May 16, 2014

Reduce Website Bounce Rate: Effect of High Bounce Rate

What is the Bounce rate? Bounce rate is an important factor of any blog or website.How to reduce website bounce rate ? When visitors visits your site and leave your site without visiting another page or quickly leave after enter your site, is called bounce rate.The blog bounce rate depend on your website performance.If your site content is good and relevant then visitors will visit more time into your site Otherwise they immediately leave from it.If you want to calculate bounce rate then by this tutorial, It will help you to get your site bounce rate.

A number of visitors Open website for Good content but sometimes they does not satisfied from your site. In this cases maximum visitors see only your single page and leave from this page without visiting any others pages of your site. Thus your bounce rate will increase very soon. We all know that higher percentage of bounce rate is not better of SEO. In this case SEO understand that your content is not any quality as people leave quickly from your site. High bounce rate always will be down your site. Here I mention more causes which effect on bounce rate. Moreover, low bounce rate always good for your site SEO and increase traffic for your site.

Sometimes visitors find a site on search engine but enter to your site, when they realized that they enter wrong site then click on others site then they enter there original site and after enter original site they close your site as they are not looking for your site. thus the bounce rate may increase also.

How to calculate Bounce rate?

Sometimes people want to know how to calculate bounce rate. It is a great question.If you want to calculate your site or blog’s bounce rate. I think the following process will help you to get and calculate bounce rate.

Bounce Rate=Bounced visitors/Total visitors

Suppose your website gain 20,000 visitors per month and your bounced visitors 8000 who have visit your site only single page or close immediately. Then your Bounce rate will be 8000 divided by 20000, Which is 0.4 or 40%. Thus you will calculate your website bounce rate easily.

Effect of Low Bounce rate:

When your blog or site will show you low bounce rate that means your website rank very well it will help you to quick optimization of your blog.When your Bounce rate will be lower, average time duration also be increased.

Effect of High Bounce rate:

High bounce rate always bad for your site. When your blog or site show you high bounce rate that means this site not well for performance or you don’t have quality content in your site.This can not be SEO friendly. So you need to repair your site for better improvement so that visitor attracted by your site and not leave from your site to others site immediately.

Some factors that reduce website bounce rate.

  • Bad theme of design of your blog

  • Irrelevant content of your blog

  • Unnecessary plugins

  • Difficult to read your content

  • Low quality content of your site

  • Lack of Internal link

  • Bad website navigation

How to reduce website Bounce Rate?

Reduce Website Bounce Rate:  If  you want to reduce website bounce rate, you have to maintain some tips. Here, some tips will help you to reduce website bounce rate.

reduce website bounce rate

Reduce website loading Time

Every people want faster loading for your website.They do not like slow site. We know that Sometimes blogger uses low quality hosting service and excessive bad plugins that increase your website loading time.So if you want to reduce website loading time then you need to follow some tips which are following below.<How to reduce website loading time>

Always use quality and essential plugins
Always use Good Web hosting service
Good and Original Site content

Use Readable article with Simple and Easy Sentences

When you create an article, one thing you should mind that people like always like simple and easy article. When your article will be very simple then good reader interested for it. So always use easy and simple sentence in your article. When visitors will enter your site and interested for your site content and quality, they will stay in your site and spent more times.When visitors spent in your site more time, your bounce rate automatically will be decrease.

When you will write your article always check your Grammatical error or spelling mistake before publishing it.If your site is created by grammatical or spelling error then reader irritated by your site and they will close your site soon.Always use paragraph in your site and highlighted it with important phase or content.

Publish useful post for Reduce Website Bounce Rate:

Every one want to search and looking for useful post. If your blog site created by less useful post then people dislike it and your bounce rate will increase.As a blogger when you publish useful post in your site then it increase your site traffic. Moreover if you publish useful post then every want it for their own purpose. So try to publish useful post. It will help you to reduce your website bounce rate.

Use Internal link

Internal link is another important factor to reduce website bounce rate. If you create your blog without any internal link then reader easily leave from your site. If you use internal link by using related post to your site then visitors interested by it and they stay into your site more times.

You can use internal link manually or can use plugins for this purpose. You can use SEO smart link plugin.This plugin will help you to linking automatically with keyword and phrases. Moreover this plugin also help you to set up nofollow attribute and open link in new window.

Open Your Link in New window To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

reduce website bounce rate

When you link in to your site with others site you need to open it in a new window so that reader can not leave your site totally. If they leave your site totally, then it will increase your bounce rate. So when you link with your blog, you should always check mark the option ‘Open link in a new window/tab’. If you check mark this option then visitors can not leave your site to another site and you have to reduce website bounce rate.

May 16, 2014

How to Reduce Website Loading Time for WordPress

Website Loading Time: Blog loading time is an important factor for SEO. If you create a blog in WordPress then you should reduce website loading time. Fast loading time of website is good for not only Search Engine Optimization but also Impression of blog readers. Suppose people want to log in your site but when it takes long time to open, people irritated by it and never they open your site again. There are many ways to reduce Website loading time.

You can design and develop your site in proper way so that it can take limited website loading time.It will also help you to reduce bounce rate and increase traffic of your blog or website. Moreover you can reduce website loading  time using Cache plugin.You will find different plugin in WordPress.One thing you should keep in mind that if you use excessive plugins for website than it may  increase site loading time so choose appropriate plugin for your site.

 reduce website loading time

Use Modern and updated Theme

If you create WordPress site then first of all you need a updated WordPress theme to reduce Website loading time. When you will use this theme always use Modern and Updated them. Because Modern and Update theme provide you modern feature and Utility for your WordPress site. <Read more for best WordPress themes for WordPress site>.You will get many different theme when you will search theme in WordPress but, if you use old or backdated theme you should immediately upgrade your WordPress theme.By using Upgraded WordPress theme you will get advance speed of your site and your site impression will be increase.

Avoid Excessive WordPress Plugin

 reduce website loading time

Important plugins for reduce downloading time:Plugins is an another important factor for your WordPress site. In WordPress you will find Different important WP plugins works in different way so you should choose Proper plugin that has more advantage features. Always use limited plugins for your site as more plugins increase site loading time.There are Some Important plugins for reduce downloading time

W3 Total Cache Plugin:

W3 total cache plugin is one of the best plugin for WordPress. By this plugin you can increase your page speed and reduce your blog loading time. W3 total cache plugin create a Static page for your site so it help to reduce website loading time.<How to install and configure W3 Total cache plugin>

Moreover you can download and install WP super cache plugin to quick optimize for your database and page speed.

WP plugin:

This plugins help you to compress your image size. This is very essential plugin for your image.If your Image size take more space in your blog then it create many problem and increase website loading time.

<Read more about WP plugin>

WP Yoast SEO plugin:

By download and Install WP yoast SEO plugin you will get more advance feature in your WordPress site. So this plugin will be best factor of SEO. By using its advance version you will get more downloading speed of your website.

Remove or Stop Spam Comment

More spam Comment can affect on your blog or website. Many blogger face this problem.So you need to check and delete spam comment daily.Otherwise you can use Anti-Spam plugin to remove your spam comment from WordPress blog site. In WordPress you will find different type of Anti-spam plugin to remove spam comment.

Delete Unused post from Draft

When a blogger create website, sometimes many unused and unnecessary post saved as draft which will increase the website loading time. So, you need to remove this unused draft which you have been saved in your blog or site.You can remove this draft
manually or by using plugin. In WordPress you will get Plugin to remove draft from your admin panel.

Avoid Many Advertisement to your Blog

When you want to placement ads on your blog then you need to avoid too many Pay Per click (PPC) advertising.This type ads based on HTML code so when you place more ads in your website it carry more unnecessary HTML content which affect on your Website Loading time. So you should place limited ads for your site.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By using this Content Delivery network (CDN) blog reader will able to open your blog site from all over world. I mean When you create a website you need to Web hosting space to hosting your blog such as Bluehost, Hostgator. Thus the location of your website would be U.S. When any visitors open your site from others places of World they will face loading problem more than the visitors from U.S. In this cases you need to CDN network.This network will help you to access your website very fast from all over the World. So use CDN network for Quick speed of your blog or website.

Setup Image format

If you use Image or picture for your blog it takes many space.When your site takes many space then it increase its loading time. If you want to reduce website loading time then you need to setup image format.You can use different image size setup tool for your blog. You can setup image by following process.

setup image format

  • Always use .PNG, .GIF typ image format for reduce website loading time

  • Use SuperGIF for reduce blog loading time.

May 12, 2014

The Ultimate Reset Guide of Best WordPress Permalink Structure

Best WordPress Permalink StructureWhen we discuss about SEO for any blog or site, Permalink is the most important factor of SEO. Permalink is the URL of your site or page that not change with time.When we create a site with WordPress then we see  that a default permalink structure like But this Permalink structure is not Search Engine friendly.So, you need to change this type of default permalink settings. If you want best WordPress Permalink structure for search engine friendly then, you need to change your permalink structure manually in WordPress.

In this blog I share with you the ultimate guide of  best WordPress permalink structure. Here You get a tutorial for the best WordPress permalink  and how to set this permalink structure for your WordPress. Which permalink structure you should avoid ?Moreover,  this tutorial will help you to remove category and tag from your permalink structure and I discuss which permalink structure you should avoid. You need some plugin for this purpose because by using this plugin you can remove category and tag from the permalink structure.

best WordPress permalink structure

How to Set Permalink Structure in WordPress

permalink settings

Reset Permalinks WordPress:If you want to Reset Permalinks for WordPress,  then you need to go to the settings option from your Dashboard  > click on permalink settings option. When you click on permalink settings option you will find different option in common settings option such as Default settings, Day and Name, Month and Name, Numeric, Post name, Custom Structure.

When you open this Common settings section you will see a default settings already set in your Permalink structure.( This URL settings not SEO friendly so you need to reset  permalinks WordPress Settings. I also use as permalink settings.

How to remove category,tag from your Permalink Structure

Some times we face many problem when we see that our permalink structure add with category or tag. So if you want to delete it manually then you need to change some code in wordpress. So, Best way to change with plugins for remove this.In WordPress you will find many different plugin for remove category and tag from Permalink structure. So at first search Plugins for Remove Category, Tag from the permalink structure then download it from WordPress and install it.

Plugins for Remove Category, Tag from Permalink:

Plugins for Remove Category, Tag :In WordPress many plugins are available which will be help you to remove your category and tag from Permalink. By using of  WP No Category base plugin you can remove that category from permalink. <download WP NO Category Base Plugin>.

WP NO Category Base Plugin

Moreover you can remove tag from your Permalink structure by using WordPress plugin.<download WordPress tag remove plugin>

How to adjust category and tag name in Permalink structure.

adjust permalink structure

If you want to adjust permalink structure name then go to settings option > then select custom structure for your category and tag URL. Here you will find optional category and tag base box where you can change your category
or tag for your permalink structure. Example: if you put topics as category then your permalink structure will

Which is the best Permalink structure for WordPress

If you use dates on your permalink structure it will be not proper permalink structure. For better permalink structure avoid date from your your URL.

Matt Cutts suggest that if you create URL then separate your Word by hyphens not use underscores into your URL structure.

In WordPress the Default URL structure is (/?=n ). Here “n” is numeric post Id and it is unique for URL structure.To redirect this link to index.php WordPress use the .htaccess rule

I think the best Permalink structure for your blog /%post_id%/%postname%/ or /%postname%/

Another Permalink Structure tips

  • When you create permalink structure you should choose simple permalink structure such as

  • Always use your keyword in permalink structure

  • Remove stop word such as am, is, are for better permalink structure

  • You should not change the permalink structure after publishing it.So always set permalink structure then publish it.

If any Permalink structure which beginning with numeric field or starting with %post_id% or beginning with %year% for instance, is quickly recognized as a post. Permalink that has %post_id% at the starting can be directed to the right post immediately and otherwise the unique identifier could be looked from the remaining of the permalink.

With either post ID or postname is found, WP can take the user to the correct post. So for better result there are unique identifier such as %postname% or %post_id% in the permalink structure and the unique identifier may be at the beginning or the end of permalink.

What should be the permalink structure for News site

Google news declare that in case for news site URL must contain a unique number which is called Post ID and there must be require multi author for their blog. So for news site most important permalink structure is post
Id into their URL.

May 11, 2014

How to Build Links to Your Website: What Is Back Link

Build Links to Your Website: When we create a website, We know there is many factor works behind Google rank and site for Search Engine Optimization.Linking factor is one of the most important factor for SEO but Sometimes we ignore it. I mean a new blogger can not understand the importance of Link so they ignore this.We know that there are three types of link such as Outbound links, Inbound links, Internal link. Before use this link in website we should know about the difference of  links.Here I mention how to build link to your website.

What is Outbound links? Before use use outbound link we should know what is outbound link. Its simple – When a link connect from our site to others website is call outbound link.

What Is Back Link or Inbound link? Inbound link means when a links connect from another websites to our website.Inbound link is also called back link. This back link is very important for a website.This back link will help you to gather more traffic to your site and your Search Engine Optimization will be better.More back link means your site most reputed in the search engine eye. but , Should you need to build Links to your Website ? Answer is No.. you must not build backlink for your own site to get higher rank on your site.You probably may ask then how to build links for my website ? In my experience if you want to increase back link for your site then you need to be a social and if you are popular in social network, then your site get lot of traffic and people will automatically discuss about you and your site in to the internet as a

Build Links to Your Website

result,It will increase your back link. Another type of link which is called Internal link. When a link connect internally one post or page to another pages or post is called Internal link. Suppose you have created a post or article which is related to others post that you have been published before then you can link those posts to current post.By this process you will be able to connect total related article internally.So build links to your website is a very important factor for SEO.

Build Links to Your Website

What is No Follow link?

When you put a link to your website and tell visitor to go to another website for some perpous that means you place a vote for those site that you link.However, When you give a link from your website to another blog or website, that is call Outbound link.When a visitors follow this link and go to another website by this link there is no problem. But problem is happened when Google Search Engine also follow and crawl this link.When Google crawl this link but cannot get proper link or get expired or broken link then your SEO will be down and you will lose your traffic for this. In this case you should give Nofollow link for better improvement of the site.Remember, A valid link from your site to another means you tell search engine also that the site is good in your eye so,Search engine also think for you for those site.So,putting bad link or 404 or broken link or any non reputed site link can be bad for SEO.

How To Add Ref=Nofollow For your Outbound (External) link in Your WordPress Site?

Add Nofollow to a Link : If you create a blog in WordPress and you want to add nofollow for your external(Outbound) link then you can use plugin add nofollow to you all  external(Outbound) link.With the help of this plugin you can tell any search engine link Google not to follow your external link and Search engine also understand that those link that you Add nofollow to a link may be bad link or webmaster not want to follow or vote for outhers. < download plugin add nofollow to a link>

Can Nofollow link hurt my Site SEO ?

If you have massive number of no follow link in your site,still you are not in risk zone.Your site still not effect for SEO and you may get very good traffic from any search engine. Google’s software engineer and Currently the head of Google’s Webspam team Matt Cutts talking about Nofollow link. Here is this video

How to Add nofollow to a link in Your Blogger site

If you create a blogger site and want to add nofollow to a link then you have to Go to your blog post. Select the portion which you want to outbound link and click on link option.

Add nofollow to a link

When you click on link option a window will be appear. You have to check mark the nofollow link before add your link.Here a screen shot which will help you add nofollow to a link.

add nofollow link.

How to check Nofollow links

If you add nofollow to a link and want to check those nofollow link of any website, then go to this page and right click on it.You will find view page source.Then click on view page source.After click on view page source press CTRL+F button to search rel=nofollow.In this process you can able to search nofollow link of thats site.Moreover you also can use any plugin to check this nofollow links.

check Nofollow links

When Outbound Link Affect our site

  • If you add a outbound link to your site but it show 404 error then it will be affect on your site.

  • If your domain expired which you have add to your site

  • If your outbound link add with any spam blog or website it may be affect on your site.

  • If your outbound link connected with any porn or bad site.

  • If the URL structure changed which you have already been added to your site as outbound link.

  • If your outbound link doesn’t work properly or stop working for few days then it will damage your site.

How to protect Outbound links for our site?

  • When you put outbound link use SEO professor External Linking Page to build your outbound link.

  • You should avoid non valuable link to avoid 404 error.If your link show 404 error then it will be down your traffic and also your SEO.

  • Always link any reputed or big sites domain so that it exist all time.

  • You should put any outbound link with very carefully and seriously. Always remember When you add any outbound link it will be vote for that site which you add in your site.

  • Always avoid spam site, bad or porn site, low reputed site to link as outbound
May 11, 2014

How to Protect content copying from others Blogger

OMG… My blog copy from some blogger and even get better rank then me !! Yes.Its a bitter experience. When a blog writers create a blog , they always try to maintain his blog to protect content from copying. Every blogger want to makes quality blog outer then spammer. Sometimes you feel that your blog is being copied by another blogger. I think it is very painful to every blogger whose content is being copied. So, before publish post you need to Protect content from copying  so that anyone cannot copy your blog content. Here I mention Best Content Protection Plugin for Protect content from copying. WordPress such as RSS footer plugin, WP-Copy Protect plugin, WP-Content copy Protection plugin to Protect content from copying a Website.

How to Protect content from copying? Now It  is a big problem. If your site is very popular and your Search Engine Optimization is good. Your site traffic will be gain but when someone copy your content then it is effect on your site or blog because people confuse by it. I mean when visitors search any query and see the same content in others blog they confused by it, even they think which content is real or not.This blog will help you to protect content from copying.Here I share some of my experience to protect your content from outers blogger.

Protect content from copying a Website.

Best Content Protection Plugin WordPress

Protect content from copying in WordPress: You will find many different ways to protect your website. In WordPress you can install and activate Best Content Protection Plugin for your blog protection and to protect content from copying.The best Content Protection Plugin such as WP-Copy Protect plugin, WP-Content copy protection plugin, RSS fotter plugin help you to Protect content from copying .

WP-Copy Protect plugin: You can download and install WP copy protect plugin for to protect your blog strongly. It is the best Content Protection Plugin for WordPress. When You will install this WP-Copy Protect plugin it help you in different ways such as you can disable your selection of text, You can disable your right click. After install this plugin it will no effect on your site SEO.<Download WP-Copy Protect plugin>

WP-Content copy Protection plugin: It is another  Best Content Protection Plugin for WordPress.This plugin will help you to protect of your website which being copied by others blogger. This plugin will protect content from copying your blog and home page with different techniques.To download this plugin Click Here.

RSS footer plugin:If you use this RSS footer plugin for WordPress site then you will get extra benefit by this plugin. RSS footer plugin will create a back link to you site or blog post.It will help you to get free back link.So always use this WordPress RSS footer plugin for your blog post.

Best Content Protection Plugin

Disable Right click and Shortcut method to Protect content from copying:

You can use a plugin for stop or disable Right click on your post so that nobody can copy and past you content.Some blogger use Right click and keyboard shortcut for copy content. After copied content they paste it their new blog post. If you disable your Right click and Shortcut then others blogger unable to copy your blog and content.

Use Copyscap To Check Your Content Copy From Others blogger or Not :

check your content by CopyScap

You can check your content by CopyScap. If you feel that others blog  is copying your content then you can check it by enter your link in copyscape.It is a very simple method to check your site. Just log in and put your site URL here and click on Go button for search. By this method you will be see who is being copied your content.

Always Select Summary for Partial RSS Feed:

Partial RSS Feed

Go to your WordPress Admin panel and Select summary under Reading Settings for Partial RSS feed. If you select summary then anyone could not copy your total post from RSS.So always select summary as copy blogger need to come back to your site to copy something. The following screen shot will help you to select it.

What is the Effect for copy content:

Effect for copy content: If you copy any content from another blog post or site then it will effect on your site. Even your Search Engine Optimization will be down. If your site is full of duplicate content or copy content then it will be effected by Google Panda.Real and original content will increase your SEO Rank.

What would happen if any Bloggers copy Content from Others?

Search Engine Algorithms Effect for copy content:

Now Search Engine Algorithms is a very important factor.If any blogger copy content then it detect their content real or not.If the content is duplicate then it effected by Search Engine Algorithms and the blog will be blacklisted.

Copy Content Lose Traffic:

If any blogger copy content or duplicate content from others bloggers then he could not understand in firs time. So they will get more traffic but when it detected by Search Engine Algorithms they lose their traffic. When any blog lose their traffic it effect on their SEO also.

Reputation Loss:

When any blogger copy content from others blogger then it will effect on their site. Visitors also will ignore their site or blog Because visitors does not like duplicate or copy content. So those blogger who copy content. Simultaneously they will be lose their reputation.

Loss your Monetary Benefit:

When any blog lose their traffic and SEO then it will be effected on their monetary benefit.I mean they lose their monetary benefit for there long effort of copy from outer blogger.

Site may be band:

If any blogger copy content then their site may be band. Because people does not like duplicate blog and they will not visit the duplicate site. So it will banded automatically.

Why  Blogger Copy content from others blogger?

  • Some blogger feel lazy to write any blog. So they depend on internet to copy others blog.

  • Some blogger create website only for earning money so they try to copy from others reputed blog.If they copy from reputed blog then they get more traffic at beginning.

  • Some blogger have not their own creativity they always depend on others blog.

  • Some blogger do not want to spent time for their own blog so they depend on others blog for copy content.

  • Some blogger want to make money very quickly so depend on malty blog to create their own site.

What is the benefit of the Original content ?

If any blogger create site with original content then the SEO Rank will be better then copy content. Because after launch Google panda many site effect for copy content. It is the most important factor to maintain your post with original content and protect content from copying.If your post are full of duplicate content then it effected by Google Panda. Moreover you will be lose organic traffic from your site.People like original and real content from any site.More traffic depend on original content so keep it in your site.

May 8, 2014

Reset WordPress Settings after Install WordPress

In before I have been discussed how to install WordPress in cPanel or zPanel. Here I want to share you some essential settings after install WordPress for your website or blog. If you create a website for business purpose then I think WordPress is the best platform for you.

 After install WordPress you need to reset WordPress Settings for your WordPress platform. After complete your total settings you need to install plugin. I mention before how to install different plugin such as WordPress Yoast SEO plugin, W3 Total Cache plugin etc.Now to get more traffic you need to Change WordPress settings.Like WordPress Settings URL (Permalink settings),Date time zone and all details.

Permalink settings: WordPress Settings URL

wordpress permalink settings

WordPress Settings URL: You need to change your permalink settings or WordPress Settings URL.When you will go to permalink settings for WordPress Settings URL, under settings option you find a default permalink settings such as This permalink not SEO friendly so you need to change this permalink.

I think the best permalink settings is just use post name. After select post name click on save option. I also use in Permalink settings %postname%.html. If you set your permalink settings properly then your search engine rank will be better as the permalink will show you some contain keyword when they appear in search engine.

User Registration settings

user registration settings

User registration settings is an important settings in WordPress. When you create a website then it is open for public registration. But some times you feel disturbances by spam registration. So if you want to protect from spam registration you need to go Settings > General and Disable your WordPress registration.

WordPress Time Zone Settings

wordpress timezon settings

Time zone settings is an another important settings of WordPress.For settings it you have to go Settings option of Dashboard > then Click on General option. Here you need to change country wise timezone.Your time zone will be helpful  for your blog post and it will show your schedule time.

Update Ping and Change WordPress settings Pinglist

update ping service

By default WordPress ping only one ping service. You will see many more services by update the ping list of your blog.For update ping list you can Change the settings under Settings> Writing.Below I give you all ping list of my site that I use to ping to bring those bot.

Other Comment Settings for WordPress

wordpress other comment settings

For other comment settings you need to go Settings option and then click on Discussion. Here you will see different option such as 1) Comment author must fill out name and e-mail 2) Users must be registered and logged in to comment 3) Automatically close comments on articles older than 14 days 4)Enable threaded (nested) comments 5 levels deep 5) Break comments into pages with 50 top level comments per page.

For above mention option you need to check mark 1st and 4th option.You should unchecked Break comments to avoid page duplication.

WordPress Comment Gravatar Settings.

When any commentator signed up for Gravatar <Link>you will see the images of commentator.You can change the default image for those people who have not signed up for Gravatar. To change the default option you need to go Settings option > Discussion.

May 8, 2014

How To Use AdSense Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress

Google Adsense is an advertising program that permits publisher or anybody who want to put ads on their sites to insert HTML into their site and when it inserted then the ads appear into the targeted place with relevant content of your website

After create website or blog everyone want to get money from their blog. If you are a new blogger, You may required money by using your blog. For this, at first needs an Adsense account and then If your blog made with WordPress, then to insert ads you need Google publisher plugin for your blog. There are many WordPress plugin for AdSense ads and they work in many different way. I think the best is Google Publisher WordPress Plugin as its official plugin for Google Adsense for WordPress.

Official plugin of Google Adsense : Google has launched this new plugin which is call Google publisher plugin.Here, I will share you how to configure this plugin and how you use Google publisher plugin for your blog posts.I hope you will get great advantage by using this plugin for your website.Although, Google publisher plugin currently is in beta but the plugin makes it easier to use Google AdSense ads and Webmaster Tools with WordPress

How to Setup AdSense Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

What is Best plugin for AdSense ? Google publisher plugin. If you want to use this plugin then at first you need an AdSense account.Now you need to install Google publisher plugin in your WordPress platform. After install it you need to activate it.After installation and activation Google publisher plugin, you need to do below step to place ads in your site.
Go to the Settings option of  the WordPress and if you successfully install Google publisher plugin, then you will find an option “Google publisher plugin” in the settings menu.Then to this Google publisher plugin > link it to your Google Adsense account.

AdSense Google Publisher Plugin

When you will set up this plugin you will get an another feature where you need to verified your site under Google Webmaster tool. If you not verified your site then you might be asked to verify your site in Google Webmaster tool.

verified your site

When your blog will be verified successfully, You will get the AdSense option. You need to click on Use my AdSense Account button for integration your AdSense Account.

After integration you will see Manage Ads button.If you click on this button your plugin will start analyzing your blog for Ads Placement.Then you will see the the places where AdSense ads can be inserted as per your suggest plus sine.

Google Publisher Plugin

This plugin will show you with Red colour + marks as above mentioned screen shot.You need to click on + marks option for insert Adsense code inside it as this plugin will help you add the code directly from the plugins area.You can able to preview your ads in your plugins panel to set best match ads.You also able to change text only or image only ads unit in every ads settings.You can place Google ads choice and placement also to place ads in your site without place ads manually.

Advantage of the Best plugin for AdSense Google publisher plugin in WordPress

Best Plugin for AdSense Google Publisher : In before when you add any ads in your blog post you should edit HTML and play with the code but here you need not to edit HTML or play code for insert any AdSense ads.If you click on any pin point then your ads will be added automatically.

This plugin will not allow to add any text-link ads but may be Google add it latter this features.As its official plugin of Google Adsense its has lot of opportunity to update latter.When you will select any ad placement you need to save and activate it.

In WordPress you will find different type of Ads based plugin but this plugin one of the best plugin by which any non technical blogger or technical also utilize it in their blog.It is easy for work.Moreover, It will help the all AdSense publisher to optimize their ads placement for better improvement.Google publisher plugin now in beta stage but it will help you more than before any plugins for your website or blog and you may also placing your ads using custom AdSense size with this.

May 6, 2014

How to Select Domain Name: choosing the right domain name

 What Is Domain Name? If you create a new website or a blog then you need to choosing the right domain name for your website.Domain name is the address for your website or blog.Before starting your website you need to choose the right domain name very carefully.Proper domain will help you to gather more traffic for your site.

For choosing the right domain  name, you need to log in from where you want to register your domain.If you want to register your domain name from Godaddy then you have to log in to Godaddy then select your appropriate domain name for your website.Some basic information you should know before choose domain name for your site.I share some useful tips to choose useful domain name for your blog.

What Is Domain Name

Choose your business related domain name.

How to Select Domain Name? If you create a website then you should try to choose your business related domain name.Example: if your website is cellphone related then you can choose the cellphone keyword in your domain name.It will help to rank in Search engine.People always prefer to search your keyword based domain.Here I choose my domain name as I discuss about blog.

Choose .com, .org domain extension

When you create a website or blog then you have to select popular domain extension.We know that most popular domain are .com, .org.This type of domain has a great value for your business and It also help to increase traffic for your website.

Select Domain Name

Choose Easy and Simple Domain

People always like easy domain for searching something.They can able to remember the easy and simple domain for a long time.If your domain name is critical then it is not possible to remember a large number of people. So, when you choose a domain always choose a simple domain.

Make it easy to type

Always choose a short and sweet domain name so that visitor easily type it for searching. Even if your domain name is short and sweet they remember it for a long time. If your domain is short than people directly put it for searching otherwise they depend on Google search box.

Singular and Plural sound domain

Verify that you set up a site on the domain name that makes well when picking between the singular and plural of the words in your domain name. One thing that you should purchase both the singular and plural variety of your domain name if applicable and afterward redirect. Its like a great sounding domain to the best sounding domain. Example: if you have which sounds better than its plural sound but to avoid confusion and keep the singular domain away from your competitors then it would be best to buy both of the domain names and then redirect to

Which domain you should avoid for choosing the right domain name ?

When you will choose domain name, one thing you need to know what is domain name and how to select domain name for choosing the right domain name.Below I discuss what should avoid for chose any domain name.

Avoid branded company name

Always be careful to register a domain. You should avoid branded company name, product and service name.If you choose this type of name then people are confused and irritated by it and people also think that you are affiliated by the branded company.

Avoid length for choosing the Right domain name

You can choose your domain name up to 67 character but you need to avoid lengthy domain.If you think that what is ideal length or domain then I will say you – short length domain is good. People easily can remember short length domain than lengthy domain.Moreover lengthy domain trouble them for searching blog and sometimes people mistake or mismatch any character for typing domain name. You will realize this by following screenshot.

 lengthy domain

Avoid hypen for your domain

I think use of hypen is not good for your domain.If you use hypen then it may confusion to visitors and you may lose your traffic.But some times hypen help to remember your domain name.

Avoid numbers in your domain

Before register a domain you need to check the domain quality. Ensure that your domain is character base domain. When you will see that any number add with in you domain name you should avoid it to choose this domain. People are irritated to type this number based domain.

Moreover you choose the right domain then people will remember the URL and they will continue to visit your site in the future. Also always try to avoid using acronyms, dashes or other symbols as they may also confuse visitors for the first time.

May 5, 2014

How to Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

Blogger is an easiest way to start your blogging quickly.You can make your blogger’s blog by Google with free of cost.Its has bullet proof security as its host to Google Cloud and you need not pay for blogger. but, disadvantage of blogger is when you customize your blog. You will face some problem as all you need to do everything manually and sometimes you can not do anything that you want to do in your blog for customization.

If you want to customize your site properly then you need to transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress but here you need to pay for hosting your Blogger Blog to WordPress , You can host your WordPress site in many different website hosting provider such as Justhost, Bluehost, Dreamhost. To start your site with WordPress, The first thing you need to do a WordPress hosting service provider and your own domain name.but here if you transfer your domain from Blogger to WordPress you need to release your domain from Blogger and need to install WordPress.After install WordPress you need to import data from your old Blogspot platform and set custom 301 redirect to keep your existing visitor.This tutorial will help you to transfer Blogger Blog to WordPress.

Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress

To Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress If you use a custom domain for your Blogger blog then you can easily transfer your Blogger Blog to WordPress.After transfer your Blogger Blog to WordPress you will able to retain your traffic without lose your SEO.

Delete your Blogger Redirection for release domain from Blogger to WordPress

blogger redirectiion

When you use Blogspot with custom domain, then your site redirect your blogger blog to a custom domain name that you probably know when you add redirect to custom domain in your blogger now, Its time to delete your blogger redirection. If you want to delete your redirection, Go to your Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog name. After click on Settings option you will find edit option under Publishing category.Uncheck your domain for close or Delete your Redirection. When you will close your redirect domain and your blog remain with * domain. your domain will be released now.

Change your Domain’s DNS record

When you create a Blogger blog then you need to add CNAME before.To add this you have to go Domain register website and put CNAME record in DNS setting.If you want to transfer your blogger blog to WordPress then you need to remove this CNAME records which are and * and IPs of Google A records that you set on the time when you add it before to host in blogger.

After remove CNAME records you need to change DNS record of  your new hosting server such as ns1 and ns2. In case of bluehost you need to put and to your name server.In case of dreamhost  set name server , and you can not find that name server then you can ask your hosting provider for there name server record.

Attach  your Domain

After setup your DNS records you have to attach your domain into your new hosting server.

Install WordPress on Your Domain

Now you need to install WordPress for your domain or sub domain. You can install WordPress from domain control panel or you can download WordPress installer from upload it into root folder via FTP.<see how to install WordPress>

Import your Blogger content into WordPress

After install WordPress go to your WordPress dashboard and select Tools>Import>Blogger. You need to install a plugin call Blogger Importer Plugin.When your installation will be complete, active plugin for run Importer.You need to Authorize Word Press to access blogspot account and then click Import against blog which want to transfer into WordPress.

transfer blogger

WordPress will now begin for fetching your Blogger blog , Comments, and Images. If you face any problem to import blogspot site then you can refresh the page for resume. The process of import depend on the size of your blogger site.

Setup your WordPress Permalink

After transfer blogger blog into WordPress you need to change your default permalink setup of  your WordPress. I mean you need to change the URL which are already present in Blogpost site. To change this, Go to your WordPress settings option and then click on Permalink Settings.In Custom structure input box you have to put the following code and then save your changes.


Redirect RSS feeds from Blogger to WordPress

To redirect RSS feeds you need to go root directory and open .htaccess file of WordPress.Here you have to put the following code for redirect RSS feeds. If you want to redirect of Blogger RSS feed to the new WordPrss feeds put this code

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule atom.xml /feed? [L,R=301]
RewriteRule rss.xml /feed? [L,R=301]
RewriteRule ^feeds/posts/?.*$ /feed? [L,R=301]
RewriteRule ^feeds/comments/?.*$ /comments/feed? [L,R=301]

Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress Done

Now Everything complete and time to delete your Blogger blog . Search engine may face duplicate content problem if same content you have in your 2 domain.However, you may personalized your blog form Blogger settings.This can offline your public view of your blog but you can view after login your Blogspot account.

May 3, 2014

Moving WordPress to Another Host : one cPanel to another cPanel

Moving WordPress to Another Host, One cPanel to another cPanel is very simple work and You can move this without no changing its originality. You can move your WordPress site by a professional experts/Guru but You need to pay for this purpose.

I think that is not good Idea to pay for Moving WordPress to Another Host.You need to learn details procedure of moving WordPress to Another Host or one cPanel to another cPanel or others hosting server such as zPanel, Dreamhost.

Backup your file for Moving WordPress

Moving WordPress to Another Host

Moving WordPress to Another Host or one cPanel to another cPanel, At first you have to log in to your Old cPanel.Then you have to go File manager option.When you click on File Manager option you will find root directory of your domain such as Public_html.There you need to choose your blog site for download file in your local computer. Before download it, you have to compress this file as new zipped file or you can backup your file by Filezilla or FTP browser of cPanel.

Download and Backup your Database

Now you need to download your Blogs database.For download database you have to go PhpMyAdmin option of your old hosting server.Then you have to choose the name of database from your left site panel.After choose your database you have to click on Export option for database backup.Here you need to select SQL option then click on Go button.

After download the blogs database in your local computer, you need to close your old hosting server.

Move your Domain into one cPanel to another cPanel

Before move your domain you have to Log in your company from which you have registerd your domain.Click on Domain name server option.Here you have to change the NS1 and NS2. Example: if you buy a domain from Godady then you have to log in Godady.Then select name server change option and put the and After change your old DNS you have to assign domain to cPanel account

Assign Domain one cPanel to another cPanel

In case of single domain in your cPanel when you order new server with cPanel you have to put your existing domain name and In your previous cPanel you need to put Name server of your new hosting Panel

Assign Domain

Assign Domain

In case of  Addon Domain You have to go Domain Manager of  your new hosting server.Then select Assign domain to cPanel account option.Here you will put 1) your existing domain name 2) Select Addon Domain 3) Create a new directory under public_html and put subdomain here. At last click on Assign this domain option.

Upload file in New Hosing server(one cPanel to another)

After download your files and database you need to upload file in your new hosting server. Log in New hosting server and go to file manager option again.Here you have to upload file which you have been downloaded before. You can also upload all files and folder with filezilla. When your file size will be more than 150 mb you can’t upload it by cPanle normally.You should upload it by using FTP or filezilla.

file manager option

Create Database for import database after moving WordPress file

Go to MySQL database of  your new server to create a new database.You have to put your database name here.After create database you need to create User. When your Database and User will be create you need to add this.During adding you have to assign all privileges for it.

Now you need to import your database content into your newly created database. In this purpose you have to go phpMyAdmin and select recently created database and select import option for upload previous downloaded database.

Edit your Wp-config.php file (Final Step for Moving WordPress)

For Moving WordPress now this is final step, In this step you have to go File manager option of New server for edit wp-config.php.Here you need to change database name, user name, hostname and password which you have mentioned for creating Database and User.Then you have to change your API.After change this you have to save wp-config.php. You have to replace your existing API with the new one.