Create a Google+ profile and add a link to your site in the About section then it will be better for your site indexing and to stay Google Crawler take more time on your site . You must have to Add posts to Google plus containing links to your site. Google+ is a Google product the Google bot or Google Crawler will pay attention to these links. You will also get benefit from other popular social media profiles for your website.

Fetch as Google:

You have to go into Google Webmaster tools. Then you will see a section which is called Fetch as Google.It will help you to crawl new pages and pages with updated content.Here you will find text box where type your URL path and click on FETCH option.If your fetch status update with Successfully then click on Submit to index.

google bots

Here you can submit individual URLs or URLs containing links to all the updated content of your website.

Apr 24, 2014

How to increase Google Plus Followers?

Google plus is an another popular Social Networking site which related on Online Business .Its only for those site owner who want to spread their blog or website via online.

You can gather more traffic by Google Plus with Free Google Plus Followers.It also help you to increase your Google rank in search result.There are some method which you can follow to increase free Google Plus Followers.

Which method you can follow to increase Google plus Followers.

Google+ is a social network. By this network you can get friends, followers.So, You need to connect people on that social network and to interact with those people who are active members of that social network.You can interact with those people by your Google plus circle.

How Google Authorship Increase Google Plus Followers :

When you will create any blog or create any website, you need to create Google authorship for batter click through ratio. If you get Google Authorship then you will see your Google+ profile pic in Google Search result.Its can bring visitor directly to your Google plus profile and that can Build Google Plus Followers more.

Google Authorship

Google Plus Communities 

Google Plus Communities

You can share your posts or blog through Google plus Communities. If you share your posts or blog in Google plus Communities than your post will reach to the group members.It is also similar to Facebook Group.Do you know how to create Google plus Community? You have to Click communities option from left bar of your Google plus.You will find there a list of Groups where your friends joined already. However,You can search Group from search box with your interest.

Attach Google Plus (Google+) profile link with others Social Network:

We all know that Facebook, Twitter are another popular Social Networking sites. You can attach your Google+ link with that profiles.I mean you can attach Google plus profile with Facebook or Twitter for getting more followers.

Attach Your Google+ profile link to an another places

If you connect with huge number of people then you have to attach your Google Plus profile in your about page, your author box and forum signature.

Follow others people on Google+

You can follow others people to increase your Google plus followers. You probably to followed back by those people whom you follow. You have to look for and follow those people who share you the same interest.By this process you will get more followers as well as more targeted viewer .

Invite People to follow you on Google+

Add your Google plus profile link to your Author Bio and your email signature to invite all friends and family to follow you on Google. It might be excellent plan to put them in a very completely different circle. also, you can add same circle as your business acquaintances or on-line contacts so their profiles don’t get spammed by your posts that don’t interest them.

Share useful and interesting content on Google+

I know that you do not like bad or boring content in your page. Like you, also your followers won’t like bad and boring contents. So you have to share relevant,interesting and useful content so that yours followers like your page. If you want to more attention from your followers then you have to share gif picture in Google plus.

Comments on Others Profile on Google+

It is your benefit if you engage with lot of people in your circle or community. It will help you to get some new followers.So, you have to start commenting on other profile. If your can comments and share properly then it will help to increase your Google plus followers.Its very simple as you discuss with people, people also discuss with you.

Put Google Plus Badge On your blog or site

Google Plus Badge is similar to Facebook Like Box that you can place in your site. Google Plus Badge is a widget that allows you to place ‘Add to circle’, ‘Follow’ and ‘+1′ button in your website. This badge will help you to get more followers and you also engage with your reader

Use Google Hangouts to Build Google Plus Followers

At this time many people are also aware in Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts are another opportunity to personally engage your Google Plus following. You can schedule hangouts to live chat with your followers such as a Q&A with your customers about your latest products and this can really enhance the connections that you build on social media.

Apr 24, 2014

How to check your email address valid or not valid?

What’s a Valid Email AddressHow to check whether an Email address is exist or not ? Here some tips to check your email address. If you sent a message through your Email address and If the message has been sent successfully to that email address without any problem then the email is valid. Otherwise you can check your email address with some online tools such as “Verify Email” and ‘Email Checker.When you put your email address, it will show you if your record exist or not.

You can see many more option to verify an email address by querying the mail server. You can connect to the mail server through telnet and enter your email address and the other email address that you are trying to check. If the server response with an error code then you can understand that the email address is not valid or not exist.

How to check Gmail or Google Apps Account Gmail Valid Email Address?

If you want to check Gmail Valid Email Address Account then you have to go Google Password Assistant page.And Go google.com/accounts/recovery. There you will find different option such as ‘I don’t know my password’ ‘I don’t know my username’ and ‘I’m having other problem signing in’.Here you can choose, I don’t know my password option > enter your email address/google apps address > choose continue. If that email address not valid or not exist then you will see a message by Google ‘No account found with that email address’

check email address

You can check your email address valid or not valid with an another process. At the time when you create a new Google account from accounts.google.com/Sign Up , if you put your known address to verify, then you will see a message that Someone already has that username.

check your email address

What’s a Valid Email Address ? How to verify your Yahoo Email Address?

Email address valid or not valid : If you think that your yahoo email address does not exist or valid then you can check it.You can check your yahoo email address from edit.yahoo’/forget.You will see a option same as our following screenshot. There you will be put your email address which you want to check or verify.If the email address not valid then you will see a message’We couldn’t match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database’ ahh.. that’s all to realized your email is valid or not.

check your email address

How to check your Hotmail, Outlook and Live.com address?

What’s a Valid Email Address ? When you check Hotmail,outlook and live.com address, you have to Go to account.live.com/Reset Password, then select I forgot my password option and enter the Outlook email address. You will get an error which will say that The Microsoft account is incorrect. for addresses that do not exist.

Apr 21, 2014

How to host Website on Google App Engine

Web Hosting with Google : Hosting a website on Google App Engine. Initially, it ought to be more reliable when your site will get served through Google’s own data centers.When you feel that you have a low traffic website and do not want to spend more money for web hosting then You will get 1 GB free space for HTML web page, images and others file. You will get also 1 GB bandwidth per day. You can extant your bandwidth and space as per your uses to Hosting with Google. For extension of your bandwidth you have to pay per uses.

When you create a simple html website , you need to store data for your website.Then you can pay for storage data in different web hosting company. This web hosting companies provides you storage space in their server and you can transfer PHP, HTML files and others files using FTP or C panel or z panel. To hosting with Google App Engine works in same way but need not to transfer any file.

Host Website on Google App Engine

Step to Upload a Website on Google App Engine:

Hosting with Google is very simple.There are some step to host website on Google App Engine

Step: 1

You have to Go appengine.google.com and create a new application. If you have never used App Engine before and you will create new application then you might be asked to verify your mobile phone number.

Step: 2

When you will create application, you have to give your application name . This name should be unique and may only include lowercase alphabets and digits. As example our app is “WordPressblogfin”.

Step: 3

In this step you have to download and install python and App Enigne SDK

1) Download and Install Python <python.org>
2) Download and install App Enigne SDK from <code.google.com>

Step: 4

You have to Download and unzip this file <site.zip> in any place on your desktop. In this file we see a basic website with HTML pages, images and CSS that we will try to host with Google App Engine.

Step: 5

Then open the app.yaml file with notepad and Here you have to replace the word ‘WordPressblogfin’ with the application identifier which you have created in earlier step (Step: 2). Save the changes.

Step: 6

Final step for Hosting with Google : In this step you have to deploy or upload your website to Google App Engine. Go to start Menu> Open Google App Engine Launcher Program > Choose file > Add existing application and brows to the folder where you unzipped the website.

Hit the deploy or upload button to host Website on Google App Engine , input your Google Account credentials and within seconds, your website should become available online at your unnique app.appspot.com. Later, if you want to add or want to modify any web page then you have to press Deploy option and your new /edited files will be uploaded to App Engine.

When you host Website on Google App Engine it will be hosted a sub-domain of appspot.com but you can register a web domain with Google Apps and map the App Engine website to your own domain.You can install any php application like WordPress or joomla instead of  any simple html site.To install wordpress in Google App Engine you need to deploy your WordPress project and also need a mysql database in App Engine.

Apr 20, 2014

How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

W3 Cache Plugin TutorialIn WordPress we find many different cache plugin.I have been discussed before about the WP super cache plugin.Here I have discussed about W3 Total Cache Plugin which is another best plugin for Page speed and speed up loading time of your website. It can create static page for you site and reduce pressure of server. You can use this plugin for better improvement of your blog site.

W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress

If you use W3 super cache plugin then you can use this W3 total cache plugin as alternative way. This plugin is the best optimization plugin for WordPress performance.It is also a fastest plugin than others.<Download w3 total cache plugin>

How to Install W3 Total Cache Plugin for WrodPress?

If you use WP super cache plugin or any others WordPress cache plugin then you have to uninstall all that plugin Before install W3 total cache plugin.Then you have to go add new plugin option from your WordPress dashboard and search the W3 total cache plugin from search box.

After search your cache plugin you have to install this plugin
from ‘Install Now’ option.Here I have mentioned that with screenshot.

After installation and activation this plugin you have to follow the step of configuration which are mention below.

Install w3 total cache

How to configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

You have to configure W3 total cache plugin in following method

General Settings:

Install w3 total cache

Here you can activate and deactivate caching. You have to check on first box and then click on save change option

Page Cache Settings:

cache settings

In page cache settings you will see different option such as *Don’t cache pages for logged in users *Cache home page  *Cache feed: site, categories, tags, comments * Cache URL with query string variables *Cache 404 (not found)pages. By default all essential option are checked here. Then you have to go next settings.

Minify Settings: 

minify settings

Database Cache Settings:

database cache settings

In database cache settings you can set it as above screenshot. We see that a lot of WordPress site fall down by database queries. We can manage this problem by database cache settings. It can cache database queries and save huge number of resources.

By this total process you can run the w3 total cache plugin for better improvement of your website.

Apr 19, 2014

How to configure WP super cache plugin for WordPress?

We can see different cache plugin in WordPress.I think best cache plugin is WP super cache plugin.Do you know why I say that this plugin is Best WordPress Cache Plugin ? WP super cache plugin is best because WP Super Cache Settings is very simple.

Why you use WP super cache plugin?

When we discuss about the performance of  WordPress, we know that caching component helps to save server execution time and reduce the loading time. Wp Super cache plugin makes the static pages of your website, which decrease the page serving time and  also less number of php calls, as without caching your page load will increase. For smooth running of WordPress site shared hosting is essential.

WP super cache plugin generate your static HTML files as a result it will help to optimize your database.It will also enable your website to load faster and use less server resources.

<Download WP super cache plugin>

How to install and set up WP super cache plugin for WordPress?

If you want to install and set up your WP super cache plugin for WordPress then you have to see the screenshot which will help you to set up plugin properly

At first click on plugins folder of  WordPress Admin panel

Then search wp super cache from search result box

Then click on ‘Install Now’ option  for installation WP super cache plugin

After install this plugin you have to Activate your plugin

 WP super cache plugin

After activation plugin you have to go settings option

 WP super cache plugin

WP Super Cache SettingsThen you you have to go Advanced tab option for configure wp super cache plugin which are mention below.

wp super test cache

Select Advanced tab for configure WP super cache plugin.

In advanced tab you will see different category such as Caching, Miscllaneous, Advanced.There are many option which you can set for configuration

  • Cache hits to this website for quick access (Recommended)
  • Use Mod_rewrite to serve cache files (Recommended)
  • Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recomended)
  • Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonumous users while a new file is being generated. (Recomended)
  • Mobile device support
  • At last Click on Update
wp super test cache

You will see now a notification by wp super cache plugin.The notification is mod_rewrite rules must be updated.To up date this mod_rewrite rules you have to scroll down the page and clik on Update Mod_Rewrite Rules.When your update will be complete the section will turn in green colour.

After turning on the cache you have to click on the test cache button from Easy tab. If you click on test cache button then you will understand if it is working. WP Super Cache will fetch your WordPress site twice and will compare the time stamps of both pages. If the both time stamps match then this means that caching is working on your site now.