How to Share Blogger Posts/Pages to Google Plus

What is Google Plus: Google plus is another social media website like Facebook. It has significant importance all over the world. A large number of people are engaged with these social networking sites.
They share their posts, page, photo, videos, and any more by Google plus. So every new or old blogger should share their blogger posts/pages to Google plus to reach a large number of people globally.

Google plus launch in 2011 after that this social networking site improve gradually, and its popularity also is increasing. In this article, I have discussed to share post/page to Google plus for more traffic of your blogger page post and page, and it will also help to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Share Blogger Posts/Pages to Google Plus

If you share your blogger posts/page to Google plus then a large number of people will be able to
View and find your blog and post. So you can connect your blog to Google plus tab if you have not
already connect your site with Google Plus profile.

How to Connect your Blogger to Google Plus Profile

At first, access your blogger dashboard and then click on Google plus Tab option to connect your blogger to Google plus profile. After select Google plus option, click on Get Started option.

When you upgraded your blog to connect with Google, plus the posts or pages published on your blog will be listed on your Personal Google Plus profile.

Associate blog with Google Plus Page

You can associate a blog with the Google Plus page for your business, brand, or any organization rather than your personal profile. In this case, access dashboard from your blogger and see the Google plus option, and there you can swap Google Plus connection using your profile page to a Google plus page linked with your account. Here you will find some options which are mention below.
Automatically share after posting
Promote to share after posting
Use Google Plus comments on this blog

Share Post/Pages to Google Plus

If you checked to Promote to share after posting option and publish a blog post then you will see a share box inviting you to share your post with Google plus followers.


After clicking on the share button, this post will appear on your profile or page which you have connected your blog. But if you publish your post later you will don’t be asked to publish your Google plus stream. In this case, you can share your post/page by click on the share link under post or page.
Updated: October 15, 2019 — 5:41 pm

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