Study About Migraine Disease – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A Migraine is generally a serious headache detected as pain on one side of the head. It creates serious pain sensation on one side of the head. Migraine attacks lasting for hours to a few days, and the pain can be so serious that it bother with regular activities. Any person has symptoms like nausea and developed reactivity to light or sound. Medicine can assist in the prevention of a few migraines and reduce pain.

Causes of Migraine - 

The cause of migraines is unknown. It is Imagined that effect from Irregular activity in the brain. This involves changes in brain chemicals, like a, reduce in the quantity of the brain chemical serotonin. This can influence the nerve’s commune and blood vessels in the brain. Genetics may create many sensitive to the stimulate that can cause migraines. Additional factors that may stimulate a migraine. These include –
> Serious Heat
> Dehydration
> Excessive stress
> Hormone changes in women
> Loud Sound
> Use of Specific medicine
> Smoking
> Specific foods
> Alcohol use
> Physical factors
> Sleeping changes

Symptoms of Migraine –

Migraine symptoms may start one to two days previous to the headache. Migraine often starts in childhood. This is called the prodrome stage. Symptoms can include –
> Depression problem
> Fatigue
> Irritability
> Neck stiffness
> Mood changes
> Constipation problem
some person aura might happen before migraines. Auras are unstable symptoms of the nervous system. symptoms of migraine aura include –
> Losing Vision
> Weakness
> Speaking problem
> Uncontrollable other activity
The next stage is called the attack part. This is the most serious of the part when the migraine pain happens.
> Develope Feeling of light and sound
> Nausea
> Dizziness
> Pain on one side of the head
> Vomiting

Diagnosis of Migraine –

A Doctor will likely Diagnose migraines based on medical history, symptoms, and a physical and neurological exam. If the situation is serious, the doctor may order many tests for Diagnosing migraine Disease.  The test may include –
> CT Scan

Treatment of Migraine –

Migraines can not be curable, but the doctor can assist in controlling the disease. Migraine treatment is helped at stopping symptoms and stopping future attacks. Many medicines can treat migraines. The treatment process may include these –
> Suggested medicine that assists to stop migraines and decrease symptoms.
> Medicine can assist in nausea or vomiting symptoms
> Hormone Therapy
> Additional care may include meditation, acupuncture
> Lifestyle changes, Include – daily exercise, Drink Plenty of fluids

Prevention of Migraine - 

Prevention of migraine include –
> Avoid those things which trigger migraine problem
> keep hydrated
> Avoid skipping meals.
> Minimize stress
> Maintaining a good sleeping habit
> Quit smoking
> Exercise regularly

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