One Year After – The Nepal Earthquakes

Nepal Earthquake: What Happened And How Is the Country Rejuvenating?

Do You remember the Date April 25, 2015, the most unfortunate Day for the Citizen of Nepal as well as the Northern part of West Bengal Just go back to one Year later a horrible, devastating Earthquake with 7.8 magnitudes at 11:56 NST (Nepal Standard Time). Everybody wants to know about the present status of Nepal, whether it may be environmentally, Economically, and Financially. Nearly 9000 people have been died and injured more than 22000 people. Apart from this, it has destroyed almost 800000 homes. Through this article, I want to depict some critical issues regarding Nepal Earthquake.

Leading Causes of Nepal Earthquake happened on April 25, 2015

Nepal Earthquake caused due to the collision of two plates, namely Indo-Australian and Asian tectonic plates. Himalayas region was developed by the two plates. Dear friends, I am conveying that this is the leading cause of Nepal Earthquake. The other reason for this type of Natural Disaster is floods and monsoonal landslides; those were responsible for Kedarnath Disaster of 2013. The Epicenter of the Nepal Earthquake was 70 Km North-West of Kathmandu. Capital of Nepal Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley were mostly affected by this Earthquake.

What Happened During April and May 2015 in Nepal?

The First Phase of a mighty Earthquake stuck in the morning of April 25, 2015, in between the Kathmandu and Pokhara valley with 7.8 magnitudes in the Richter Scale. Every one can imagine how strong it was; it also felt mostly by Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, the neighboring countries of Nepal.

In the second phase, another devastating Earthquake stuck near Mount Everest Region in Eastern Nepal with 7.3 magnitudes on April 12, 2015. Many historical monuments of the country, those were obtained the Heritage status from the UNESCO, including Temple, were become nothing but debris. Almost 9000 people died by these two natural disasters.

Emergency Rescue Operation by the Government and Other parts of the World

Initially, the Union Nations Development Programme (UNDP), having its Headquarter at New-York stretch out the arms of a rescue operation. They started with activities like debris removal and the recovery of livelihood. Everybody knows that UNDP provides active disaster support in the field of Post-Disaster Needs Assessment that may be any part of the world with the Local Government. It also helped in the restoration of local governance systems, including justice, police, the National Human Rights Commission, and provide Legal Aid to ensure affected communities, So that they get the equality status in front of Humanity.


It was the most massive Earthquake in the past 80 Years. Agencies that collaborate with the UNDP relife program used their Helicopters in the rescue operation. The Priority was given to the people, those were trapped or injured till alive in the debris. The government of India was among the first to respond to the crisis by launching a full-fledged rescue and relief operation code-named Maitri (Operation Amity). Within 15 minutes of the Earthquake. India’s National Disaster Response Force, totaling 450 Indian Army personnel have conducted this hand in a hand rescue operation. The UN, including the UN Development Programme and the Nepali Government, made an appeal for US$ 415 million, aims to support the Government in addressing the most critical needs for shelter, water and sanitation, emergency health, food, and protection over the next three months.

Present Status of Nepal after One Year of Devastating Earthquake

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) plays an essential role in the recovery of Nepal Country from the victims of Horrible Earthquakes. Gradually they shifted their operation towards reconstruction and implementation. Over 50 solar power systems installed for continuous flow of electricity in the Offices, school, and the temporarily resident of victim affected people, those have lost their houses in the fatal natural calamity. UPDP also trained more than 1400 engineers and masons on Earthquake safe construction and even set-up mobile medical camp from there the wounded people get their much needed medical treatment. As per the report of the Red Cross charity, about four million people are still living in temporary Shelters.

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