Jul 16, 2014

Latest Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

What is Google Chrome Browser: Google Chrome Browser is an open source programme and it has launched in 2008 with different updated features. Google Chrome Browser is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating system.

Google Chrome is most useful Web browser.There are many features in Google Chrome.But some times we properly can not utilize it. If we use it properly then it will work faster with better performance.Google Chrome has huge number of keyboard short cut to do your work quickly. So if you already not install this browser then install it to get its benefits. In this Article Some interesting tips about Google Chrome features we have share.

Some Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

Any Web Page save as PDF File

You can save any web page as PDF file by this Google Chrome Browser. To save any file as pdf, just open any web page then Press Ctrl+P button on Windows and select save as PDF at the time of printing from the printers list and download the page as a PDF file.(In this case no extensions will be required)

Compose Your Email from Address Bar

You can compose your email from address bar just go to the address bar of chrome browser and type the following command

mailto:[email protected] This Command will open the Gmail compose window and next it auto-fill the address in the To field.

Chrome Browser Reveal Your all Hidden Passwords

When we put any password Google Chrome can remember and auto-fill password but this password hidden with asterisks. You can reveal your hidden password using developer tools. It can change your imputing asterisk password as a text. Otherwise you can reveal your saved password using chrome://settings/passwords.

Select All history to Delete it Quickly

We can not delete all the web history in Google Chromes because here (in Chromes) does not have “Select All” button. If we want to delete more than one page at a time then We have to select each chekboxes.

Some Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

In this case we can select more page at a time using some tricks. At first click on 1st Check box, then hold shift key, after that select last check box.

Use Google Chrome as Text Editor

You can use Chrome as text editor.It works like notepad to your browser. To use Google chrome as text editor just open a new tab and the following link into your address bar.
data:text/html,<html contenteditable>
Next you can start your typing anywhere into your tab.

Set more than one bookmarks in toolbar

To set more than one bookmarks in toolbar of Google Chrome, just right click on any bookmark and select Edit option, then delete everything in the name filed. After save it Google Chrome will show only the sites fivicon to your toolbar. Thus you can set more tnan one bookmarks in same space.

Google Chrome as Media Player

Using Google Chrome browser you can view video, image, even PDF file from your desktop to Chrome video. To open any  video need not require any viewer application, just drag your image, text file, audio and video from desktop into chrome video.

Install Alternative version of Flash Player in Google Chrome

  • Download and install the appropriate system plug-in. 
  • Next type “about:plugins” (without quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of a Chrome browser window.
  • Click “Details” at the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing for the integrated plug-in on the page and click the corresponding “Disable” button. To identify the integrated plug-in, see the table of plug-in file names above.
  • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing for the system plug-in on the page and click the corresponding“Enable” button. To identify the system plug-in, see the table of plug-in file names above.
  • Close all Chrome windows and restart the browser.
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Jul 1, 2014

How to Share Blogger Posts/Pages to Google Plus

What is Google Plus: Google plus is another social media website as Facebook.It has major
importance all over world. A large number of people are engaged with this social networking sites.
They share their post, page, photo, videos and any more by Google plus. So every new or old blogger should share their blogger post/pages to Google plus for reach it large number of people globally.

Google plus launch in 2011 after that this social networking site improve gradually and its
popularity also be increasing.In this article I have discuss about to share post/page to Google
plus for more traffic of your blogger page post and page and it will also helpful to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Share Blogger Posts/Pages to Google Plus

If you share your blogger posts/page to Google plus then large number of people will be able to
view and find your blog and post. So you can connect your blog to Google plus tab if you have not
already connect your site with Google Plus profile.

How to Connect your Blogger to Google Plus Profile

At first access your blogger dashboard and then click on Google plus Tab option to connect your blogger to Google plus profile. After select Google plus option click on Get Started option.

When you upgraded your blog to connect with Google plus the posts or pages published on your blog will be listed on your Personal Google Plus profile.

Associate blog with Google Plus Page

You can associate a blog with the Google Plus page for your business, brand or any organisation rather than your personal profile. In this case access dashboard from your blogger and see the Google plus option and there you can swap Google Plus connection using your profile page to a Google plus page linked with your account.Here you will find some option which are mention below.
Automatically share after posting
Promote to share after posting
Use Google Plus comments on this blog

Share Post/Pages to Google Plus

If you checked Promote to share after posting option and publish blog post then you will see a share box inviting you to share your post with Google plus followers.

After click on share button this post will appear on your profile or page which you have connected 
your blog. But if you publish your post later you will don’t be asked to publish your Google plus stream. In this case you can share your post/page by click on share link under post or page.
Jul 1, 2014

How to Improve Facebook Page SEO

How to Improve Facebook Page SEO: Improve Facebook Page SEO is good for every Face book user who are engage with Facebook page. You can improve Facebook Search engine optimization by using Facebook page.If you want to get high traffic without no more query of search engine than you can share your blog article on social networking site.Because social networking site is a great way to increase more traffic.

 Here I have mention some process such as keyword rich URL, About section, optimize photo and info page to improve Facebook page SEO. In previous article I have mention how to Increase Facebook Fan page like

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More Comment, Like, Share will help Facebook Page SEO

If you create a Facebook fan page or business page then the most essential things to reach your page post to more people. Some times we see that our page post reach very few people though are page like very high. I mean suppose our page like 100k but our page post reach only 1 k people then our page SEO will be down as well as our like growth will be fall.

The main cause is for your post low comment, low like and low share. If your page post get comment, like and share, then growth is high and your page post will reach more people and your Facebook like as well as page engagement will be increase.

Share your Page on Page Group

When you share your Facebook page in Facebook page group then it will reach more people and you will gain like as well as your search engine optimization (SEO) for facebook is also good.

Select Keyword-rich name 

Select always keyword rich name I mean you have to use the name of your business page with a keyword which will be the keyword your customers and potential fans will most often use when they’re trying to find you.

Properly Fill About Section:

The About box is one of the few places on your page that is accessible to the search engines optimization (SEO). This little box located on the upper left hand side of the page gives you many characters to tell people what you’re about, using the terms most important to you. Will it give you a huge boost? No. But every little bit helps so take the opportunity for every SEO bump you can get.

Info Section

The Info Section is another opportunity for you to include keyword-rich information about your business. If you complete this sections in proper way then and complete your profile, the more likely Facebook will be able to show your page for related searches. Facebook also allows small business owners to include links to relevant pages/profiles, so make sure you’re using this area to drive traffic to other areas.

Optimize your photo

In case for add any photo to your Facebook page, always add a caption with description for phot that also in relevant keyword. Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website. This builds links moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer as well as search rank.

Facebook Like Box

Facebook like box is an another feature to increase your page like and your page SEO. Some times we see a new business page with like box in our news feed section which any our friends already have been liked. So if I click on like box that page then one like more add that pages. Thus Face

Optimize Your text links

To put a  text link as another way to get more fans and links, which you can include anywhere you wish – such as:

your email signature
your email marketing newsletters
as a text link anywhere on your website
Your blog article

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Jun 18, 2014

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

We can share photo and videos to specific Facebook friends.When we create a Facebook account, we make friend list and maintain different relationship in different way. Our Facebook friends list are created by not only friends but also our family member, colleagues, college friends, junior member and senior member also. So we do not want to share any personal photo and video to every one to our friend list.

In this case we can share photo,video and any others images to specific Facebook Friends. What a interesting matter that we can send anything only my favorite Friends. I have share many time from my Facebook profile. In this tutorial I have mentioned some tips and tricks to share photo and video to specific Facebook Friends and if you want to share your special post to your special friends then don’t waste your time.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

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How to Share Photo and Video to Specific Facebook Friends

Here I have share some step with screenshot which will help you to share photo and videos to Specific Facebook friends.

Step: 1

  • First of all upload your photo, images, videos or any others from computer/others devices and then share it to your specific friends. Normally when we share any post it goes all of our friends or everyone. But we can share it specific friends.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

  • After uploading images or photo select on custom option
  • You can choose others option to share such as Public, Friends, Only me etc.

Step: 2

  • After click on custom button an another window will be open
  • Here you will find two option such as ‘share this with’ and ‘Don’t share this with’
  • Click on ‘share this with’ option and search  your friends whom you want to share your photo, videos and any others images.
  • At last click on save change option

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

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Step: 3

  • After save change click on post button for share it to your specific friends.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

Note: After complete your share this photo and others images, it will be visible only the specific friends. You can share any personal information by this process. So try this process and enjoy it. I am sure it will be very helpful to all Facebook users.

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Jun 18, 2014

Things that affect your fan page for Facebook Algorithm: How Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works

Every Facebook user want to know the things that affect your fan page for Facebook Algorithm. In this case you have to know about the Edge rank for Facebook algorithm. By this Edge rank you will get information how Facebook news feed algorithm actually works.

What is Edge and Edge rank Algorithm? An Edge rank is everything such as Comments, likes, share and updates of status, tags a photo, join a fan page which are happens in Facebook.I mean all the action which happens in Facebook is call Edge.The Edge rank depend on Affinity, Weight and Time decay.
Affinity means how a user connected to the Edge and it is relationship with you and user.
Weight means how much priority Facebook gives to your post. It gives more priority in photo or video based post than a link based post.Time decay means how long ago the edge was created.
affect your fan page for Facebook Algorithm

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Edge Rank depends on Some things

  • Past interaction of the user with author
  • Past interaction of the user on the post type
  • What is the reaction from others user to that particular post


How Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works

Photo and video based post:
If you want users to interact with your content, you’re going to have a better chance with photo and video-based posts. In fact, photo-based posts actually get more engagement than any other post type. Links can also work well, but plain text updates are your longest shot, so keep these to a minimum.
Focus on quality:
Facebook is a social medium where users interact with each other with strong connections. Brand Pages can use this to their advantage, if they do it well. When you Focus on high-quality content to your fans consistently, and you’ll be more likely to receive engagement that will push your posts into the News Feed on a regular basis.
Regular basis post:
Post content Regular basis.so posting new content on a regular basis is a good way to ensure your new posts replace the older ones as they fall the News Feed. Irregular basis post can affect on your Edge rank.
Post when your Fans are online:
When is the best time to post on Facebook? When most of your fans are actually using Facebook. In general, Facebook shows the most recent content at the top of the news feed. If you post an update at 10am, but your fans are using Facebook at 2pm then, you can be sure they aren’t seeing your updates.You can find out when your fans are online by going to your Facebook Insights and clicking Posts.
Follow your Post Frequency:
After looking at your Post Insights, you probably noticed there’s never a period when none of your fans are using Facebook. So in this case you should post at least once per day  for their interaction and it is very effective for your page. 
Reply any comments of your Post:
Your Facebook page has an optional comments feature. This  means that when a fan leaves a comment on your post, you can reply to that comment.When you will be responded, that fan receives a notification, which is incentive to revisit your page to read your response. Increasing the frequency of visits to your page is a process for developing a Facebook page community.
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Jun 18, 2014

What is Webhosting:How Does webhosting Service Works:Best WordPress Hosting Provider

If we create a website for online business purpose or you create a blog with your hobby, than we need a platform such WordPress or blogger.In case for WordPress site we need a hosting server for web hosting service. Many webhosting company are available in market and they offer many service for their clients.The web page developer will upload her website design according to web hosting companies guideline. So we need to choose the proper web hosting service for best performance.

<How to select domain name>

what is webhosting service

<How to install WordPress in c Panel or z Panel>

What is Web hosting Service

Web Hosting means a services which provide space for blogger to store the content of their website and another information such as photo,images, video, or other content accessible through the Web and it stored on a computer server located in a secure and climate controlled environment that is permanently connected through the high speed internet.This server storage is called as Web Hosting.

<Resent WordPress settings after install WordPress>

What is Self hosting service

We can host our website into own hosting server, even in our own computer also but, in this case many problem would be faced. If we use self hosted server for our website, then hosting charge will  be free but we will be provided good quality internet service, huge space capacity and 24 hours service with website loading speed. So it is little tough for hosing our website into self hosting server and you may face too much technical problem if you are not a guru of hosting.Rather then use own self server its batter to use others service to host your site in perfect running and 24 hours online.

How does Webhosting Service work

Many webhosting service works in different ways and we know they also offer price or charge in different way.When we add website in any hosting service, we specify either a domain name or a subdomain name that should be associated with our website IP address. This relationship is then stored on the hosting provider’s name servers and here have to mention ns1.hostingprovidername.com and ns2.hostingprovidername.com.

In case for Web site hosting services, there are different types of hosting available:
1) Some web hosting service have a huge number of Web sites and they stored it on the same server which is called Shared Server
2) We see another Web hosting service where a total server is reserved for a single Web site and
3) Virtual Private Server hosting, a hybrid of the first two options in which a Web site is hosted on its own virtual server so that it won’t be affected by the Web sites of other customers.

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What is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting service

VPS means Virtual Private Server.where, you can host your website online with more secure and speed. Though it is expensive and difficult to setup but it will secure your site more than others hosting server.Even there are no other websites on your server that potentially have access to your files.

These programs allow you to run several virtualized operating systems on one machine. For example, your desktop may be running Windows 7, but you can also run other operating systems such as Windows XP or Linux without needing to restart your computer.

webhosting service

Name of Some Webhosting Service

In market we can see different types of webhosting service. we have mentioned Some webhosting service which are good for hosting your own service but I think Bluehost is the best service from all side. It provides Good customer support, high speed service with best performance. Even WordPress runs  very first in this web hosting service. Another good hosting service are available here.I mentioned all websites below with rank basis


Jun 7, 2014

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently: Deactivate Facebook Account

We all know to create a Facebook account very easily but we do not know to delete Facebook account permanently.Sometimes we need to delete or deactivate our Facebook account permanently. So In this tutorial I have mentioned some guide to deactivate and delete Facebook account permanently.

When deleting process will be completed you have to provide two week grace period for cancel termination. If you log in your account in this time then it would activate again. For Delete you Facebook account you need to avoid log in your Facebook account.

At first you need to know the difference between Deactivate and Delete your Facebook account .If you deactivate your account then Facebook suspends your account but retains all of your data in case you want to restore it at a later date. When you delete your account, your data is permanently deleted from Facebook and cannot be restored. So before delete your account, ensure that you have copied the all data, photos, video, contact lists from your profile.

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delete facebook account permanently

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How to Deactivate Facebook Account


Log in your Facebook account www.facebook.com
Go to account settings > Security settings

Step: 2

After select on Security settings click ‘Deactivate your account’ from bottom portion
Here different option are available which are mention below

deactivate faceboook account

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  • I don’t find Facebook useful.
  • I have another Facebook account.
  • My account was hacked.
  • I spend too much time using Facebook.
  • I don’t feel safe on Facebook.
  • I don’t understand how to use Facebook.
  • I have a privacy concern.
  • This is temporary. I’ll be back.
  • I get too many emails, invitations, and requests from Facebook.
  • Other

From this option you can select option for deactivate your Facebook account

Step: 3

After select option a password confirmation window will be appear

Click on Confirm button

deactivate faceboook account

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Step: 1

Go to your address bar and then type the following URL
After put the URL a window will be appear and you might be asked for ‘Delete My Account’

How to Delete Facebook Account

Step: 2

Here another window for Permanently Delete Account will be open

Put your Facebook password for Security check

Next enter the captcha which would be appear on the screen. If you do not understand the captcha, you can change the captcha just clicking on under mention link.

At last click on Okay button

How to Delete Facebook Account

Step: 3

In this step ‘Permanently Delete Account’  window will be appear again

Click on Okay button

How to Delete Facebook Account

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Note: After complete of Deleting process, Facebook Will give you 14 days grace period to cancel the termination. In this period if you try to log in your Facebook account through website or any others connected app then it will cancel your account delectation automatically.

Jun 6, 2014

How to download YouTube videos for PC, Tab or any others devices

Today YouTube is a very popular site for searching videos all over the world. We can download YouTube videos for our Personal Computer (PC), laptop, tab or any others device. It is work as a search engine.Now we can search many types of videos such as different types of movies, Serial, mp3 or HD video songs, any type of news and politics, sports, cartoons, Magic, Comedy and Entertainment, Science and Technology, Animation, How to, Blogs, Style, Educational tutorial, making of food, wild animal and their activities, Important speech and so many others.

But we can’t download these types of videos directly from YouTube. Even we can’t find the location to download these videos. In this tutorial I have mentioned some process to download You Tube videos for your local computer or any others devices.

download YouTube videos

Different site for download YouTube videos

We can Search and download these types of videos from different website. Here you will find some name of website and how they work to download YouTube videos. After download and save it in devices, we can easily enjoy with many types of video in later. Some YouTube video down loader are mention below.

We can download YouTube videos from keepvid.com, Clipconverter website, Deturl website, Free make video down loader and Freemake video converter, Vidtommp3 website.

How to Download YouTube videos by keepvid

download youtube video by keepvid

You can download your YouTube videos by keepvid. Just log in keepvid.com. Next Go to youtube.com for search your preferable URL and then copy the URL. After copy the video url paste it to the keepvid down loader and download your video by clicking download button.

Download YouTube videos by ClipConverter

clip converter download YouTube video

Clipconver is an another YouTube video downloading website.To download video just copy the YouTube video URL and paste the URL in the box provided here.By this converter we can maintain the size, format and quality of the videos.

<Click for Clipconverter website to download youtube videos>

Deturl site for download YouTube videos

Deturl is an another online YouTube videos downloader but it works same as Clip converter. Before download any types of video just search the URL from YouTube and paste it into provided box of Deturl converter.

<Click here for Deturl converter>

Download YouTube videos converter

You can convert your YouTube video in different format such as MP3, WMA, FLV, MOV. It is free online YouTube video converter and downloader.

convert and download youtube video

If you download YouTube videos then just copy the URL of the video which you want to convert and download for your computer, phone or any others devices. After copy URL link paste it in the video converter and downloader

It works in every operating system and you will be able to convert your video in different format which I have mentioned before.

Jun 4, 2014

How to Protect Facebook Account or Facebook Password

We all want to protect Facebook account strongly. Today maximum people use Facebook account for different purpose. Some features of this purpose I have mentioned below. Some times we create our Facebook account or Facebook fan page very carelessly. I mean we do not put best Facebook Password for our accounts so in this case our account may be hacked by another person.

So every Facebook user should maintain the proper settings of Facebook account for secure privacy.We can set our Facebook security very easily and we can use best and powerful password to our Facebook account. If you think that your account security not properly set then you can edit or change your account settings.

Even if we think that our Facebook password not strongly protected then we can edit or change your Facebook password from account settings. In this tutorial I have discussed to set our Facebook account and best Facebook password for Protect Facebook account.

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protect facebook account

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How to Edit for Protect Facebook Account

When we create Facebook account, sometimes we ignore some settings to protect our Facebook account but we can set or edit it after create Facebook account. We can set our Privacy or Security settings as we like to set it from account settings. In this tutorial I have discussed Some tips to protect Facebook account or Facebook Password.

Log in Notification: We can check mark Email and Text message under Security Settings. If we check this mark then we will get a notification when our account would be accessed from another computer or mobile which we have not used before.

how to protect facebook account

Hidden Email address from Timeline: To hide email address for protect Facebook account, go to edit profile > Contact information > Edit and select hidden from timeline.

Add a Secondary Email: Facebook asks for a secondary email. It helps you if you lose access to your primary email, or if your primary email gets hacked. So only add  a secure email account with a unique password for protection your Account.

You can add your secondary email by going to Account Settings > search Email and edit or change

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What is the Best Facebook Password

Use combined password: Always use password with special character. In this case you can use character, numeric number and special character together.

Lengthy Password: Avoid short or only character base password. We should use lengthy password for strong protection our account.

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What should avoid for Protect Facebook Password

Avoid name or contact number: When we create our Facebook account or any others account we use our own contact number or name as password. I think these types of password should not use as a password because these types of password may be hacked by people. So always use combined password which I have mentioned before.

Avoid same Password: We should avoid to retain same password for long time. If we change our password Every month than it would be best for protection. We can change our password very easily, just go to your general settings option > edit password option.

how to protect facebook account

Here put your current password > then put new password > retype new password and save change.

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Some features for Facebook account

  • Share image, photo, video
  • You can chat with friends
  • Make yours followers
  • Use others timeline (how to stop people using Facebook timeline)
  • Create business page
  • Share comment
  • Join Groups
  • Promote your business page
Jun 2, 2014

How to Block People on Facebook: what happens after when we block people

How to Block People on Facebook: Many people face some problem from those people who send unwanted and unfair message or post. In this case we need to block those people. In this tutorial I have discussed some tips to block people on Facebook and what happens after when we block people or someone on Facebook.

We know that people use Mobile, Tab, PC for Facebook. A large number of people are engaged with Facebook and they all times busy to send post or share different types of picture. Today, we can chat and send sms to our friends every time through using Facebook account.

How to Block People on Facebook

In this tutorial I mention how to block people on Facebook. Here I have discussed about two process to block people on Facebook. So that we can very easily block any people. Everyone wants to good, real post or content from their Facebook friends circle but If they gets unfair message, image or any others comment from them then we wants to block those account. 

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how to block people on facebook

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Why do I block people on Facebook

Sometimes we face many problem from Facebook.We can block people for many reasons such when some people harass constantly and Send unwanted post. Even they send unwanted message or picture to our time lines. We also know that sometimes many people post unfair photo or image to our time line and this is very bad to our Facebook site and we loss our popularity to friends. You can block people to using Facebook timeline.

You can block any people from Facebook in following process

At first log in your Facebook account
Now go to the timeline which you want to block

how to block people on facebook

Now click on Message key from the right side drop down menu and select block button.
After click on Block button a Confirm Block window will be appear on your screen

how to block people on facebook

Now click on Confirm button.

Note: You can block someone in another process.

Log in your Facebook account from www.facebook.com
Click on top right side corner and click on settings option

how to block people on facebook

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Next Click on block option and after that select the specific name

how to block people on facebook

When you select a specific name a friends list will be appear and then select the name which you want to block and then click on block option.

Note: If we blocked any persons then they will not get any notification.

What happen after Block people on Facebook

Sometimes one things we want to know what happens after when we block people or someone on Facebook. When we block people on Facebook they becomes invisible to me and I become invisible to them. I mean after block people or any others person they would not search and find me.

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