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Meet Clara Chia Marti: Everything About Gerard Piqué’s New Girlfriend

Just three months after breaking up with Hips Don’t lie musician Shakira, Gerard Pique is back on the dating scene! You read it exactly. It’s true. The Spanish footballer has made a change in his life quite quickly. As of now, we’re guessing that you know that Clara Chia Marti is the new girlfriend of Spanish footballer Gerard Pique. Read on to find out the details about his new girlfriend of Gerard Pique. FC Barcelona Spanish soccer star.

This is all you must know about Lucia Chia Marti
Clara Chia Marti is reportedly an undergraduate student in Public Relations. According to the reports in The Sun, Clara works for Gerard’s film and TV production firm, Kosmos. If you aren’t aware, we’ll explain that it’s an organization that is specialized in managing events.

It was reported by the news publication the outlet that Marti and Gerard were introduced to each other at first when conducting events for the company of the athlete, Kosmos. The people who are close to the two have reported to The Sun, that the two have been having a relationship for some time.

As of now, Marti is 23 years old. Meanwhile, the Spanish footballer is aged 35 This is because the two lovebirds have a gap in an age which is 12 years.

When we think of Clara Chia Marti’s Instagram presence, at present several private accounts go under their names on Instagram. As of now, it’s not clear which of the various private accounts is the official one. Instagram account.

What do sources have to Clara Gerard’s and Clara’s relationship?
A person close to Clara informed the news outlet “Gerard, as well as Clara, have been in contact for several months. Clara is a student and is also employed by him in his office and helps organize events. They’ve remained silent about their relationship, but the people close to them know everything that is going on.”

The source also added “People have helped keep the romance in a hush and have taken down Clara’s social media accounts so that people aren’t able to find pictures of her. The fact that he is so private makes his friends believe that he’s really committed to her.”

What year when did Gerard and his partner Clara have their affair made public:
For those who aren’t aware, we are the first to inform you. Gerard and his girlfriend revealed their love story in the last few days. In a clip obtained by Socialite, a Spanish newspaper, Socialite, Gerard can be seen kissing his girlfriend Clara during Cerdanya’s Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia.

The video was recorded in the morning and then released on Thursday by the outlet. In the space of a few seconds, the video clip of the two became a hit on various social media platforms like Twitter as well as Instagram.

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