The Moon is shining brighter than the Sun-and the fact is dangerous

The Moon is shining brighter than the Sun. The reason is cosmic rays bounce from the surface. That’s the result is creating gamma radiation.
The scene is not visible to the naked eye. It can be visible using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope
Gamma rays may make the Moonshine round the year. But the lunar explorers are unable to land on the surface of the moon

What is actually shone it brighter than the Sun? 

It shines due to radiation, and all gamma rays. It is only visible by using the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope.
The Sun has a proper magnetic field around it. But the Moon has not. That’s why all the cosmic rays, which are basically high energy radiation reflects on the lunar surface

What Mario Nicola Mazziotta says about this fact?

Cosmic rays are mostly protons, which are accelerated by phenomena in the universe like the stars and jets produced falls into the black holes.

Why insist on gamma rays?

The amount of radiation from the Moon can help NASA and other space agencies to send astronauts in 2024
Apollo astronauts have already paid the price of a high mortality rate than common heart diseases. According to the study in Scientific Reports.
Scientists think if it is possible to build a safe environment for humans on the planet.

What is the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope?

According to NASA, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope launched on 11th June 2008. Mapping the entire sky every three hours. Fermi provides a vital window to observe the most extreme phenomenon in the universe.

What is the size of the sun and the moon?

In an absolute perspective, the Sun and the Moon are not more different in size. The Sun measures 1.4 million km across, while the Moon is nearly 3,474 km across. On other sides, the Sun is roughly 400 times larger than the Moon. One important thing is the Sun also happens to be 400 times further away than the Moon, and this has created a fantastic fact and coincidentally the same.
From our point of view, the Sun and the Moon look almost exactly the same size. In our solar eclipses, where the Moon passes in front of the Sun, that’s it is seen like that
And this is just a coincidence. The gravitational interaction between the Moon and the Earth is caused by the Moon to slowly drift away from the Earth at a rate of 3.8 centimeters per year. In the past, the Moon looked much more massive than the Sun. In the far future, the Moon will look much smaller. It’s just a coincidence that they are in different sizes but looking similar to our point of view

What is the gravity of the Sun and the Moon?

The Sun is much larger and a tremendous amount of mass. The mass of the Sun is about 27 million times more than the celebration of the Moon. Due to gravitational attraction, the earth rotates its own orbit around the sun.

Light from the Sun and the Moon
One happy thing, the Sun is the only object in the Solar System actually giving out the view. For its enormous mass, the Sun can fuse hydrogen into helium to generating heat and light. This light shines in the Solar System and bounces off the Moon. So we can see the brightness of the Sun.
So the Sun is actually 450,000 times brighter than the Moon. This is actual and true.

Updated: November 22, 2019 — 12:47 pm

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