Information About Meniere’s Disease – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Meniere’s disease is a problem of the inner ear. It can conduct to vertigo and hearing loss. The inner ear helps for hearing and balance. It also Conducts hearing complications. Meniere’s Sickness generally infects only one ear. Meniere’s Disease can happen at any age it Generally Begins between middle-aged and adult persons. Different kinds of treatments can assist relieve symptoms and decrease the long stand effect on life.

Causes of Meniere’s Disease - 

Meniere’s Disease is a problem of the inner ear. The cause of Meniere’s disease is not known. Symptoms of Meniere’s disease Develop to be the effect of an abnormal level of fluid (endolymph) in the ear. Factors that influence the fluid, which may give to Meniere’s illness.include –
> Abnormal immune disorder
> Viral infection
> Genetic tendency
Particular factors present in Ménière’s disease vary the things of the inner ear fluid, Stimulating the effects of the disease.

Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease - 

Symptoms of Meniere’s disease include –
> Loss of Hearing
> Vertigo
> Headaches
> Nausea
> Vomiting
> Dizziness Disease
> Frequent Heartbeat
> Tinnitus

Diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease - 

The doctor will Discussion and physical test talk about their medical and family history and consider the symptoms. The doctor will advise tests to balance and hearing.
> Hearing test –
A hearing test is applied to Understand hearing loss. The nerve in the ear can create hearing loss. An Electrocochleography Examine is performed to understand the electrical activity in the inner ear.
> Balance Tests –
Balance tests are carried out to test the function of the inner ear.
Some other tests that assess the function of the inner ear include –
> Posturography
> Video head Impulse Test (vHIT)}
> Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials Testing

Treatment of Meniere’s Disease - 

Meniere’s disease is a persistent situation with no cure.
Many treatments can assist Minimize the Prevalence of vertigo episodes. treatment Include –
> Motion sickness medicine may decrease the sensation and assist to manage to vomit.
> Anti-nausea medicine may control nausea symptoms
> Surgery
> Physical Therapy
> An audiologist can manage hearing loss, Generally by connection with a hearing aid.

Complications of Meniere’s Disease - 

The uncertain episodes of vertigo and the hearing loss can be the most difficult Complications of Meniere’s disease. The disease can be unpredicted interfering with life and creating fatigue and stress.

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