IoT device will help to save money and reduce water consumption

When we are talking with the most available resources, water is the most important with air. There are no alternatives to water sources like electricity.
In India, there is no meter for water consumption individually. The residents are charged on a fixed flat basis. The individual expenditures are never equal to all.

What is the fact of using IoT technology?

Research proved that our consumption will drop by up to 35% if there is water metering.
Smart Home Technologies is a Bangalore based automation technology, which provides quick, easy, and simple solutions for societies to cope up water meter.
An IoT product SmarterHomes’ core product WaterOn is 100% automated smart water meter, which offers accurate metering, leak prevention, and long life

How can we reduce the bills of water consumption?

The function of water meter enables housing societies to measure and charging individuals actual consumption. It also helps to reduce water consumption indirectly. WaterOn is not only calculating the billing but also display usage trends, forecasts, and the history of 6 months consumption.

How does it work to reduce water consumption?

WaterOn is an integrated product that comes into play with a simple solution approach. A meter is an independent unit for sending data into the cloud server.
The meter is in two variations. One is with a remote valve, which is allowing users to shut off the water supply and second without a plug, which can alert the user of a leak but is not able to shut off the water supply. It can only inform a water leakage.

Where is installed this IoT technology?

WaterOn is currently installed in 700 houses in Bangalore. And 2400 water meters are being used.

Updated: November 22, 2019 — 12:19 pm

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