How to Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

How to Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress
Blogger is an easiest way to start your blogging quickly.You can make your blogger’s blog by Google with free of cost.Its has bullet proof security as its host to Google Cloud and you need not pay for blogger. but, disadvantage of blogger is when you customize your blog. You will face some problem as all you need to do everything manually and sometimes you can not do anything that you want to do in your blog for customization.

If you want to customize your site properly then you need to transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress but here you need to pay for hosting your Blogger Blog to WordPress , You can host your WordPress site in many different website hosting provider such as Justhost, Bluehost, Dreamhost. To start your site with WordPress, The first thing you need to do a WordPress hosting service provider and your own domain name.but here if you transfer your domain from Blogger to WordPress you need to release your domain from Blogger and need to install WordPress.After install WordPress you need to import data from your old Blogspot platform and set custom 301 redirect to keep your existing visitor.This tutorial will help you to transfer Blogger Blog to WordPress.

Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress

To Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress If you use a custom domain for your Blogger blog then you can easily transfer your Blogger Blog to WordPress.After transfer your Blogger Blog to WordPress you will able to retain your traffic without lose your SEO.

Delete your Blogger Redirection for release domain from Blogger to WordPress

blogger redirectiion

When you use Blogspot with custom domain, then your site redirect your blogger blog to a custom domain name that you probably know when you add redirect to custom domain in your blogger now, Its time to delete your blogger redirection. If you want to delete your redirection, Go to your Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog name. After click on Settings option you will find edit option under Publishing category.Uncheck your domain for close or Delete your Redirection. When you will close your redirect domain and your blog remain with * domain. your domain will be released now.

Change your Domain’s DNS record

When you create a Blogger blog then you need to add CNAME before.To add this you have to go Domain register website and put CNAME record in DNS setting.If you want to transfer your blogger blog to WordPress then you need to remove this CNAME records which are and * and IPs of Google A records that you set on the time when you add it before to host in blogger.

After remove CNAME records you need to change DNS record of  your new hosting server such as ns1 and ns2. In case of bluehost you need to put and to your name server.In case of dreamhost  set name server , and you can not find that name server then you can ask your hosting provider for there name server record.

Attach  your Domain

After setup your DNS records you have to attach your domain into your new hosting server.

Install WordPress on Your Domain

Now you need to install WordPress for your domain or sub domain. You can install WordPress from domain control panel or you can download WordPress installer from upload it into root folder via FTP.<see how to install WordPress>

Import your Blogger content into WordPress

After install WordPress go to your WordPress dashboard and select Tools>Import>Blogger. You need to install a plugin call Blogger Importer Plugin.When your installation will be complete, active plugin for run Importer.You need to Authorize Word Press to access blogspot account and then click Import against blog which want to transfer into WordPress.

transfer blogger

WordPress will now begin for fetching your Blogger blog , Comments, and Images. If you face any problem to import blogspot site then you can refresh the page for resume. The process of import depend on the size of your blogger site.

Setup your WordPress Permalink

After transfer blogger blog into WordPress you need to change your default permalink setup of  your WordPress. I mean you need to change the URL which are already present in Blogpost site. To change this, Go to your WordPress settings option and then click on Permalink Settings.In Custom structure input box you have to put the following code and then save your changes.


Redirect RSS feeds from Blogger to WordPress

To redirect RSS feeds you need to go root directory and open .htaccess file of WordPress.Here you have to put the following code for redirect RSS feeds. If you want to redirect of Blogger RSS feed to the new WordPrss feeds put this code

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule atom.xml /feed? [L,R=301]
RewriteRule rss.xml /feed? [L,R=301]
RewriteRule ^feeds/posts/?.*$ /feed? [L,R=301]
RewriteRule ^feeds/comments/?.*$ /comments/feed? [L,R=301]

Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress Done

Now Everything complete and time to delete your Blogger blog . Search engine may face duplicate content problem if same content you have in your 2 domain.However, you may personalized your blog form Blogger settings.This can offline your public view of your blog but you can view after login your Blogspot account.

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