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How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet

How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet: We know that when we open any web page using Google Chrome it connects to the internet and fetch our latest version query from the server and then display it on our screen. When our computer remain offline then it display an error message, saying it is unable to Connect the Internet.

How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet

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We can search different web pages by different types of web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Some of this web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox we can work easily offline but we can not work easily using Google Chrome. When we use Internet Explorer or Firebox as web browser for query any types of pages, it auto saves a copy of our web pages and display this pages in offline mode, I mean when our Internet is not connected then it display on our screen.

Suppose we want to know any topics then we can open all the topic related pages that we would like to read later. After close the browser that’s topics we can easily read, while our computer is offline.

If we use Google Chrome we can not read any topics in offline mode by default. In this case we can set a secret settings that will help to open page in offline mode.

How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet

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Brows Offline Using Google Chrome:

Go to Google Chrome Browser and type chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode in your address bar, after put the code click on “Enable” option and then restart the browser. Your Google Chrome will no longer serve the “not connected to the Internet” error if the page you are trying to access in the local cache.
Chrome Caches the HTML content, JavaScript, Images and caches the CSS stylesheets with pages, so that it looks like the original when you will open this page in offline. However, if there are resources that require an active Internet Connection, like JavaScript widgets or videos, they will be replaced with placeholder images.
You can check this feature. To check this feature open any web page inside your Google Chrome browser and turn off your internet connection and then restart the browser. If the offline mode is enable then the cached file would show on your screen.

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