What can we say It runs in the family.

Kardashian fans slam Kourtney after she lets daughter Penelope, 10, wear gobs of makeup in new ‘alarming’ TikTok

Penelope posted the video on the platform’s popular channel on an account she shared with her mom on Friday. In the video of 14 seconds, she shared with her followers how she does her makeup in the morning covering up concealer, eye shadow, and lip gloss. Kourtney’s sole daughter of four children, with former Scott Disick, put a headband over her hair to keep it off of her face. Then she began to apply the various makeup products – including ones made by her own family.

At the end of the day, Penelope videoed her finished appearance, including what she wore, with the song that was to be heard in the background.

The song was speeded up and then set to a rap track that just was Kanye West’s All Fall Down – Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband.

The fact that it was noticed wasn’t insignificant and neither did Penelope’s age considering what she was posting.

The video was captioned by the actress: “Have a good morning,” with two smiling Emojis. It was adorable, yet fans needed to comment.

On Reddit, One user slammed the other: “How old is this girl.”

Another one is ripped: “I can’t believe she is 10 and that people support this.

“I have a 10-year-old.” old. No way. They only have a few decades of pure childhood before they begin to learn about the process of becoming an adult.

“TikTok is 13 or more I think. It shouldn’t be allowed at all.”

A third party defended the case: “What she’s doing is so small that it’s not affecting anyone. I was able to use eyeshadow, and I was a bit crazy LOL.”

Fourth: “There’s nothing wrong with being a child and playing with makeup and other things however, having it released to the world for all to see causes me to irk…I think I’m old school..'”

Camp North SOUTHPenelope SOUTHPenelope Also, she wore a pair of “Camp North” PJs – they were from Kim’s daughter North’s ninth birthday party and included bows and archers.

In June, the fans were worried about Penelope’s safety following the discovery that she was seen playing with a deadly hunting tool during the party.

Kourtney posted a collection of pictures of her and Penelope’s trip to “Camp North” on Instagram.

The Keep Up With The Kardashians alum posted a video of Penelope who was gliding through forests and passing through trees.

In the following photo in the next photo, a survival bow for tactical use was set on the ground, and also over an old log.

In another photo, the youngster was standing close to the stand for targets and was standing next to the range which had the bullseye for archery targets.

Fans of the Kardashians who have a keen eye were divided between admiring Penelope because she was “fearless” and angry that the reality star let her son play with such an incredibly dangerous weapon.

There was also speculation that Kourtney’s daughter may be hit by an arrow that strayed off because she was in close proximity to the bullseye.

In July, it was clear that parents were again concerned when Kourtney enjoyed a relaxing family-friendly convertible trip and her children were not buckled into seatbelts.

One user wrote the following on Instagram: “Those seatbelts were tested and proven to be dangerous however they are safe. It’s a good thing that the way you feel is important more than anything else.”

Kourtney got married to Travis three times in the course of this year. And when she took her kids away to Italy to celebrate her third wedding time, her son Reign was seen crying in tears.

Kourtney has three children She has three kids Mason 12 years old Penelope as well as Reign with former boyfriend Scott Disick.

Following that, the Hulu star and Blink-182 drummer were married at the end of last year’s wedding held in Portofino, Italy – Kourtney became the stepmother of Travis the teenage children.

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