How to use WordPress SEO friendly images plugin: ALT tag in your images

Images are essential for your blog. The image can help you to increase image base traffic, which you will see in Google search for model. If your content is based on unlike text content, then Google search engine bots can’t see and identify your content like an ordinary user. If you give an image ALT tag in your image, then Google bots identify your model. And you can find your model in the Google image search result. Using this ALT tag, you can locate all of your blog images. It also increases your rank in Google image searching results.

If you use a proper image, proper keyword, and appropriate tag, then it is better for SEO. Here I will discuss how you can use SEO friendly image plugin. By this plugin, your blog images will be optimized in the Google Search engine. Here some steps to use WordPress SEO helpful image plugin for better image search results. <Download WordPress SEO friendly images plugin>

How to use WordPress SEO pleasant images plugin?

You have to go Plugins folder of your admin panel

Then click on Add new plugin option

You have to search for WordPress SEO friendly images plugin

seo friendly image

After examining your plugin above window will be open

You have to click on ‘Install Now’ option for install WordPress SEO friendly images plugin

seo friendly image

After installation your WordPress SEO friendly images plugin, you have to Click the ‘Activate Plugin’ option.


seo friendly image settings

After activation plugin, you have to go Settings>SEO friendly image

Now, Configure your settings.


wordpress seo friendly images plugin

When you use this plugin, you can set both Title and ALT tags of your image. Here ALT tag is a significant factor for your images because the Google Search engine identifies only the ALT tag of your pictures. But the title is another important factor for your blog images. You should choose an appropriate name for your image title.

You have to give an appropriate name before uploading images. If you choose a proper name of the keyword-rich name, then it will be an adequate way to your site. Use the following settings for your pictures.

    • Use %name for the ALT tag.


  • Use %title for Title tag

Then you have to click on the update option. After that, you will see that images will help you to increase your SEO rank. If you want to decrease your image size, then You have to install the WP plugin for better SEO rank

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 1:34 pm

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