Latest Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

Latest Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance
What is Google Chrome Browser: Google Chrome Browser is an open source programme and it has launched in 2008 with different updated features. Google Chrome Browser is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating system.

Google Chrome is most useful Web browser.There are many features in Google Chrome.But some times we properly can not utilize it. If we use it properly then it will work faster with better performance.Google Chrome has huge number of keyboard short cut to do your work quickly. So if you already not install this browser then install it to get its benefits. In this Article Some interesting tips about Google Chrome features we have share.

Some Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

Any Web Page save as PDF File

You can save any web page as PDF file by this Google Chrome Browser. To save any file as pdf, just open any web page then Press Ctrl+P button on Windows and select save as PDF at the time of printing from the printers list and download the page as a PDF file.(In this case no extensions will be required)

Compose Your Email from Address Bar

You can compose your email from address bar just go to the address bar of chrome browser and type the following command

mailto:[email protected] This Command will open the Gmail compose window and next it auto-fill the address in the To field.

Chrome Browser Reveal Your all Hidden Passwords

When we put any password Google Chrome can remember and auto-fill password but this password hidden with asterisks. You can reveal your hidden password using developer tools. It can change your imputing asterisk password as a text. Otherwise you can reveal your saved password using chrome://settings/passwords.

Select All history to Delete it Quickly

We can not delete all the web history in Google Chromes because here (in Chromes) does not have “Select All” button. If we want to delete more than one page at a time then We have to select each chekboxes.

Some Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

In this case we can select more page at a time using some tricks. At first click on 1st Check box, then hold shift key, after that select last check box.

Use Google Chrome as Text Editor

You can use Chrome as text editor.It works like notepad to your browser. To use Google chrome as text editor just open a new tab and the following link into your address bar.
data:text/html,<html contenteditable>
Next you can start your typing anywhere into your tab.

Set more than one bookmarks in toolbar

To set more than one bookmarks in toolbar of Google Chrome, just right click on any bookmark and select Edit option, then delete everything in the name filed. After save it Google Chrome will show only the sites fivicon to your toolbar. Thus you can set more tnan one bookmarks in same space.

Google Chrome as Media Player

Using Google Chrome browser you can view video, image, even PDF file from your desktop to Chrome video. To open any  video need not require any viewer application, just drag your image, text file, audio and video from desktop into chrome video.

Install Alternative version of Flash Player in Google Chrome

  • Download and install the appropriate system plug-in. 
  • Next type “about:plugins” (without quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of a Chrome browser window.
  • Click “Details” at the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing for the integrated plug-in on the page and click the corresponding “Disable” button. To identify the integrated plug-in, see the table of plug-in file names above.
  • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing for the system plug-in on the page and click the corresponding“Enable” button. To identify the system plug-in, see the table of plug-in file names above.
  • Close all Chrome windows and restart the browser.
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