How to Use Facebook Chat code for Different Purpose

What is Facebook Chat Code? Facebook chat code is a combination of symbols and Characters. We can use different systems for different purposes, such as happy mood, smiley mood, crying feeling, kissing attitude, or any others. Suppose you chat with your friend but feel sad, then you can share your spirit with a friend with a symbolic code. In this Tutorial, we mention how to use Facebook chat code for different purposes.

We know that Facebook is a social media site, and it has tremendous social value. We can easily share everything with our friends. Even we can chat with our friends with different chat code. It is a fascinating matter to use different types of symbols to talking with a friend. We can send a smiley symbol or any other symbol online or offline.

Every person wants to attract friends or people on social sites. They want to send a message or chat with their friends in different styles and formats to impress them. For this purpose, they try to do it different Technic on Facebook.
facebook smily and chat code

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Use different Facebook chat code

I also use different symbolic systems when Chat with our friends. Though we can easily send various types of smiley in manually but it is straightforward to use chat code in our chatbox. We can use this code after writing some text or Before your book, as you like to use it. Here I share different systems for using various symbols.

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How Can you send Happily or Wink Symbol on Facebook chat?

Facebook Chat code

We can easily send Happily or Wink Symbol

For Happy just type colon and bracket together and send 🙂
For Wink just type semicolon and bracket together and send 😉

Send Sad, Smile, Shocked, crying and kissing symbol

Facebook Sad, Smile, Shocked, crying and kissing symbol


  • For sad just type colon and bracket together and send 🙁
  • For smile just type ^_^ and send
  • For shocked just type colon and o (not zero)together and send 😮
  • For crying just type colon, single quotation and bracket together and send :'(
  • For kissing just type colon and asterisk together and send :*

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Send Jaws, Grin, Tongue out and Penguin symbol

Different Smiley on Facebook


  • For jaws just type (^^^) and send
  • For grin just type colon and capital D together and send 😀
  • For tongue, out just type a colon and capital P together and send 😛

send penguin for Facebook chat

  • For penguin just type lesser than and double quotation within bracket <(“)
  • For sunglass just type Eight and dash together and send 8|

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