Jun 2, 2014

How to Use Facebook Chat code for Different Purpose

What is Facebook Chat Code? Facebook chat code is a combination of symbol and Character. We can use different code for different purpose such as happy mood, smiley mood, crying mood, kissing mood or any others.Suppose you chat with your friend but feel sad then you can share your mood to friend with symbolic code. In this Tutorial we mention how to use Facebook chat code for different purpose.

We know that Facebook is a social media site and it has a great social value. We can easily share everything to our friends. Even we can chat with our friends with different chat code. It is very interesting matter to use different type symbol to chatting with friend. we can send smiley symbol or any others symbol on online or offline.

Every person want to attract friends or people on social sites. They want to send message or chat with their friends in different style and format to impress them. For this purpose they try to do it different Technic in Facebook.
facebook smily and chat code

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Use different Facebook chat code

I also use different symbolic code when Chat with our friends. Though we can easily send different types of smiley in manually but it is very easy to use chat code in our chat box.We can use this code after writing some text or Before your text, as you like to use it. Here I share different code for using different symbol.

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How Can you send Happy or Wink Symbol on Facebook chat ?

Facebook Chat code

We can easily send Happy or Wink Symbol

For Happy just type colon and bracket together and send 🙂
For Wink just type semicolon and bracket together and send 😉

Send Sad, Smile, Shocked, crying and kissing symbol

Facebook Sad, Smile, Shocked, crying and kissing symbol

  • For sad just type colon and bracket together and send 🙁
  • For smile just type ^_^ and send
  • For shocked just type colon and o (not zero)together and send 😮
  • For crying just type colon, single quotation and bracket together and send :'(
  • For kissing just type colon and asterisk together and send :*

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Send Jaws, Grin, Tongue out and Penguin symbol

Different Smiley on Facebook

  • For jaws just type (^^^) and send
  • For grin just type colon and capital D together and send 😀
  • For tongue out just type colon and capital P together and send 😛

send penguin for Facebook chat

  • For penguin just type lesser than and double quotation within bracket <(“)
  • For sun glass just type Eight and dash together and send 8|

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Jun 1, 2014

How to Create Facebook pages: Best Category for Facebook business pages

Facebook page is an important source of medium for small or big business man.In Facebook site you will find different types of Facebook pages and category. For create Facebook page for business, log on your Facebook account .If you have no Personal account for page then create a new account. You can create Facebook page directly from under mention section.

After log in www.facebook.com go to create page option.Here will find six types of Facebook pages and their different category. You can choose any one for your business page which will be appropriate for your business and then select category from drop down menu list. In this tutorial, I share some guide for select page and category which may be help you for create and set your Facebook fan page.

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create fan facebook fanpage

Types of Facebook pages:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Brand or Public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

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Note: If you want to create a page for online business purpose I think that you can choose ‘Company,organization or institution’ or you can choose ‘Brand or Product’ types page. If you choose Local business or place for your business page then you will get different type of categories such as
Bank/Financial Service
Book Store
Business Service
Church/Religious Organization
Concert Venue
Event Planning/Event Service
Home Improvement
Hotel Landmark and many others

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local business or place
After select best category for your local business page you need to fill up following information
Mention your company name
Put your ‘Street Address’
Enter your city/town or state into the ‘City/State’ box
Enter your postal code or zip code in the ‘Zip Code’ box
Enter your phone number
Click on ‘Get Started’ button

Fill Your Basic Information

About Section: In about Section you need to put 2-3 sentence description for your company.When put information about your company it would be appear on your main page So put put proper information here.If you have any business website then include your website link here.
Upload photo: In this section you have to upload your pages photo.It may be your company logo also. This photo is an icon of your business page so upload photo as dimensions 180×180.

Use Admin panel

We can manage business page through Admin Panel.We can update our information from Edit Page section.Here we can update all information which have been mentioned before.Visitors will see description only click on ‘About’ section of our business page, so it should be mandatory to provide real and good information.

Note: In Edit page Section we can manage notifications and add page permissions.
Note: If you want to entertain to your friends or all visitors then you can select Artist, Band or Public figure and choose Entertainer for your category.
artist,band or public figure

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Jun 1, 2014

Best 10 Place to Put AdSense ads in Blogger

In this tutorial we discuss the most common places where we can add the AdSense ads in our blogger post or we can implement AdSense ads for our blogger site. Here I mention how to put AdSense ads in different places of the blogger such as sidebar of your blog, Between your blog post, Under your blog header, Under your blog title, Under blog post footer, In the body of the post etc.

How to Put AdSense ads in Sidebar

sidebar ads
How to Implement: In this case you can put AdSense code in very easy way. Go to you Layout the click on Add a Gadget link.After add a Gadget link add an HTML/JavaScript widget with your ad code inside it.You can add directly in your AdSense widget.
Format: Recommended format 125×120, 120×600, 160×600, 300×600

How to Put AdSense ads between post

ad between post
How to implement: You can add AdSense ads between your blog post. In this case go to your Layout option and then Click Edit from below the blog post section.After Click on Edit, you have to check mark “Show Ads Between Posts option”
Format: Here you can change your ad unit format such as such as 468×60, 300×250, 336x 280 and color from given drop down list.

Put AdSense ads under the header

ad under header
How to Implement:You can put your AdSense code under header by following method. At firs you have to convert your AdSense ad code.<Convert Adsense Code>
Go to your blogger Dashboard and click on Template. Here you need to click on Edit Html button.In this section type Ctrl+F key for finding the following code inside it.

Next paste the converted code right after above mention code. <Convert Adsense Code>
Format: Recommended format 728×90 and 728×15

Put AdSense ads above the blog post

ad above blog post
How to Implement:After converted the AdSense ad code find <div id=’main-wrapper’> Now <Convert Adsense Code>
Next, Paste the converted code right after above mention code.
Format: 460×68, 468×15, 336×280

Ads below post title in blogger which will be visible in all pages and Post

ad under post title
How to Implement:After converted AdSense code <Convert Adsense Code> go to your Dashboard and then go to Edit html.

Find the following code by using CTRL+F key

Now put your converted code right after it.
Format: 468×68, 468×15

Ads below post title in blogger which will be visible only post page

How to Implement: <Convert Adsense Code> After converted ad code go to Template>Search the following code in HTML code

Past here converted ad code.Example:

Format: 468×68 and 468×15

How to Puts Adsense Ads in the Blogger Post footer

ad on post footer

How to Implement:After converted AdSense ad code Go to Template> Edit html> Search the following code using Ctrl+f

Now paste your converted ad code right after it.

Format: 468×68, 468×15

Put Adsense ads in blogger posts body which will be visible on all pages

ad on post body

How to Implement:
Converted your AdSense Ads code and then Search the following code

Paste the converted code by following process

Format: 125×125, 180×150, 120×240, 200×200

Put Adsense in blogger post body which will be visible on post page Only

How to Implement:Convert Ads code and then go to Edit HTML option and search the following code

Paste your Ads code such as follows

Format: 125×125, 180×150, 120×240, 200×200

How to put Adsense ads Between post and comment in Blogger

ad between post and comment

How to Implement:Convert your Ads code and the search the following code

Paste the converted ads code just above it

Format: 468×60, 300×250, 336×280

Place Adsense Ads in Blogger footer

ad in blog footer

How to Implement:Convert ad code and search the following code

Paste the converted code right after it
Format: 728×90 and 728×15

Some Important Question about AdSense Ads

How to find Your code?
When you will search your code always avoid spaces before/after it.These codes by default found in html code.

Why it is used after converted?
As the Blogger template read it only as text not as code, so you need to convert it before using it.

May 30, 2014

How to Add CSS code To Blogger through Template Designer

What is CSS in Blogger site: CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. You can easily customize your BlogSpot site using this css code.We can add css code to blogger in simple way. I think this tutorial help you to add css code to your blogger site.
Sometimes many blogger use custome css code for their BlogSpot site. They use this code for customize their site and for install new feature.When they use code it is difficult to locate ]]></b:skin> tag to them. So in this tutorial I have discussed two way to add css code for blogger site.
You can add css code for your blogger in two way. Either you can add css code by Edit html option or you can add css  code by customize. In case for customize, click on customize option from your dashboard template. In this section you will find different option for customize your blogger site.You can choose any field from menu list. In this tutorial I have discussed it with screen shot which may be helpful for you.

Add css through Blogger Template Designer

Step: 1To customize your blogger site through css code, log in your blogger account from www.blogger.com and then choose the post which you want to customize.
template for css code
Step: 2 Next select the Customize button from Template of your dashboard.
customize css code
Step: 3 : Now click on Advanced tab button
Step: 4 : Here you need to click on ‘Add CSS’ tab and add css code in the right side field. Here you can add different css code to customize your blog site or design your template. You can choose more option by scroll down your menu list.
add css
Step: 5 : After add your css code, click on Apply to blog button to save your css code.
You can not  edit your css style which already exist in your template.For edit and modification css style you have to go html of your template. Here you can add new css style and edit the existing css style which added through template designer panel.
You have not required to add such HTML code <style type=”text/css”></style> , you can paste the CSS styles directly. If you Add those html code it may result in error.

Add css through Edit HTML

You can add CSS styles through Edit HTMLbut working with Html Editor you have to acquired some knowledge with HTML and CSS. Here you will find lot of markup codes.So before your add or change any code you have to back up your code.You can go your Html Editor by following process

  • At first log in your Blogger dashboard from blogger.com
  • Next click on Template from blogger dashboard

edit your html code

  • After Click on Template, Select on Edit Html button to open template code editor
  • Now you need to search the specific code(using CTRL+F key) where you want add your css code.

add css code
If you want to know more information about using of Edit HTML code template then see how to add Google custom search. Here you will find how to change or edit your code through html.

May 27, 2014

How to Sent Blank Message on Facebook: Set Notification on facebook

It is very interesting matter to sent blank comment or sent blank message on Facebook.Now Facebook is very popular social media site. We can easily create Facebook account for different purpose such as making new friends, Making new page, Like new page,Post any picture or comment, Share any post or image, Find new friends, Celebrate friends birthday, Create business page, Increase Facebook Fan page like,etc. So now Facebook has a great social value.

sent blank message on Facebook

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How to Sent Blank Message on Facebook:

When we chat with our friends, we can surprise our friend by sending blank message or comment from Facebook chart box. I also do this to surprise our friends.You will get some suggestion by this tutorial for sent Blank message on Facebook friends.Here is some step by which you can sent blank message on Facebook.

Step to send blank message to your friend

Step: 1
At first you have to go your Facebook chart option.

Step: 2
Click on Facebook chart box and hold Alt Key then type 0173. I mean you need to type together with Alt+0173

how to sent blank message on facebook

Step: 3 
After put above mention code you will find no message will be appear on your chart box.It will show you only profile picture.

How to Set Notification on Facebook

Facebook notification settings

If  we want to change or edit notification then we need to set notification on Facebook. How is it possible ? It is very simple to edit or set notification

Step: 1
At first you have to go Settings option from on top right side corner

Step: 2
After click on settings option , you will find Notification option from left side bar

Step: 3
Here you can change or edit your notification.In email settings you will find different option such as

  • All notification except the ones you unsubscribe
  • Important notification about you or activity you have missed
  • Only notification about your account security and privacy

From the above mention option you can choose any one option for notification through email.

Note: We can set sound alert when any new notification will be received us. I mean when any new notification comes in your fan or friends profile, it will give notification sound to your PC or mobile. For this purpose you have to select play a sound option.

<Click for more details how to set notification on Facebook>

notification settings with sound

May 24, 2014

How to make border Around Blogger Post: Use Border Around Blogger Content

Make border around blogger post: Using border around your blogger content or post is a very good idea. When post will be designed with colorful and designed border then visitors will be interested to view your site and they stay more time for your post.When they will spent more time, your bounce rate automatically will be reduced <How to reduced bounce rate for your blog>

Here I mention how to make border around blogger post.For making border around blogger content or post you need to follow some steps which I have mentioned below. You can make different color border with different design. Moreover you can change your width and distance of your content from post border.

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How to make border Around Blogger Post

How to Make Border 

Step 1:
To make a border to your blog post at first you have to sign in to your account.

Step 2:
Then click the blog post which you want to make border or click the “Create New Post” button.

Step 3:
Here you will find HTML button on the top of the left side corner. Click on this button for edit.

Step 4:
You have to enter the following code as opening tag for post which you want to make border around the post.

<div style="border: 1px solid yellow; padding: 10px;">

Step 5:
You can put different number after border for change your border width. If you want to put 5px, then your code would be such as follows

<div style="border: 5px solid yellow; padding: 10px;">

Step 6:
If you want to change border design around your post then, you may change ‘solid’ value with dotted, dashed, ridge,double,groove, inset or outset as you like for it.

Step 7:
If you change your border color then your have to mention the specific color such as black, red, green, blue in place of yellow. Moreover you can use color code instead of mention color such as #C92020.

Step 8:
You can change the distance of post content from border line. For this purpose you have to change the number after padding.If you want to distance 20px and black color double border then your code would be as follows:

<div style="border: 5px double black; padding: 20px;">
Use Border Around Blogger Content

Step 9:
If you want to border around any content then paste the above mention code before content and finally close your code with </div> tag. Suppose you want to yellow color groove border with 5px width, padding 20px and your content is blogfin.com then your code would be as follows:

<div style="border: 5px groove yellow; padding: 20px;"> </div>

Use Border Around Blogger Content

Step 10:
Click your “Compose” button at the top of the page to see your post borders.

Step 11:
When your edit will be complete you can see it before publish.To see it click on preview button.If you think something would be changed again then go to your html code.

Step 12:

When your border will be complete with sweetable design, you can publish your post.

Important Information: In case for separate two different border use tag between two post.

How to Highlight your Text in Blogspot

Highlight any text in your post is a good idea.You can highlight your text in blogspot besides Use Border Around Blogger Content.You can use following code for highlited any text for blogger post.

<div style="background-color: #cccd94; border: 1px solid black; font-family: sans-serif; font-weight: bold; padding: 10px; text-align: center; text-transform: capitalize; width: 300px;">

<i>How to Highlight your Text in Blogspot,

<span style="color: black; font-weight: bolder;">www.blogfin.com </span></i></div>

How to Highlight your Text in Blogsopt, www.blogfin.com

WordPress Image border plugin In case for WordPress image border, you can download WordPress image border plugin. <Download WordPress image border plugin>

May 23, 2014

How to add Google Custom serarch:Gadget Beside Blogger Header

How to add Google custom search: Before add Google Custom search or any others Gadget beside your Blogger header we need to backup or restore our template code so that if you do any error or put any wrong code, you can easily restore our original template for blog.If You want to Backup or Restore your Blogger template code then go to your template option and then click on Backup/Restore button from right side corner and download your template xml file.

It is very interesting topic and by this topic you will able to know how you add Google custom Search, adsense code, Banner or Gadget beside Blogger header.This tutorial will help you to add Google Custom search beside blogger header.So lets go. We discuss the above mention topics below.

add Google Custom search

How to add Google custom Search Box beside header

In before I mention that how to backup and restore your template code before editing it. Here I have put a screenshot which help you to backup your template code.
backup your template code

Step to add Google custom search

Step 1:
At first Go to your Blogger Dashboard or Admin panel

Step 2:
Then click on Template option

edit html for blogger

Step 3:
Then click on edit html option for edit template code. After click on edit html option you will find the following code.You may search the code after click to format template option.If not find search this code only <b:section class=’header’ id=’header’ maxwidgets=’1’showaddelement=’no’> and you will find the below code.

<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1'showaddelement='no'>
<b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='YOUR OWN HEADER
TITLE/IMAGE' type='Header'/>

Step 4:
Add the following code after the above mention code

<b:section id='header-right' showaddelement='yes'/>
<div style='clear: both;'/>

Step 5: 
After add the code Your final code will be looks like below code

 <pre class="prettyprint" ><b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1'
showaddelement='no'> <b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='YOUR OWN HEADER TITLE/IMAGE' type='Header'/>
<b:section id='header-right' showaddelement='yes'/>
<div style='clear: both;'/>

Step 6: 
Now you have to add CSS. To add CSS you need to copy the following code and paste it above “]]></b:skin>”.Search in search section for this “code ]]></b:skin>” and place below code

#header, body#layout #header {width:50%;display:inline-block;float:left;}
#header-right, body#layout #header-right {width:35%;display:inline-block;float:right;padding:15px;}
#header-right .widget {margin:0;}

add CSS for google custom search

Step 7:
Finally Save your Template


How to add Gadget Beside Blogger Header

Gadget Beside Blogger Header:  If you add gadget beside blogger header you have to follow some step which are mention below.

Step 1: 
At first you have to go your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: 
Next Click Layout section

How to add Gadget

Step 3:
Click on add a Gadget button and you have to paste here your widget Codes.

Gadget Beside Blogger Header

Note: Now you can Drag or place your new gadget below your blog header-title so that it appear beside the image header by the time you save it.

Step 4: 
At last and final step, save the arrangement button and you will find that code beside blogger header.Many blogger put Adsense ads beside blogger header or put code for Google custom search.

May 22, 2014

How to Increase Your Facebook fanpage like

What is Facebook fanpage? Everyone want to increase Facebook fan page like. Facebook pages is a very popular way to increase like on your site or blog. It may be related with your online website,  any superstar, and brand or for fun. If you want to discuss about the blog then you  require a Facebook fan page. So if you do not create your Facebook fanpage then you need to create it now.This will bring you lot of traffic and also a way to introduce with lot of people for your site.

Now a days, Facebook is the best online social networking website for getting traffic to your website. When you create a Facebook fan page, It will help you to increase traffic excessively.There is some large number of pages on Facebook with thousands or more then that likes and a lot of people are less than 100  likes. However, More likes brings more traffic to your site. A Facebook page always acts as your website’s to identity with lot of visitor. which helps you to communicate with your followers.

facebook fanpage

How to Increase your Facebook Fanpage like ?

facebook fanpage like

Update your page information:

I think it is a very simple process to create a Facebook page.After creating a facebook page you need to update its basic information.The basic information means Profile picture, Description, Cover picture and others details. When any facebook viewer will like your page they will get your details information which you have been created in your page profile. The profile picture and cover picture should be related to your facebook fan page.You can use either logo as cover picture/profile picture or something others.

Avoid Spam:

After create a facebook fanpage you need to avoid spamming on your fanpage, so that readers get real information from your pages.Useful and proper link always helpful. If you use useful link, proper description and proper image in pages, you will get more viewer as well as like.So it is a better idea to provide information without spam.

Share page in Many Groups:

Another better process to increase Facebook fanpage like is share your page in many groups. If you share your fanpage in many groups it will increase your like. It always helpful for new or old blogger to get more like. So you should share your page in many groups.

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Share page on Other reputed pages:

It is the another process to increase your page like. In this strategy you have to contact the administrators of reputed  page and ask them to share your fan page. For this you have to build good relationship first among the bloggers. By this good relationship you will able to share page on the wall of others page and your page like will be increased automatically.

Put Excellent image:

You can get more traffic by putting good looking image instead of putting direct link into your page.By this process When any viewer will like your image that automatically sent to others friends of that user via news feed.So if you  use good looking image you can get more like for your page.

Invite your Friends:

You can gain more like of your fanpage through invite your friends.At first you have to create a Facebook fan page. After creating this page you can invite your friends to get some likes for free.This work can be done by page settings.Moreover you can ask also your friends to hit your like button. By this process you will be able to gain some like instantly.

Use Popup Box:

Popup box is an another method to increase Facebook like. After create a blog or website if you put popup box for your site then it will be helpful for your fan page. When people will enter your site they could know by popup box that you have a Facebook page.This process will help to get more like directly. So you need to use popup box and this will help to get better improvement your blog as well as your Facebook page.

How to delete Message/Conversation from Facebook Inbox

Update page:

It is very important thing that update your page regularly.If you do not update your page regularly then your fan will loss the interest from your page and they will dislike your page.If you update your page with new and useful content regularly, then your visitors will be interested by your page and they will get more up gradation from your page and automatically your like will be increased by them.

Advertised in Facebook campaign

Another grate way to bring Facebook like instantly to your fanpage is to advertise in Facebook.You can easily advertise by creating a Facebook campaign to get like.Its may ask you your credit card information and deduct balance every day when your daily budget reach on your campaign.

See also 

May 21, 2014

Top Image Optimization Tips and Techniques for SEO

When we create any website, One thing we should know about the optimization of our blog or websites images. If our site not optimize properly by Google Search Engine then it will not grab traffic. So for better optimization or rank in Google search engine Optimization images, we need to optimize our blog as well as its images.If your image optimize properly then you will get more traffic by using image search.We know 90% of blogger use either blogger platform or WordPress and they must need to optimize their images for better performance of their website.

We know that many blogger gets traffic for there images form Google Image Search. When we use images, sometimes we cannot utilize it properly and we loss traffic for less image optimization. Even it effect on our website Bounce rate.<Read more how to Reduce Website Bounce Rate>

I think if you optimize your image properly then you will get good rank by Google Search Engine and your traffic also will be high then before.Here I mention some useful tips which will help you to increase your image optimization properly and your SEO will be better than previous.

image optimization

Some tips for image Optimization

Here are some tips for fast image optimization for your website. When Some blogger upload any images in their blog or post, they forget to format image properly. Most of the time they doesn’t compress there images for their post. We know that if we not compress our images then it takes lot of space and images would not be optimized properly.It will take more time to download image when any visitor visit your site and as a result, your site page speed optimization also very low then before which is very impotent factor for SEO. I have discussed below, how to increase and optimized image for your post.

Use Best Format for Optimize image

When we save any image to insert in blog post, We see different types of image format like JPG, GIF, PNG and many others.But after create blog every blogger should use better image format.I think the best image format is JPG. Because if you use this image format then it takes less size memory than others file format and Even it will help you to reduce website loading time.

Use WP Smush.it Plugin for WordPress

If your site made you blog with WordPress, Before uploading your image into you blog or website, One things you should mind that Compressed image will help you to loading your website fast and if you not compress it properly then it takes more time to loading. You can use WP Smush.it plugin for compress your images. This plugin compresses any image and then reduce their size.If you install This plugin for WordPress site then you will get best optimized feature from this plugin.

After download and install this plugin it automatically reduced your file size .when you upload any image into your blog this plugin will reduce image size without any lose of image quality.

Some features of WP Smush.it plugin

  • It optimize JPEG file format
  • This plugin convert GIF file format to PNG file format
  • This plugin remove useless data from images.

<Read more How to Compress images by WP smush.it plugin>

<How to use WordPress SEO friendly images plugin>

Use keyword rich image name

If we download images from Google image or any others sources then we download it very easy method.But it should not download to your blog site directly.It requires something change before downloading image to your site. By default image format are looks like image234.jpg. You need to rename it with your post keyword name. Example: you can change image234.jpg into image-optimizations.Thus if you use keyword rich image name then it will come first in image search and your site optimized in search Engine.

Use Alt Text

In case of image optimization Alt text is too much important factor for your site or blog. By using alt tag search engine will get real concept about image.If you use alt tag in your image then Search Engine crawl your image quickly and your SEO rank will be better. So, we should use alt tag into our images before publish a post.You can know more information about how to add ALT tag  for image optimization.

Use Hyphen in Image name

One thing you should keep in mind when you rename your keyword rich image name, you need to separate your name by using hyphen. Do not separate your keyword rich image name with blank space or underscore. If you separate your image name by using blank space or underscore then Google Search engine does not crawl your image properly and your site rank also be down.

Re-size and crop your Image

Faststone tool

Best Image Optimization Tools: Before uploading image it is important to re-size and crop your image.You can use Photoshop to compress and re-size your image. Moreover You can use photo re-size tool to re-size your image.I think Faststone tool is a Best Image Optimization Tool. There are many features you will get in Faststone photo Re-sizer tool.<Download Faststone for image optimization>

Best Image Optimization Tools

Moreover you can use another image optimization tool that is MS paint by which you can re-size your image

Some features of this tool

  • This tool support different types of images like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.
  • This tool can change color of the image.
  • It can re-size the images.
  • It can crop your images.
May 18, 2014

Where You should use keyword: The best Keyword for Blog

What is keyword density ratio? Keyword or keyword phrase is the most important factor for any blog or site.When you will create a website and want to better page optimization you should use keyword or keyword density ratio for SEO because the best keyword for blog will help you to increase page rank.
You have to use this keyword or Keyword Density Ratio with special Technic. When our keyword density will be  2% to 3% then it will be good for SEO. Suppose you used in your blog post near about 600 word and your total keyword in respect for this content is 18 times then it would be equal to 3%. This keyword density ratio will help us for Search Engine optimization as well as your page rank.

But using of more keyword not good for blog or site. When we will use more keyword in our blog then it will be treated as spam by Google. I mean if you use keyword 60 times out of 600 word then your keyword density ratio will be 10% which will affect on your site. Over density will  down your page and you will not get Google rank properly.So when you will use any keyword or keyword phrase, always try to  maintain proper keyword , Keyword density and proper place of keyword for better keyword optimization.

keyword density ratio

What is the best Keyword for Blog?

The best keyword for blog: If you want to search the best keyword for blog then you can get it from Google Suggest for the best keyword for blog .If you search something related to your topic then it will show you some suggestions and you need to follow this suggestions. if you follow this suggestion then it will help you to grab more traffic and page views. Now Google suggest inbuilt with Google Search engine.

Where You should use keyword

If you create blog in WordPress then you can use plugins for blog post to add keyword or keyword phrases. Otherwise we can use it manually. This tutorial will help you for where you should use  keyword for optimization.

Use blog keyword in Page title

Page title appears at the top of  our blog. We should mention our keyword at least one in our page title. If you can place proper keyword in  your page title then visitors attracted by it. When any visitors search any topic using any keyword which you have been mentioned into your page title then it will be effective to your keyword optimization and your page title will be appear in search rank with keyword.

Use blog keyword in Permalink

Permalink is the important part of your blog or site.You must be mentioned your  keyword in URL. When you will use keyword or keyword phrase, you should separate it by hyphen not separate it by using underscore.

Google Search Engine crawl your keyword from Permalink structure so you need to use keyword or keyword phrase into your permalink structure.

Always try to target useful keyword in your permalink structure and should avoid the keyword which is not so important.<The Best WordPress Permalink structure Guide>

Use blog keyword in Headline

Our Headline is another important for using keyword. You need to use  proper keyword in all heading such as headline1, headline2, headline3. By using this keyword in your heading tag you will be  able to discuss about the topic to your headline.

Visitors will get the information by this headline tag. So you need to use blog keyword in all the H1, H2 and H3 tag so that article reader interested by it and Google Search engine get proper information by it.

Use blog keyword in Body content

It is important point to use blog keyword into your body content. We can use our keyword in the first paragraph of  the article and last paragraph of the article for better SEO rank. When you will use keyword into your article always maintain its keyword density.

keyword density ratio

In previous I mention the proper  keyword density ratio for your article. If  we use over keyword density ratio, Hidden keyword, Irrelevant keyword then our website might be banned.

Use keyword in images and image alt attributes

Where You should use keyword in case of image ? You should use blog keyword at least on time to in image and image alt attributes. If you use this keyword properly then it will be better not only page optimization but also your image optimization. When visitors search any image they can go to inside your blog through images. So always use keyword in your image and images alt tag option.

the best keyword for blog

Use keyword in External link

I think use of keyword in external link is a good idea. Try to use your keyword at least one time in your External link. If we use keyword in outbound link then it will help us to your optimization page quickly and it will be the best keyword for blog.

<Read more what is External or Outbound link>

Use keyword in Meta description/Tags

Meta description is an important part of any blog site.When visitors search somethings and the searching keyword match with visitors keyword then it appear in search result.It will show the visitors in snippet of  search result.

By using keyword in meta description we can get more befits for Search Engine optimization. You can also use the best keyword in your meta tags for better optimization of your site.<Add meta tag plugin for best page optimization>

Note: We have to use keyword in proper way so that it looks natural for blog reader and Search engine. So always use the best keyword for your blog or website.