How to Sent Blank Message on Facebook: Set Notification on facebook

How to Sent Blank Message on Facebook: Set Notification on facebook
It is very interesting matter to sent blank comment or sent blank message on Facebook.Now Facebook is very popular social media site. We can easily create Facebook account for different purpose such as making new friends, Making new page, Like new page,Post any picture or comment, Share any post or image, Find new friends, Celebrate friends birthday, Create business page, Increase Facebook Fan page like,etc. So now Facebook has a great social value.

sent blank message on Facebook

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How to Sent Blank Message on Facebook:

When we chat with our friends, we can surprise our friend by sending blank message or comment from Facebook chart box. I also do this to surprise our friends.You will get some suggestion by this tutorial for sent Blank message on Facebook friends.Here is some step by which you can sent blank message on Facebook.

Step to send blank message to your friend

Step: 1
At first you have to go your Facebook chart option.

Step: 2
Click on Facebook chart box and hold Alt Key then type 0173. I mean you need to type together with Alt+0173

how to sent blank message on facebook

Step: 3 
After put above mention code you will find no message will be appear on your chart box.It will show you only profile picture.

How to Set Notification on Facebook

Facebook notification settings

If  we want to change or edit notification then we need to set notification on Facebook. How is it possible ? It is very simple to edit or set notification

Step: 1
At first you have to go Settings option from on top right side corner

Step: 2
After click on settings option , you will find Notification option from left side bar

Step: 3
Here you can change or edit your notification.In email settings you will find different option such as

  • All notification except the ones you unsubscribe
  • Important notification about you or activity you have missed
  • Only notification about your account security and privacy

From the above mention option you can choose any one option for notification through email.

Note: We can set sound alert when any new notification will be received us. I mean when any new notification comes in your fan or friends profile, it will give notification sound to your PC or mobile. For this purpose you have to select play a sound option.

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notification settings with sound

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