Måneskin VMAs performance censored after wardrobe malfunction reveals nipple

Damiano David’s unassailable men were all people who watched Maneskin’s “Supermodel” performance at the MTV VMAs 2022 Sunday night due to a wardrobe malfunction. Within a couple of seconds of their performance, the television went back to an empty screen. seats for nearly 40 seconds when the top of their bassist was seen to slide off and her breasts to become fully exposed.

According to the images, Victoria De Angelis had changed positions to an area in front while an audience of dancers had gathered around the group. But, as the crowd was dancing and jumping her top fell at her waist completely showing her.

Victoria De Angelis’ top seemed to be falling off during the performance.
The show has to continue the young man, 22, just continued to play the bass and the cameras stop the group.

Fans who were unaware of the fashion faux pas immediately went to Twitter to be in dismay and displeasure over MTV’s decision to make a creative choice.

“MTV is disappointed that you didn’t choose to present a performance! There were empty seats repeatedly played! What’s wrong with you? The performance was ruined. Manikin owes to apologize!” tweeted one viewer.

“I refer to it as Nicky is able to simulate masturbating the stage But Victoria de Maneskin can’t show a nipple covered? seriously, VMAs? “” Another tweet was a reference to Nicki Minaj’s risky performance.

“kinda f-ked that you cut them off just bc [sic] Vic’s top,” one person said. “you didn’t even shift your camera to those three people only completely censored the three of them. unfair.”

While those in the audience were able to see the Italian rock group’s performance viewers watching at home were only treated to David’s hot pants while he danced his hips during the show.

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