How To Use AdSense Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress

How To Use AdSense Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress
Google Adsense is an advertising program that permits publisher or anybody who want to put ads on their sites to insert HTML into their site and when it inserted then the ads appear into the targeted place with relevant content of your website

After create website or blog everyone want to get money from their blog. If you are a new blogger, You may required money by using your blog. For this, at first needs an Adsense account and then If your blog made with WordPress, then to insert ads you need Google publisher plugin for your blog. There are many WordPress plugin for AdSense ads and they work in many different way. I think the best is Google Publisher WordPress Plugin as its official plugin for Google Adsense for WordPress.

Official plugin of Google Adsense : Google has launched this new plugin which is call Google publisher plugin.Here, I will share you how to configure this plugin and how you use Google publisher plugin for your blog posts.I hope you will get great advantage by using this plugin for your website.Although, Google publisher plugin currently is in beta but the plugin makes it easier to use Google AdSense ads and Webmaster Tools with WordPress

How to Setup AdSense Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

What is Best plugin for AdSense ? Google publisher plugin. If you want to use this plugin then at first you need an AdSense account.Now you need to install Google publisher plugin in your WordPress platform. After install it you need to activate it.After installation and activation Google publisher plugin, you need to do below step to place ads in your site.
Go to the Settings option of  the WordPress and if you successfully install Google publisher plugin, then you will find an option “Google publisher plugin” in the settings menu.Then to this Google publisher plugin > link it to your Google Adsense account.

AdSense Google Publisher Plugin

When you will set up this plugin you will get an another feature where you need to verified your site under Google Webmaster tool. If you not verified your site then you might be asked to verify your site in Google Webmaster tool.

verified your site

When your blog will be verified successfully, You will get the AdSense option. You need to click on Use my AdSense Account button for integration your AdSense Account.

After integration you will see Manage Ads button.If you click on this button your plugin will start analyzing your blog for Ads Placement.Then you will see the the places where AdSense ads can be inserted as per your suggest plus sine.

Google Publisher Plugin

This plugin will show you with Red colour + marks as above mentioned screen shot.You need to click on + marks option for insert Adsense code inside it as this plugin will help you add the code directly from the plugins area.You can able to preview your ads in your plugins panel to set best match ads.You also able to change text only or image only ads unit in every ads settings.You can place Google ads choice and placement also to place ads in your site without place ads manually.

Advantage of the Best plugin for AdSense Google publisher plugin in WordPress

Best Plugin for AdSense Google Publisher : In before when you add any ads in your blog post you should edit HTML and play with the code but here you need not to edit HTML or play code for insert any AdSense ads.If you click on any pin point then your ads will be added automatically.

This plugin will not allow to add any text-link ads but may be Google add it latter this features.As its official plugin of Google Adsense its has lot of opportunity to update latter.When you will select any ad placement you need to save and activate it.

In WordPress you will find different type of Ads based plugin but this plugin one of the best plugin by which any non technical blogger or technical also utilize it in their blog.It is easy for work.Moreover, It will help the all AdSense publisher to optimize their ads placement for better improvement.Google publisher plugin now in beta stage but it will help you more than before any plugins for your website or blog and you may also placing your ads using custom AdSense size with this.

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