Knowledge About Ovarian Cancer – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the ovaries. Ovarian cancer can Happen in some different areas of the ovary. This is the area of the female body that makes eggs. The Ovaries are small-sized organs positioned on each side of the uterus. It produces eggs and the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Early-stage ovarian cancer limiting to the ovary to be treated. Surgery and chemotherapy are generally applied to treat Ovarian cancer.

Symptoms of Ovarian cancer - 

Ovarian cancer is called to any cancerous developed that starts in the ovary. Maximum Ovarian cancers start in the outer lining of the ovary. At early-stage ovarian cancer occasionally create any symptoms.  In advanced-stage ovarian cancer may create some and nonspecific symptoms. Symptoms of ovarian cancer may include –
> Weight Loss
> Abdominal swelling
> Uneasy feeling in the pelvic area
> Constipation Problem
> A frequent urge to urinate
> Pain in the abdomen
> Abnormal vaginal Bleeding
> Fatigue
> Eating Problem

Types of Ovarian Cancer - 

Common Types of Ovarian cancer include –
> Epithelial cell Tumors
> Germ Cell Tumors
> Stromal Cell Tumors

Causes of Ovarian cancer - 

While a cause for Ovarian cancer is unknown. Maximum ovarian cancers start in the outer lining of the ovary. In general, cancer Starts when a cell increase mutations in its DNA. Scientists have identified a few factors that may increase the chance of growing this type of cancer. these include –
> Genetics – Specific Genetic mutations that are lead to these cancers. They can be transferred from parent to child.
> Reproductive History
> Past Medical Condition
> Older age
> Ethnicity
> Size of Body

Diagnosis of Ovarian cancer - 

If symptoms advise that a person may have ovarian cancer, a doctor will generally talk about their personal and family medical history.
Diagnosing ovarian cancer begins with a medical history and some physical tests.
The Doctor may also Recommend –
> Blood Tests also are applied to diagnose this situation.
> Pelvic exam
> Imaging Test – Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan
> Biopsy
> Surgery

Treatment of Ovarian cancer - 

Treatment depends on many factors, including – the type, stage, and the cancer age and overall health. Treatment includes –> Surgery – Surgery to eliminate Ovarian cancer. Surgery to remove Both Ovaries. Surgery to remove the Uterus. it Removes abdominal and pelvic nodes.
> Chemotherapy 
> Targeted Therapy
> Radiation Therapy
> Immunotherapy

Prevention of  Ovarian cancer - 

There is presently no process to Prevent Ovarian cancer, but doctors advise of factors that lower the chance of increasing Ovarian cancer. These include –
> Consume birth control pills
> Breastfeeding
> Giving birth
> Ligation and Hysterectomy should only be carried out for valid medical causes.

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