Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Gets Preppy Outfits Featuring vibrant colors and Chanel Slides for the ‘Stephen Colbert Interview

Mindy Kaling’s style was dazzling with a bright two-piece outfit for a performance in “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday in New York. To reflect her lively persona the outfit she wore was filled with energy and fun hues. “The Office” The actress was seen walking out of The CBS station with her hair in a high-knit bun. The hair of Kaling was slicked back away from her face. She was seen sporting a bold makeup style that was brimming with intense eye makeup and a red lip.

Kaling’s two-piece ensemble featured a well-cut cardigan and the glimmer of pastel rainbow colors all over. The hues were vibrant blue, pink, and yellow with a geometric pattern. There was a stark contrast of dark black and white on the collar and gold buttons in the middle.

The upper hem of her sleeve was also black which accentuated an array of multicolor as well as dark tones. Her shoulder was a tiny messenger bag that had a gold chain, as well as an elegant envelope purse.

The skirt was identical to the cardigan but there weren’t as many pockets. The elegant mini skirt featured a black hem and two pockets in black. The dress was unique in fashion and texture.

To stroll through the city’s streets, Kaling stayed comfy in two Chanel slides. The slides with padding ensured her feet had the best comfort and fashion.

On the side of the shoes was the front the shoe was the Chanel brand logo, in gold. the band was folded on top of one another like an envelope, creating an original style.

The slides weren’t typical slides for lounging because the soles were a bit tinier and the band wasn’t covering all toes, making these types of slides make a statement. Slides that are comfortable are an essential piece to keep in your wardrobe for the warmer months.

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