A new planet thrice the size of Jupiter discovered

Astronomers at California Planet Search found a new planet, which is thrice the size of Jupiter in the outer part of the universe.
It took twenty years of observations to determine the high eccentric of the planet.
The planet called HR 5138 is the first exoplanet to show such behavior.

What is the fact of the new planet thrice of Jupiter?

If we think we see that the outer reaches of the universe holds many mysteries. But the scientists from California Planet Search discovered an exotic planet, which has a ‘slingshot’ like.
Exoplanets are not known for planets that behave like ‘slingshot’ around their stars, but the earth called HR 5183 b, three times the size of Jupiter.
In fact, it paved the way for the discovery of other giant planets that behave similarly.

How much time it took to discover HR 5183 b?

It took 20 years of observations to figure out that the planet has a highly eccentric orbit.

What was published in The Astronomical Journal about the planet HR 5183 b?

According to the study, If the planet were placed in our solar system, it would swing from our asteroid belt beyond Neptune. It covered approximately 3.7 million kilometers.

Is there any influence about HR 5138 b planet?

Scientists initially assumed that the orbit of HR 5138 b was improper because another planet might be affected its gravitational influence. But that was not an actual issue.
They now believe that the planet had probably a neighbor, which is similar in size. Both had low and circular orbits. But when they are getting to close each other, one pushed the other out of the solar system. As a result, the realm of the HR 5138 b is a slingshot.

What Howard said about the planet HR 5138 b?

He said, ” This newfound planet would come like a wrecking ball-knocking anything in its way out of the system.”

How far the planet HR 5183 b is from Earth?

If the planet were in our solar system, it would extend beyond Neptune and the inside of the Jupiter. The distance is 3,722,670,000km

What is the shape of the planet HR 5183 b?

The planet HR 5183 b is three times the mass of Jupiter. An incredibly long, egg-shaped around its star. The planet takes 45 to 100 years to complete its own orbit

Updated: November 22, 2019 — 12:49 pm

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