How To Upgrade Analytics Classic Account to Universal Analytics ?

Universal Analytics Upgrade: Over the next couple of weeks, all users find the upgrade tool to Classic Account to Google Analytics Universal. While entire accounts will be enabled to see the new tool For the update to Analytics Classic Account to Universal Analytics, you can upgrade individual properties and individual sites with these features. When your account has been enabled, you will see a new Universal Analytics Upgrade button in the property settings of the Admin UI.

To Update this Google Analytics Universal Most impotent is that you will only see this Google Analytics Universal Upgrade if you have a Classic Account. New/existing UA accounts will not see this option.

If you just add your property ID to your Magento settings, you will continue to track using the ga.js library. You can upgrade to UA and do this, but you won’t get access to all the new UA features.

Step To Google Analytics Move Property to Universal Analytics Upgrade

You will find this option From the Admin panel of Analytics.

Sign in to Google Analytics. then go to Admin page, after that set the proper account you want to transfer to Universal account

Now select the property you need to update also.

In the property segment, click the Universal Analytics Upgrade.

In the area, click Transfer to Universal Analytics and then click the Transfer button to transfer Google Analytics Universal.

Read the data in the pop-up. Now, Confirm that you’re primed to exchange your property to Universal Analytics, and now click to Transfer. In case If you do not want to transfer that to Universal Analytics Upgrade, click Cancel.

Now it will take 24 – 48 hours for the exchange to complete. At the point when it says Property move complete shows up in your record, the transfer to Universal Analytics is Complete now.

Universal Analytics

After a move to Google Analytics Universal

Google Analytics Move Property: If you want to transfer your properties to Google Analytics Universal, from the Google Analytics Admin page, you can do it. Here you can also change campaign timeout periods and even sessions. Only clients with Edit authorizations may launch the property exchange from the Google Analytics Admin page. The transfer takes minutes to start. However, you ought to permit 24 – 48 hours for it to finish. When the exchange is completed, the property is prepared to get information from the Google Analytics Universal code.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 1:17 pm

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